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With the recent growth of platforms like Shopify, Wix and WooCommerce, the future of how we conduct our business is beginning to shape itself. However, many still argue that we are far from the utopia of having a completely digitized world where absolutely anyone can hop onto a computer and start an online business. Many young entrepreneurs are still facing issues when trying to start certain types of commerce sites, with platforms like Shopify and Wix only catering for a small percentage of entrepreneurs, mainly the ones involved in the selling of physical goods. Enter a new platform like Krepling, a newly digitized commerce platform looking to change the way we commute, sell and offer services online.

Krepling, in its roots, is built on the similar premises of the few platforms currently available in the market, only it looks to expand on those original foundations. The platform allows for any user with a laptop and access to the internet to begin creating any fully fledged online business, and when they say fully fledged it looks like they really mean it. Krepling allows for the user to customize their hosting options, add domains, add forwarders and business email accounts, and the usual aspects you would expect from your average hosting provider. Krepling then gives you a powerful website builder to begin creating your website and gives users the option to purchase additional services to help you market and grow your business. These services include SEO services, website design services, and social media marketing services. All of these features are accessible from one portal, thus there will be no need to hop between different platforms. Krepling gives you all the tools you need to start, grow and solidify your online business all on one platform, and it works flawlessly.

When it comes to the new era of technology, getting online has not only become a “must do” scenario for businesses, it’s also become an outlet for young entrepreneurs to start and build ideas to generate income. Based on these two key principles alone, Krepling is a platform that can really benefit any user looking to grow or start a business without a significant amount of capital. Drop-shipping, printing on demand and the selling of digital products are all key niches that have transpired into very successful e-commerce businesses, but many have lacked a “go-to” platform to really expand their operation on. Krepling has now provided a platform that has no niche or industry specifications, it simply gives you the tools you need and allows you to turn your concept into a business, no matter the idea or niche. Many entrepreneurs are used to the stand-alone e-commerce platforms that cater for the selling of goods, but a platform that caters for the selling of memberships, digital products, tickets and services as well as the selling and drop-shipping of physical goods all on one interface is mostly unheard of.

Such platforms are quite scarce as the idea of e-commerce, in the way it is being utilized today, is still quite relatively new. Krepling’s CEO and Co-Founder Liam J.E Gerada is a very young entrepreneur with some experience in the vastly growing industry of e-commerce and said that he really battled to find a platform that catered for all businesses. He built Krepling, alongside his brother, based on these ideas, and never looked back, despite growing competition from the very few yet larger firms in the industry.

Right now Krepling is a growing entity, looking to welcome anyone to its platform, from established companies to simple entrepreneurs looking to get started. The company really believes that the opportunities are endless. Right now Krepling also has a growing team of freelancers offering a number of different services to help grow your business, something, as already mentioned, is not something offered by most platforms. These freelancers are geared up with experience and are currently offering some of their services through Krepling.

Getting online is a big aspect of modern business activities, and it is platforms like Krepling that are really paving the way for entrepreneurs. Other influencers and larger entities are also providing online courses to help entrepreneurs gain a better understanding of the online world. This newly digitized planet is growing at a rate that could not have been foreseen by anyone even 10 years ago. Businesses are now being forced to adapt to the new era whilst younger audiences are using such changes to their advantage, it really has boiled down to how we all go about doing so.