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Susan Dee Robbins: Wife Of Late Dale Robertson

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Susan Dee Robbins Wife Of Late Dale Robertson
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Susan Dee Robbins is a Tv actress. She was best known for marrying actor Dale Robertson at one point in their lives. 

Even though he had a career in movies, he is best known for his work in television series.

Her husband passed away in 2013, having been married to Susan Dee Robbins for their 32-year marriage. She has kids with her husband but has three kids from his previous marriage.

Let’s get to know about her in detail;

Susan Dee Robbins Wife Of Dale Robertson

Susan Dee Robbins Marriage And Husband

During a flight from California to Oklahoma, where Susan Dee Robbins worked as an air hostess for American Airlines, famed American actor and TV star Dale Robertson met Susan Dee Robbins. Susan was also on the flight. 

They did end up getting married in the end.

Working for American Airlines as a flight attendant, Susan Dee Robbins became acquainted with Dale Robertson on the flight from California to Oklahoma. 

She immediately recognized Dale for his renowned role in the television drama Tale of Wells Fargo, which she adored. Susan was thrilled to finally meet him and decided to initiate a conversation. 

They immediately hit it off and decided to get married after some time together.

When he married Susan Dee Robbins, they decided to keep the wedding a secret to concentrate only on their union without interference from third parties.

The marriage of Susan Dee Robbins and Dale Robertson took place in a low-key private ceremony. 

Dale had a chequered past with women before he met Susan, and because of this, he decided to prioritize his acting career over finding love and getting married. 

On the other hand, they married privately after falling in love after meeting Susan on the plane.

Dale Robertson, a prominent American actor, met Susan Dee Robbins, whom he thought was beautiful and had a wonderful personality. 

He decided to give love another opportunity once they got to know each other. They chose a low-key wedding and agreed to keep their marriage a secret to avoid potential complications. 

Dale Robertson began caring for the horses shortly after the family moved into the farmhouse in Oklahoma where they had been living.

We do not get any data on Susan Dee Robbins Family & Siblings. 

Susan Dee Robbins Profession

If we talk about her profession Susan Dee Robbins was working for American Airlines as a flight attendant, and that’s where she first crossed paths with Dale Robertson.

It is unknown whether or not she worked at any other employment besides this one. She is only famous for her marriage to Dale Robertson; she does not appear to be famous for anything else.

How old is Susan Robbins Robertson?

As of 2023, she is 68 years old. 

Susan Dee Robbins Net Worth

People in 2023 believe that Susan Dee Robbins has approximately $1.7 million in her possession.