Top High Schools In London Ontario 2019

Top High Schools In London Ontario 2019

High School is the best defining time in a person`s life to impart an ability to be prepared to face the critical phases or times of life. Moreover, a high school drops long term effects on students. A high school prepares your child for competence with ethical principles.

It develops an interest in your child leading to a life full of passion, competence in every field of life along with the career choice. Besides this, to exercise the rights of citizenship, a high school also provides necessary knowledge. We`ve enlisted the top high schools in London in order to make it sure that your child receives the best education facilities and experience during the years of their high school.

A.B. Lucas- Thames Valley District School Board

This school was named after Dr. Alexander Burton Lucas who was recognized to have a distinguished career in education and in this concern he contributed much in London. It is located at the northern end of London, Ontario.

This school enrolls 1481 students. A.B. Lucas High School ranks 196th out of all other 747 high schools in London, Ontario. In, Canada this school had been previously ranked as #1.

All students are free to join any of the school clubs. The students of this school are passionate and competitive, having brighter futures ahead.

  • This school offers sports including:-

Tennis, baseball, wrestling, soccer, rowing, hockey, badminton, basketball, curling, cross country, track and field, wrestling, and many more.

By qualifying for WOSSAA, the students of A.B. Lucas School are maintaining their school`s athletic reputation. The students of this school have represented their school board at the provincial level, proudly.

Oakridge S.S-Thames Valley District School Board

It is one of the high schools that are operated by the government. Oakridge S.S. is located on Oxford Street in West London. The demonym of this school is Oakridge Oaks.

In 1959, it was founded as a county school. This school adopted three colors red, gold and blue for the first time in London.

This school offers:-

  • Arts (drama department),
  • Music related activities/clubs (Concert band, Coffee house, school show, jazz band, music council etc.),
  • Athletics (Badminton, baseball, football, hockey, rowing club etc.)

The students of Oakridge raised a parliament in 2013-2014 for a fundraising program “Oaktober”. They have currently 10 executive positions on the school`s student parliament. On the other hand, they are five student representatives for each grade in addition to the executive positions in Oakridge S.S.

London Central, Thames Valley District school board

It’s the main downtown school in London, Ontario. London Central is a public high school which is located at the corner of Dufferin Avenue and Waterloo Street London, Ontario.

This school enrolls 1000 with full attendance from grades 9th to 12th. This school is one of the strongest public high schools in London.

  • This school is primarily known for its academic excellence but on the other hand its offers most dominant music programs including Orchestra, concert choir, chamber choir etc.
  • This school owns a rich athletic reputation and sports include Soccer, football, hockey, basketball etc.

This school has been the oldest high school in the city.