Yeonmi Park Husband: Ezekiel & Their Marriage Mystery

Yeonmi Park Husband: Ezekiel & Their Marriage Mystery

Yeonmi Park is a well-known North Korean defector who has shared her terrifying experiences. In October 2014, she gave her first speech on the international stage at the One Young World Conference in Dublin. 

Yeonmi Park’s address was quite emotional. On the official channel of One Young World’s channel on YouTube, the video currently has more than 4.3 million views. 

After escaping from North Korea, she moved to the United States of America, where she began a new life, got married, and eventually got divorced. 

Yeonmi Park is an activist who fights against the practice of human trafficking in Asia and seeks to improve the lives of individuals. 

She underwent the most traumatic experiences during her escape from North Korea before finally settling down in the United States of America. 

Yeonmi Park Husband Ezekiel

Who is Yeonmi Park?

Yeonmi Park, born on October 4, 1993, is a North Korean defector and activist. She and her family fled North Korea in 2007 for China, then moved to South Korea in 2009, and finally settled in the United States in 2014. 

During the famine in North Korea in the 1990s, her family turned to dealing with the black market. Her father was convicted of smuggling and sentenced to time in a work camp. 

They were able to escape to China, but once there, Park and her mother were taken by people traffickers, and Park was eventually sold into slavery. 

Yeonmi Park  eventually managed to escape to Mongolia. She is currently an advocate for victims of human trafficking in China and works to promote human rights in North Korea and worldwide. 

Yeonmi Park’s previous work focused on human rights violations in North Korea.

After delivering a speech at the One Young World Summit in Dublin, Ireland, in 2014, an annual summit that brings together young people from around the world to find answers to global problems, Park came to the attention of a wider audience worldwide. 

Yeonmi Park’s talk about her experience fleeing North Korea was viewed over 50 million times in just two days on YouTube and other social media platforms, with the total number of views currently over 100 million.

Childhood, Early life & Career

Park was born on October 4th, 1993, in Hyesan, in the province of Ryanggang in North Korea. Eun-mi, her older sister, was born in 1991. 

Hence she is her older sibling. Her father, Park Jin-Sik, was a member of the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea and worked as a civil servant at the Hyesan town hall. 

Yeonmi Park’s mother, Byeon Keum-sook, worked as a Korean People’s Army nurse. Both of her parents were born and raised in North Korea. 

Yeonmi Park’s maternal grandfather Park Chang-gyu was a civil servant during the Japanese occupation of Korea. After serving as a military officer in the Korean War, he was initially given a high songbun status. 

However, her father’s opportunities were limited after her uncle Park Dong-il was convicted of rape and attempted murder in 1980. 

Due to a serious case of appendicitis that he was battling, her father could not finish his term in the military. 

After an American air raid on Chongjin in 1952, her maternal grandmother, Hwang Ok-soon, also lost her leg. 

Both of their legs were amputated. Byeon Keun-sook received her degree in inorganic chemistry from her college.

After getting a job in a foundry, her father came up with the idea to increase his revenue by bringing in illegal goods from China, including cigarettes, clothing, and rice. 

In 1989, while on one of his smuggling excursions via Kowon, he was introduced to Byeon. Later, he launched a metal smuggling enterprise in the capital city of Pyongyang.

While his wife and daughters continued living in Hyesan, he spent most of the year in Pyongyang with his mistress Wan Sun. 

Her family’s wealth was measured against North Korea’s during most of her childhood. Later on, when her father was sentenced to prison in November 2002 for unlawfully trafficking salt, sugar, and other spices, the family encountered many difficulties.

Who is Yeonmi Park’s husband?

Ezekiel Park and Yeonmi Park had been married. On January 4, 2017, Yeonmi Park wed Ezekiel, and by that point, the couple had been married for four years. 

On the other hand, other stories claim that they tied the knot earlier and gave their wedding date as January 1, 2017.

After three years of marriage, Yeonmi Park decided to publicly announce on Facebook that she was ending her marriage. 

Too much time goes by way too fast. The couple has a beautiful boy named James, who will be three years old when 2021 rolls around. 

Because he chooses to lead a private life, there isn’t much information about Yeonmi Park’s marriage.

Separation with her ex- husband

Yeonmi hasn’t spoken much concerning her reference to Ezekiel, who continues to appear on her Instagram page. 

On January thirty, 2021, she disclosed the divorce on her YouTube posts. Yeonmi revealed a live-stream video titled. 

Let’s Talk About Lies – North Korean defector. Furthermore, Yeonmi Park officially announced she was no longer married to Ezekiel on the video’s question related to the wedding.

Yeonmi Park Kids

Yeonmi and James, her former boyfriend, had a child together. The announcement of the birth of her son came eight days later, on October 8, 2018. 

Yeonmi removed her post from the internet after she made it. Despite this, she continued to post it on the official account she had on Twitter: The miracle that is life. I’d put up with being starved to become the mother of this beautiful angel.

Please allow us to maintain our optimism despite the circumstances. On March 18, 2018, her son James was brought into the world. 

This would imply that she will advance her age by four years in 2022. As a result of what she saw in the video on YouTube, it is safe to say that Yeonmi Park no longer considers Ezekiel Park her husband.

Current relationship status

The YouTuber does not currently have a partner and is hence single. After going through a divorce with her ex-husband, she is not now seeing anyone and does not have a new lover at this time.

On the other hand, it would appear that the TED Speaker is currently concentrating on her professional career and finding her voice to ensure justice is done for the people of North Korea.

2017 marked the year that the North Korean defector tied the knot with Ezekiel, a citizen of the United States. 

However, in the year 2020, the pair officially separated. When some time passed, in January of 2021, she announced on her YouTube page that she was now single and that she and her ex-partner had grown apart.

Moreover, the activist welcomed a child in March 2018 with her ex-husband, to who she had previously been married.

Yeonmi Park Family

This courageous young woman is a North Korean defector born on October 4, 1993, in Hyesan, which is in the Ryanggang Province. 

Yeonmi Park’s father, Jin Sik, was involved in illicit trade in China and carried stolen goods and metals into the country. 

He also engaged in unlawful trading in commodities created in China, such as clothing, cigarettes, sugar, and rice. 

At one point, he was taken into custody and shipped off to a labour camp against his will. Since then, he has passed away from colon cancer.

Eun-mi Park, who was 16 years old when she fled to China in 2007, did so with the assistance of a human smuggler. 

Yeonmi Park is the sister of Yeonmi Park. Yeonmi and her mother, Keum Sook Byeon, remained in North Korea after their visit.

Yeonmi Park Plastic surgeries

As a former resident of North Korea who has since fled the nation, Yeonmi Park has been vocal about her opposition to the practice of people trafficking there. 

Yeonmi Park  underwent aesthetic plastic surgery, including contouring her jaw, reshaping her nose, and having her cheeks tucked.

There are a significant number of people who are unaware of Yeonmi’s surgical procedures. 

Some observers of Aisuam cosmetic surgery assert that Park has just had rhinoplasty, but they speculate that she may also have undergone eye surgery, as is common practice among Koreans.

Yeonmi Park Books

In 2015, Yeonmi Park published her autobiography, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Road to Freedom.” The book may be purchased on Amazon for a price of $14.99. 

Yeonmi Park  other books include “Escapar para vivir: The Journey of a Young North Korean Woman to Freedom,” “Mut zur Freiheit: My Flucht from North Korea,”

“Escapar para vivir: The Journey of a Young North Korean Woman to Freedom,” “One Stop Idiom,” and many others. 

Net Worth

Yeonmi Park has amassed a fortune that is approximately two million dollars, according to estimates. 

Yeonmi Park brings in significant sums of money during her motivational speaking engagements. Yeonmi’s principal work as a human rights activist resulted in substantial financial success for her.