What Is Josh Giddey Salary? All About His NBA Earnings

What is Josh Giddey salary

What is Josh Giddey salary? This is the question people looking answers for to after his s*x scandal with Liv Cook, an underage girl, leaked on Twitter.

Josh Giddey has been the talk of the town lately because of his supposed liaison with a juvenile. 

But even before that, the Australian’s play with the Oklahoma City Thunder had made him a household name in the NBA.

Giddey, who was born in Melbourne, Australia, made his NBA debut in 2021 when he joined Oklahoma City after making his debut with the Adelaide 36ers in the National Basketball League (NBL).

Among them was leading the NBA Global Academy to victory in the Torneo Junior Ciutat de L’Hospitalet in Barcelona, where he was named MVP.

What is Josh Giddey salary?

Josh Giddey agreed to a $27.2 million, four-year contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder. The value of his first-season compensation with the team is $5.9 million. 

According to reports, this has gone up to $6.5 million for 2023–2024 and $6.3 million for 2022–2023 seasons.

While there isn’t much available information at present, according to some sources Josh Giddey’s net worth ranges from $1 million to $5 million.

Josh Giddey lifestyle

The Oklahoma City guard’s lavish lifestyle has caused a decline in his net worth. Sources close to the footballer affirm that his debts total $2 million, even though this has not been officially confirmed.

According to reports, the athlete is said to rent a private jet for approximately $100,000 per month and frequently indulges in extravagant parties, spending tens of thousands of dollars.

What is Josh Giddey Salary

As per the sources, the athlete enjoys playing online poker and blackjack, where he allegedly lost around $1 million last year.

In addition, he wagers on sports frequently, which would have increased his losses by about $1 million.

Josh Giddey’s NBA career

With the Adelaide 36ers, an Australian basketball team that plays in the National Basketball League (NBL) in Australia, Josh Giddey made his professional basketball debut. 

Upon joining, he enrolled in the league’s Next Stars program, which aims to identify athletes with the talent to play in the NBA in the United States.

Josh Giddey became the first basketball player from Australia to join the program in this way. The Oklahoma City Thunder drafted Josh Giddey as the sixth overall pick in the 2021 NBA draft.

However, he injured his ankle during the preseason NBA Summer League after signing with the team.

Thankfully, he was still able to make his NBA debut on October 20. The next day, on October 27, Giddey recorded his first double-double in NBA history.

What is Josh Giddey’s height?

Josh Giddey is a remarkable 6 feet 9 inches (2.05 meters) tall. His father and mother were professional basketball players for the Melbourne Tigers women’s and men’s teams, respectively.

It’s clear that Australian standout Josh Giddey was destined for the NBA with his height and basketball background.