Connor Hughes Wife And Their Love Life Journey

connor hughes wife

Connor Hughes wife is Brie Hughes; the romance between Conner and Brie commenced more than a decade ago when they started dating while still in high school in 2010.

Hughes, a well-liked semi-professional English football player, serves as Daisy Hill’s midfielder.

He previously played as a professional footballer in the Football League for Oldham Athletic.

Hughes commenced his career with a two-year scholarship at Oldham Athletic in May 2009.

On March 17, 2012, he entered a Football League game as a substitute, marking his first appearance for the main team.

Connor Hughes is of American nationality, and his ethnicity has not been disclosed.

English footballer Connor Hughes is a well-known semi-professional player with a net worth ranging between $1 and $6 million.

Connor Hughes wife, Brie Hughes

Prominent NFL writer Connor Hughes is blissfully wed to Brie Hughes. Born on March 1, 1993, Brie is thirty years old. Connor recently shared a beautiful vacation photo with Brie to commemorate her birthday.

Having completed her studies at The College of New Jersey in 2016, Brie became a highly qualified nurse.

She worked as a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where she began her career, providing critical care to many newborns and their families.

Connor and Brie’s love story

The romance between Conner and Brie commenced more than a decade ago when they started dating while still in high school in 2010. Over time, their relationship grew closer.

In 2014, Brie posted a happy photo of herself and Conner to mark their fourth anniversary, stating how much she loved and was happy for him.

They have been through the highs and lows of life together, supporting one another without fail.

connor hughes wife

Conner’s proposal to Brie on December 7, 2019, marked the official beginning of their marriage.

On June 25, 2021, a year and a half later, Conner and Brie tied the knot.

They welcomed their daughter Brooke Olivia Hughes into their family the following month, two years later.

Jamal Adams makes fun of Connor Hughes wife for criticizing him

Safety for the Seattle Seahawks, Jamal Adams, came under fire for making fun of NFL writer Connor Hughes’ wife.

In his remarks about Adams’ performance during the Dallas Cowboys game on Thursday Night Football, Hughes highlighted the pivotal touchdown that Adams gave up to Jake Ferguson in the fourth quarter.

When the 27-year-old Hughes’ touchdown pass gave Dallas the lead late in the game, he let out a quick “yikes.” Adams seemed to take offense and retaliated by attacking the reporter’s family.

Adams, a professional athlete who receives negative press from the media, is entitled to reply, but it is not well-received when the reporter’s wife is criticized.

Hughes, who hasn’t publicly responded to Adams, just watched the game as part of his work and didn’t take it personally.