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Why Terencia Capleton send Voilent And Racist Mail to Jully Black?

Why Terencia Capleton send Voilent And Racist Mail to Jully Black
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Toronto native Jully Black made international headlines last week when she rewrote the lyrics to the Canadian national anthem and performed it during the NBA All-Star Game in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Terencia Capleton sent a hateful mail to her. That mail creates so much disturbance in the country as she shares it on her social media platform. Terencia Capleton commented on African nationals in Canada, which was a racist comment. This is how the mail was;

Black modified “Oh, Canada, our home and native land” to “Oh, Canada, our home on Native land,” recognizing Canada’s colonial history.

I put the truth in the song. We’re here on indigenous land, smelling its air and feeling its warmth. The Grammy-winning musician made this statement in an interview with The National: “On Indigenous land.”

A #OurHomeONNativeLand hashtag was formed to support Black’s efforts, and her message appeared to be welcomed with many positive comments and support and reverberated across the country. However, a new Black Instagram post tells a different story.

Black shared a screenshot of a disturbing email of profanity, racial insults, and hate speech received by her colleagues yesterday evening.

Therefore, I have ignored the trolls and keyboard gangsters for the past seven days. Black captioned the image, “People have told me what they’re hearing, and I’ve been laughing because they’re quite funny.”

This one was sent through email to my group specifically…I won’t deny that this one hurt a little bit. Black continues, “It truly made my heart weep that there is this type of hate period AND coming from somebody claiming to be of Indian heritage here in Canada… seeing the disrespect of my Jamaican heritage, being called a Monkey and Nigger, being referred to as 

“Blacks,” and all the rest of the hate spewed at me, including a threat of “You watch as what happens to you…” truly made my heart weep.”

But despite residing in a white majority country, you dare to alter our national anthem unilaterally?” Terencio Capleton asks in her email. I can’t believe it!

Capleton continues, “You watch and see what happens if you ever try to pull this s*it again,” concluding the email by declaring that they are not white or from India.

In a series of tweets titled “I won’t flood my feed with any more negative posts. I just want you all to see the hate that is coming my way for being an Ally,” Black explains, “Oh, and for the record, I’m born and raised in Canada,” adding the hashtags “#ThisIsCanada” and “RacismDoesExist.”

Black’s supporters didn’t waste any time rallying to her side.

A threat was made in this letter. The comment, “I hope your team brought it to the authorities,” reads as follows.

“Nah. It is extreme hostility on a whole other level. I could only skim it since it triggered too much emotion. My apologies, Jully. 

The R&B singer, actor, and producer Black won a Juno in 2021 and was subsequently inducted into the Canadian Walk of Fame. 

We also recognized her as an amazing woman in 2018.

After Jully Black sang the national anthem at the NBA, many people praised her on social media for making such a smooth transition. 

Though she had many advocates, Terencia Capleton Toronto confronted her with criticism. They considered it a disgrace that the songs’ original words had been altered.

Who is Jully Black?

She is a singer, songwriter, producer, and actor from Canada, Jully Black. She has been dubbed “Canada’s Queen of R&B” by her admirers and contemporaries in the industry. 

Several artists, including Nas, Saukrates, Choclair, Kardinal Offishall, Destiny’s Child, and Sean Paul, have collaborated with Jully to create music.

Black was born in Toronto, Ontario, in 1977, and his family had a musical background when he was growing up. Jully began her musical career by participating in the church choir at a young age. 

Black refined her skills as a performer by singing at local talent contests and events. In 1997, she released her first single, “Rally’n,” which became an instant smash and established her as a rising star in the Canadian music scene. 

Since then, Black has continued to release hit singles ad, one of the country’s most successful artists.

When Jully Black was a little child, her parents went through a divorce. Therefore, her mother, Aretha, brought her up on her own. 

She is ‘ nine children of her parents and was one of her parents’ nine children when she was born. Her parents were immigrants from Jamaica.

Jully Black’s Stature Height and Weight

It is normal for fans to be interested in the physical characteristics of their favorite celebrities, such as their height and weight, especially when the celebrities are in the public eye. 

It has been determined that Jully Black’s height is around 5 feet and 8 inches. Unfortunately, her exact weight is yet unknown.

Jully Black Net Worth

At 41, acclaimed R&B singer Jully Black’s net worth is $100 Million, according to Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb, and other online publications. 

She is an R&B singer by trade, which is how she accumulated wealth. It is her home country of Canada.