Tara Beane – Unfolding Life Aspects of Billy Beane’s Wife

Tara Beane

Tara Beane is the better half of Former baseball player Billy Beane. Tara is among those who have not strived for fame but fame has chosen her. She hoped for attention of media because of her association and marriage with well-known baseball player Billy Beane. 

Other than that, Tara holds a normal life like anyone around. And people also want to know about Tara Beane because of her relationship with Billy Beane.

We have done comprehensive research on the life of Tara Beane for our prerequisite readers. Let us not delay and start unfolding the life aspects of Tara Beane, her age, nationality, education, profession, her husband, her children, her net worth, profession and much more.

Tara Beane’s Introduction – Who is Tara Beane?

Tara Beane, a wife of prior baseball player Billy Beane, was born in San Diego, California, U.S.A on August 11, 1964. Her age is 57 years old as of now. Her complete name is Tara Marie Graves. Her zodiac sign is Leo. She has her childhood memories of spending happy days in San Diego. Tara attended Mt. Carmel High School in San Diego. 

This school was famous for having baseball matches and still it is a renowned place and has many baseball matches there. Tara is a beautiful woman and carries a nice height of 5 feet 5 inches and a weight of around 56 kg. Her hair color and eye color is brown.

She has an oval-shaped face with a bright smile and attractive facial features. Her body measurements are not available but it can be easily presumed that Tara holds a nice healthy and curvy body. 

Tara must be going to gym or exercising on her own to stay fit and healthy as she looks fit even in this age. Talking about Tara’s college days, no information is available regarding her college or graduation degree.

Tara came in spotlight because of her husband Billy Beane, which is why no earlier information is available about her education, parents, siblings etc.

Billy Beane’s wife Tara Beane’s Nationality and Profession

Tara Beane holds American nationality with white ethnicity. Her parents also belong to America and she spent her early life in San Diego, California in United States of America. The exact title of her degree is not known nor is any info is available regarding her profession or job. 

But as far as her interests are known, Tara is an animal lover and she loves to travel and explore. She also seems to be a fitness freak as she looks perfectly fit according to her age.

Besides this not much information is disclosed, it is hard to assume that in what profession she was into. As of now, she is a homemaker and lives happily with her husband and children. 

How Tara and Billy met?

Tara Beane

Tara and Billy Beane knew each other from their childhood. In San Diego, California they were together in neighborhoods but as friends.

Billy married to her high school girlfriend Cathy Sturdivant and things went with the flow. Later, Bill’s marriage did not succeed with Cathy and they got divorced. 

After Bill’s divorce, Billy and Tara again met and started dating each other. Consequently, they fell in love and this love is an eternal love because they are together for more than two decades. They tied the knots in 1999 in a private ceremony. The ceremony took place in California where close relatives were invited. 

Tara is not good in her looks only but also at her heart. She did not only accept Billy with his past but also his daughter Casey Beane and treated her as her daughter.

The couple is giving some major couple goals by setting an example of perfect husband and wife for each other. Both are spotted and pictured by the media a few times together where they look as a happy-go-lucky family together.

Tara Beane’s Husband – Billy Beane

Former baseball player and much known for his association with the movie Moneyball, Billy Beane was born in Orlando, Florida, U.S.A. Born to a naval officer, Billy celebrates his birthday every year on March 29, 1962.

Bill spent his early days in May port, Florida and San Diego, California and attended Mt. Carmel High School. 

His father, being a military man taught him the basics of baseball and pitching. He developed his interest in baseball games from his childhood. He excelled in football, basketball and baseball during his school days and his performance made his school coach add him in the varsity baseball team.

Later he joined Stanford University and became part of the Stanford Cardinal Football team there. 

Billy Beane’s baseball talent was first recognized at the school level and then The New York Mets considered choosing him in Major League Baseball. He faced many ups and downs during playing with New York Mets and played innumerable matches.

Billy Beane approached GM Athletics Sandy and got the opportunity of getting the position of the front office, later he was promoted to assistant GM of the Athletics.

Under his supervision, the Athletics participated in 3 world leagues and did a splendid job while getting the highest payroll in baseball. He made some brilliant steps to make Athletics the best among others. 

In 2002, Billy Beane was offered for position of GM by Boston Red Sox but he declined. Sources said that he does not want to move and stay close to his family. On the other side, his contract was in continuous extension with Athletics as its GM. Billy proposes that his approach is considerably dependent on research and analysis.

Many coaches try to follow his approach now. He was titled as Top 10 GMs. Executives of the Decade in all sports by Sports Illustrated. Consequently, Billy Beane got promoted to the position of executive vice president of baseball operations Athletics. He also offers the duty of consultant for the software company NetSuite.

In 2003, Michael Lewis wrote the best-selling book Moneyball-The Art of Winning an Unfair Game which was subjected to Billy Beane’s life. This book entails Billy’s methodologies and strategies. Later this book was adapted by a filmmaker and turned into a hugely successful movie featuring Brad Pitt who was nominated for Oscar nomination for his performance.

No doubt, the Moneyball movie gave huge fame to Billy Beane in the whole world.

Billy married his college girlfriend Cathy Sturdivant with whom he has a daughter Casey Beane. Billy’s first wife studied with Billy in his school and later Cathy joined the University of California for her graduation. Cathy Sturdivant was born in 1970 and married to his boyfriend Billy Beane in February 1986.

This marriage did not succeed and both got divorced later. Billy remarried to Tara in 1999 and the duo has two twins Tinsley Beane and Brayden Beane.

Billy is passionate for his job and he is also a caring husband and father. He lives blissfully with his family.

Moneyball – a movie based on Tara Beane’s husband

Moneyball brought a huge turn in Billy Beane’s life. Billy was a well-acclaimed person as a baseball player and then as a GM of same team, but Moneyball gave him huge fame.

Moneyball is actually a book written by Micheal Lewis in 2003. This book turned into a best-selling book. Later Bennett Miller turned this book and story into a movie by same name in 2011.

The movie was an American sports drama film that portrayed the Oakland Athletics baseball team and specifically, its GM Billy Beane. 

The movie depicted the brilliant approach of Billy Beane towards settling the team of undervalued talent and proving the best team. Moneyball movie got a huge success and Brad Pit who portrayed the role of Billy Beane was nominated for Oscar nominations for Best Actor.

Tara Beane’s as Mother

Tara Beane is the celebrity spouse of a former baseball player and GM of Oakland Baseball Athletics, Billy Beane. She married Billy after his divorce from his first wife.

Tara has two children, biological twins Tinsley Beane and Brayden Beane. Both are young and currently enrolled in school for their education. 

Tara has a step daughter from Billy’s first marriage, Casey Beane. Tara’s relationship with her step daughter Casey is amazing and both share a beautiful bond. Whereas, Casey and her half-siblings Tinsley Beane and Brayden Beane also share an amazing bond of brother and sister and living a happy contented life. 

Tara Beane’s Stepdaughter – Casey Beane

Tara is not the first wife of former baseball player and Moneyball movie-based celebrity, Billy Beane. Her husband was first married to his high school girlfriend Cathy Sturdivant when he was in his initial days as a baseball player. Cathy and Billy have a daughter Casey Beane. She lives with her step mother Tara Beane. 

They all spot together as a family. Casey Beane is not a social person and keeps her life private.

This is the reason that her birthdate, age and other details are not found anywhere. But it is known, that Casey Beane shares a good bond with her stepmother Tara Beane. Tara Beane, being a second wife of Billy Beane open heartedly accepted Casey and treated her well like her daughter. 

Casey Beane is good at studies and has done her graduation from Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio.

She is working for a company Citadel LLC which is in Chicago, she is working in the capacity of affiliate of the finance and accounts department.  Casey also shares a good bond with her step siblings Breydan Beane and Tinsley Beane.

Social Media Account of Beane

Tara Beane does not like to publicize her life details to public. She prefers to enjoy her privacy and therefore not much information is available related to her on social media. She is staying a home mom who loves to take care of her home, husband and children, further she is not active on any social media accounts.

Tara Beane’s net worth

As it is mentioned earlier as well that Tara is not into profession or work so she does not hold a huge amount of net assets. Currently, she herself has net assets valued at $500,000.

But, Tara is a celebrity housewife of Billy Beane who is not only a former baseball player but also holds a position of General Manager of Oakland Athletics, who hold net assets worth of approximately $20 Million.

Billy was a former baseball player from where he earned fame and money. He has been once among board of Directors of NetSuite and earned more than $ 4 million for his services.

Billy Beane earns almost $ 3 million as a salary amount from his position of executive vice president of baseball operations of the Oakland Athletics. Tara Beane, being wife of Billy Beane must be living a luxurious life with her family. 

What Tara Beane is doing now and her social media presence?

Tara Beane, wife of earlier baseball player Billy Beane, does not like to publicize her life in public and thus enjoys her life privately. Her social media accounts are not supposed to be active and available anywhere. 

Tara is a homemaker, a caring wife and mother. She spends a lot of time with family; she is an animal lover and loves to travel. Tara is living a peaceful life with her husband and children in Oregon, U.S.A