Where Is Gavin Arvizo? Michael Jackson’s Accuser

gavin arvizo

Living With Michael Jackson, a 2003 documentary by Martin Bashir, exposed the alleged s*xual assault of a teenage boy named Gavin Arvizo by the renowned singer.

Ten counts of child molestation and conspiracy were brought against the pop artist in 2005 due to allegations made in the movie, video footage showing Jackson holding hands with a then-13-year-old Arvizo, and the singer’s remarks about sharing a bed with young sleepover visitors.

About Gavin Arvizo’s early life

He grew up in East Los Angeles, sharing a one-room apartment with his parents, two siblings, and other family members. Domestic violence and poverty were daily occurrences.

Gavin Arvizo father told his kids to steal the clothes from a store and run away because they didn’t have enough money to buy them.

The boys hid in the parking lot and were terrified as their father got arrested by the security guards due to the stealing.

Later, the store manager saw their mother fighting, and the police arrested and handcuffed both of them before taking them to the police station.

When Gavin was just 10 years old, a malignancy attacked his kidney and aggressively spread to other organs.

He heard nurses telling his parents to start arranging his burial while he lay helpless in a hospital bed in Los Angeles, pretending to sleep. After enduring months of torturous treatments, this brave child recovered.

Who is Gavin Arvizo?

When Arvizo was battling a rare but fatal form of cancer, the award-winning singer first met Arvizo and his family.

Following Arvizo’s treatment, Jackson invited the family to see him at the Neverland Ranch in California in 2000 after learning of his struggle and sending him a basket of toys.

When the production of the 2003 documentary “Living With Michael Jackson” took place, British journalist Martin Bashir interviewed 12-year-old Arvizo, who revealed that he had first seen Jackson when he was 10 and “someone had told him that he was dying of cancer.”

According to Jackson, he tried to “heal” the youngster through their relationship.

Gavin Arvizo and Michael Jackson held hands in “Living With Michael Jackson” when they discussed how it is acceptable for an adult to share a bed with a child.

He claims that Michael’s friendship and support were vital in helping him overcome his cancer, Bashir added. Since then, they have remained close friends.

Jackson said that the cancer had “all gone” at the time. They predicted that he would die.

He started mailing him gifts, and they grew close and frequently spoke on the phone. Jackson Arvizo and his family to visit the Neverland Ranch after his cancer treatments, sending a limousine to pick them up.

Jackson was truly a child at heart, so when the filmmaker asked Arvizo what it is about Jackson that connects him with kids.

Arvizo said, “Because he’s genuinely a child at heart, he displays childlike behavior. He simply understands how kids behave. He is aware of how kids think. I don’t believe that just because society says you’re an adult after you turn 18 means you have to be a child. That is irrelevant. When you wish to be one, you are an adult.

Gavin Arvizo accusation

Arvizo, who was 15 during the widely publicized 2005 trial, revealed a s*xually explicit relationship with Jackson that allegedly began during his several “sleepovers” at Jackson’s ranch. Jackson allegedly provided drinks to Arvizo and touched him twice.

His brother backed up the allegations, stating that he observed Jackson allegedly touching Arvizo improperly while he was sleeping.

What follows is history. Authorities in Santa Barbara, California, accused Jackson. The charges were s*xual abuse with minors, using alcohol, talking about inappropriate things with them, and a few other accusations.

At the time of the accusation, 15-year-old Gavin Arvizo was faced with the risk of being labeled a liar and accused of conspiring with his parents to extort money from the singer, who were already poor thieves.

Tom Mesereau also repeatedly told the jury that the Arvizos were only “in it for the cash.”

The trial

Jackson disputed the charges. He was charged with engaging in s*xual activities with kids and bad behavior with minors, but he cleared himself from all accusations.

During the trial, Jackson’s attorney, Tom Mesereau, labeled 15-year-old Gavin a skilled liar and his family as “grifters” and “thieves.” Mesereau argued to the jury that the Arvizos were solely motivated by financial gain.

The jury was also informed that two other youngsters accused Jackson of the same thing. One was the maid’s son, and the other was the boy of a dentist.

Jackson gave both guys large sums of money in exchange for their silence. The family of the dentist received about $20 million.

Wade Robson, a dancer and choreographer, was the first of several young men the defense put on the witness stand.

Each admitted that they frequently slept in Jackson’s bed while young and that no s*xual activity occurred. In June 2005, Jackson was declared innocent of all counts.

Other accusations about Michael Jackson

Robson just acknowledged lying during his trial. He attempted to bring a lawsuit against the Jackson estate, alleging that keeping the s*xual assault secret for so long caused him to experience two nervous breakdowns. 

In an interview with Today, Robson claimed of Jackson, “He s*xually molested me from the age of seven till the age of fourteen. He told me to do inappropriate things with him and did with me.”

In addition, Robson stated simply, “Jackson was an amazing singer, but he was a pedophile.”

Defense lawyer Mesereau continues publicly criticizing Gavin Arvizo as a “thief” and a dishonest person while the number of young men who say Jackson assaulted them grows.

Mesereau contends that Arvizo’s accusations were motivated by money.

Where is Gavin Arvizo now? 

Gavin opposes advocating for himself since he thinks a guy should let his actions speak for himself. He only mentions his background when job searching, as he knows employers will Google his name.

Therefore, Gavin says, “There is something I’d like to tell you,” as the interview ends, and he shares important details regarding the occasion his life intersected with Michael Jackson’s.

Gavin is a married man now. He married his longtime girlfriend, Shelby Drake, a teacher, in November 2017.

He is working as a Paralegal in a law company. Gavin lived a happy life with his wife and didn’t discuss the incident later in life.