What Was Ralph Cirella Net Worth Before His Death?

ralph cirella net worth

Prior to his passing, there was a notable curiosity surrounding Ralph Cirella net worth. The renowned actor and on-set designer, known for his role as Howard Stern’s stylist and advisor, has passed away. 

According to Fox8, Stern revealed that Cirella had been undergoing lymphoma treatment. 

Stern mentioned that Cirella, who had not taken good care of himself, had accompanied him on several reality series, including America’s Got Talent.

Furthermore, Cirella gained fame for his contributions as a makeup artist and production consultant on films such as Welcome to the Max (1993), Alien Space Avenger (1989), and Private Parts (1997).

Before getting to know about Ralph Cirella net worth, let’s delve into his career and cause of death.

Ralph Cirella’s career

Ralph, like every well-known individual, overcame a challenging upbringing to reach his current position; it was not by accident that he ended up where he was.

He hosted radio shows and subsequently worked in industries such as clothing, makeup, and costumes.

However, his main source of income at the moment is his work in the costume and costume department.

His primary purpose was to inaugurate Forum Felt’s New Year’s program, but he was unable to achieve his goal.

Nevertheless, his efforts were not in vain because Howard TV hired him to style Howard Stern. In 1990, Ralph made his screen debut as Howard’s stylist.

He also took charge of Howard Stern’s WWOR-TV show’s costumes, special effects, and makeup.

In 2006, he began hosting The Friday Show on radio stations Howard 101 and Howard 100 but eventually quit after failing to maintain the program for a long time. He also hosted The Howard 101 Time Show Greek.

Ralph Cirella’s cause of death

Tragically, on December 6, 2023, at the age of 58, the well-known American fashion designer, actor, and stylist Ralph Cirella passed away. His role as Howard Stern’s stylist and counselor brought him notoriety.

Ralph Cirella Net Worth

The cause of Ralph Cirella’s death, which occurred on December 6, 2023, at the age of 58, is a topic of much interest.

The media still considers the cause of his death a mystery. Following the online spread of Ralph Cirella’s death, tributes poured over social media channels.

In a lengthy Instagram post, actor John Stamos posted the following: “I told you a tale about someone who labeled me lucky in our last conversation. They gave me the most profound, yet straightforward, explanation when I asked why: ‘Because you’re friends with Ralph from the Howard Stern Show.’ And they couldn’t have been more correct. I will miss you, dear friend. Ralphie Boy, I adore you.”

Ralph Cirella net worth and salary

Throughout his career, Ralph Cirella has amassed a significant amount of wealth, but he has kept his yearly salary and benefits hidden from the general public.

As of December 2023, sources estimate Ralph Cirella net worth at $1 million. According to many sources, the yearly salary range for a professional stylist is $20.5k to $138,000.

Undoubtedly, Ralph made a nice living as he is a well-known stylist for Howard Stern’s show. With his vast wealth, the well-known actor led an opulent existence.

His 1958 Chevrolet Corvette Classic, worth something at $111,000 in stock, showcases his affluent lifestyle.

In his daily activities, he used an iPhone 8. The phone’s specifications indicate it will cost between $499 and $599.