Where Is Dolphia Parker, Dan Blocker’s Wife?

dolphia parker

The late American television actor and Korean War veteran Dan Blocker (also known as Boby Dan Davis Blocker) was married to Dolphia Parker. 

In 1952, she wed Dan, and they stayed together until his passing in 1972. 

Dolphin hasn’t been seen in public much since her husband passed away, which has led some to wonder if she is still alive or not.

When she married Blocker, she was just 20 years old, and their union lasted for around 20 years. 

She could have remarried if she had desired to, and she was approximately 40 years old when she became a widow.

Who is Dolphia Parker?

Details regarding Dolphia Parker life are relatively hidden, even though her husband was a well-known actor in the 1980s. 

She may have been born on a ranch in Oklahoma where her parents raised quarter horses, according to some reports.

While her husband was raised in De Kalb, Texas, by his parents, OraShack Blocker and Mary Arizona Davis, the widow of Dan Blocker was raised on a ranch.

He attended Texas Military Institute in his early years before enrolling at Sul Ross State University and Hardin-Simmons University to pursue a degree in speech and theater.

The parents and upbringing of Dolphia Parker

Dolphia Lee Parker, born on an Oklahoman ranch, was known by this name since her birth. While her exact date of birth remains undisclosed, it is believed that she was born in 1932.

The majority of her life was spent residing on her parents’ quarter-horse farm, which was owned by Gladys Violet Akers and Verner Vilas Parker.

Alongside her five siblings – Elaine N., Marilyn, Shirley I. Parker, Janis D. Parker, and Pearle D. – she shared a cherished childhood.

Her lineage backward

Pearlie Parker and Mary Emily Barett were Dolphia’s paternal grandparents. Verner, Dolphia’s father, who was the son of Bruce Logan Parker, had three siblings.

The couple’s daughters, Austa Inez and Mary Marvine were also Dolphia’s parents. On the other side, Charles Akers and Cleo A. Earl were Dolphia’s maternal grandparents. Dolphia’s mother, Gladys, was their only child.

Did Dolphia work in theater as an actress like her husband?

Dolphia Parker is said to have performed as an actor in a few plays thus far, one of which being reportedly Fumed Oak. 

She also worked as a stage crew member for a few theatrical productions in her younger years, including the play “Arsenic and Lace.”

However, her late husband Dan was a talented actor who gained recognition for his role as Hoss Cartwright in the enduring television series Bonanza. 

He started performing in 1956 and continued to wow audiences until his passing in 1972.

Dan starred in several films and television shows during his long career, including Lady in Cement, The Young Captives, Gunsight Ridge, The Rifleman, and The Girls in Black Stockings. 

Parker’s late spouse had previously served in the American Army.

How did Dolphia and Dan Blocker get married?

On August 25, 1952, Parker and her late husband Dan exchanged vows in a ceremony held in Carlsbad, New Mexico.

Dan’s return from the Korean War was followed by their marriage two days later. 

In Korea, he was assigned as an infantry sergeant in December 1951 and left until August 1952. 

Speaking of their first encounter, Sul Ross State University is where the couple initially met. 

They soon began dating, but a war broke up their relationship in the interim.

Nevertheless, they eventually were married in 1952 and relocated to Los Angeles as a couple. 

Parker stood at her spouse’s side till his untimely passing in 1972. The pair spent twenty years living together as husband and wife.

Her husband, Dan, passed away at Daniel Freeman Hospital in Los Angeles at the age of just 43. 

He had to have surgery at the time to address some gallbladder problems. 

However, he died as a result of a pulmonary embolism, a new illness that occurred after the surgery.

Parker’s life following her husband’s demise

Based on the available data, Parker never remarried following her husband’s passing. 

When her life partner died at that period, she was left with both sadness and the burden of responsibility.

She was a mother to four children already, and she prioritized taking care of them over thinking about herself.

Dolphia has four children total, including two sons, Dennis Dirk Blocker and David Douglas Blocker, with her late husband Dan. 

She also has two daughters, Danna Lynn Blocker and Debra Lee Lee. Her twins, who were born in 1953, are her firstborn offspring. They are currently 69 years old. 

On May 4, 1955, she gave birth to her first son, David, who will turn 68 years old in 2023. 

David is a professional film producer, and he has been wed to actress Debra Dusay. Deena Blocker is the name of the couple’s daughter.

Similarly, like his late father, Parker’s youngest son Dirk was born on July 31, 1957, and also works as an actor. 

The 65-year-old child star gained notoriety for playing Michael Hitchcock in the television series Brooklyn Nine-Nine. 

Since November 3, 1990, he has been wed to the actress Danielle Aubuchon. The married couple reportedly has two or more kids together.

Dolphia Parker’s net worth 

Parker is reportedly worth $2 million, according to several web tabloids. 

Additionally, her late husband, Dan Parker, was thought to be worth $5 million when he passed away.

He surely made a sizable fortune from his lucrative entertainment career. 

Where is she now?

Despite losing her husband at a young age, there are rumors that Dolphia Parker never got married again. 

She raised her kids to carry on her husband’s legacy while leading a modest life.