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EntrepreneurshipSmall BusinessHow The Future of Doing Business Online Is Looking

Jorge Murphy5 months ago26108 min
With the recent growth of platforms like Shopify, Wix and WooCommerce, the future of how we conduct our business is beginning to shape itself. However, many still argue that we are far from the utopia of having a completely digitized world where absolutely anyone can hop onto a computer and start an online business. Many young entrepreneurs are still facing issues when trying to start certain types of commerce sites, with platforms like Shopify and...

Small BusinessHow SMEs Are Different From Large Corporations?

Kenny Perry8 months ago144496 min
SMEs are considered to be the real engines of economic development of any economy. Representing 99% of businesses within the European Union, SMEs have established themselves as the main driver of economic development. As it is commonly known that the big opportunities are born from knowing how to take advantage of the small ones. With the arrival of the Economic Crisis, many active workers see their employment disappear and their salary evaporated overnight. However, it...

Education10 Modern Trends In Education Of The Twenty First Century

Chris Morris8 months ago1928 min
Currently, young people are born immersed in a culture that is constantly changing and require new skills to stay current, which has led to ten modern trends in education. In ancient Europe, access to knowledge was limited to the privileged. Mainly the ecclesiastical, which were dedicated to illustrate books, transcribe documents and collect the main knowledge, sharing this information with royalty and the organs of power.  From those tasks of preserving and knowing ancient knowledge began to...

EntrepreneurshipLeadersBeing An Entrepreneur & Leader At The Same Time? Possibilities & Success Stories

Joanna Taylor9 months ago56878 min
Is there any relation between leadership and entrepreneurship? What characteristics should a leader meet and which of them are common in an entrepreneur? The common area: to have the capacity to inspire others, with or without rear power. A leader, according to the dictionary, is a person with command or influence authority. However, that explanation is quite deficient. It is very easy to give orders and get them obeyed when you are superior in the...

EntrepreneurshipHow Social Entrepreneurs Are Changing The Traditional Business Model

Finley Gilbert9 months ago91337 min
Creating your own business entails effort, perseverance, and passion for what you do. The big question would be if, in addition to all that, with your company, you get the world to be a little better. The Social Entrepreneurship refers precisely to new business models that use the innovation to appease the ravages of poverty, reduce climate change and make generally prosper the economy while improving the environment. What is social entrepreneurship? Once defined broadly...

Entrepreneurship8 Advantages Of Being An Entrepreneur

William Woods9 months ago66857 min
If something has stood out in the last time, especially in economic matters, it has been Entrepreneurship. Have you ever come up with business ideas? We know that making the decision to create an endeavor is not easy, because due to the increase in ventures that have occurred in recent years, it is difficult to find that added value that will differentiate your product or service from those that already exist in the market. For this...