Prince Constantin of Liechtenstein Cause of Death: Died Unexpectedly At 51

prince constantin of liechtenstein cause of death

The royal family did not disclose Prince Constantin of Liechtenstein cause of death yet. He passed away unexpectedly at 51, leaving the Princely House of Liechtenstein in sadness.

As the seventh in line of succession to the throne, Prince Constantin is the youngest son of Prince Hans-Adam II, the current prince of Lichtenstein. 

Prince Consrantin of Liechtenstein wife, Princess Marie, and their three children, Prince Benedikt, 15, Princess Georgina, 18, and Prince Moritz, 20, survive him.

His brothers, 54-year-old Prince Maximilian and 55-year-old Prince Alois, the successor to the throne, also outlive him.

On Wednesday, the state parliament observed a minute of silence to remember the late king.

Prince Constantin of Liechtenstein cause of death

The royal family did not disclose the cause of death when they announced the untimely passing of S.D. Prince Constantin of Liechtenstein on December 5, 2023, in a statement on Wednesday.

The Princely House regretfully made the announcement, stating that “Prince Constantin, Prince Hans-Adam II’s youngest son, was survived by his children, Prince Moritz, Princess Georgina, and Prince Benedikt, as well as his wife, Princess Marie of Liechtenstein, née Countess Kálnoky of Kőröspatak”.

A note on Liechtenstein Group’s LinkedIn profile described the High Highness’s death as a “terrible shock to all those who knew him.”

prince constantin of liechtenstein cause of death

The statement continued, expressing deep mourning within the Liechtenstein Group. 

“The thoughts and prayers of the group were extended to Prince Constantin’s widow, Princess Marie von und zu Liechtenstein, and their children Moritz, Georgina, and Benedikt.”

About Prince Constantin  

Accordingly, Prince Constantin of Liechtenstein’s obituary, published in Liechtensteiner Vaterland, reveals that he was born in St. Gallen, Switzerland, on March 15, 1972.

Moreover, he obtained his degree from Salzburg’s Paris Lodron University.

As the general director and board chairman of the Prince Liechtenstein Foundation for more than 10 years, he held practically all of the royal family’s holdings.

Additionally, he served as the chairman of Liechtenstein Group AG’s supervisory board, which posted a moving remembrance of him after his passing.

Prince Hans-Adam II, Constantin’s father, is the current prince of Liechtenstein, and Constantin’s elder brother, Hereditary Prince Alois, is next in line of succession.