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Michelle Goeringer Biography: Rex Ryan’s Ex-Wife

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Michelle Goeringer Biography: Rex Ryan's Ex-Wife
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Michelle Goeringer is a woman who has always won despite facing many challenges in her life. 

Despite her marriage to a well-known celebrity, former NFL head coach Rex Ryan, Michelle has kept a low profile and concentrated on her career and family. 

But Michelle’s story is much more than being the ex-wife of a famous football coach. 

With her entrepreneurial spirit and maternal warmth, Michelle Goeringer is a beacon of inspiration for women everywhere.

Michelle Goeringer’s Journey

Michelle Goeringer was born in 1963 in Oklahoma, USA. She spent her childhood and teenage years there.

Born in Oklahoma, Michelle Goeringer was educated at Oklahoma State University. She spent her childhood and teenage years there.

Michelle’s mother raised her and her two sisters. She was an excellent student, always eager to learn. Michelle graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a bachelor’s degree.

Diverse Career Path

Michelle Goeringer began her career as a family law attorney before joining philanthropy and entrepreneurship. 

Leading MGR Enterprises, a real estate development and investment firm since 2001, she’s accomplished several high-profile projects under her expert guidance.

Goeringer’s experience in this field is outstanding, and she has been invited to also speak at several business events and to appear on television shows to share her knowledge.

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Humanitarian Work

Did you know that in addition to her impressive business accomplishments, Goeringer is also well-known for her charity and non-profit work? Let’s hear it for making a positive impact!

She has also indeed served on the boards of various organizations, including the Girls in Sports Foundation of Western New York and the Hospice Foundation of Western New York.


Goeringer has participated in several fundraising efforts for various organizations, helping to raise significant cash for their causes.

From Track to Triathlons: Michelle Goeringer’s Athletic Journey

After graduating from college, Michelle went into athletics and became a professional bodybuilder.

Throughout the 1990s, she competed in several events, becoming well-known for her athletic figure and obsession with fitness.

She took first place in several bodybuilding competitions, including the NPC Atlantic City Championships in 1995 and the NPC Maryland State Championships in 1996.

Michelle, a well-known fitness model and bodybuilder, has been featured in several publications including Muscle & Fitness and Flex.

She was also part of the cast in the fitness documentary “The Best of Women’s Bodybuilding,” featuring the world’s greatest female bodybuilders.

The Love Story of Michelle Goeringer and Rex Ryan

Michelle Goeringer and Rex Ryan met as undergraduate students at the University of Oklahoma. 

They met, also fell in love, and married in 1987. They share two sons, Payton and Seth. 

Michelle and Rex had been married for over 20 years before their divorce in 2017. Their divorce was discreet, and they opted to put their children first. 

Rex Ryan is a retired NFL head coach who previously also worked for the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills. 

Despite her marriage to a celebrity, Michelle has always maintained her privacy and avoided the public limelight.

The Goeringer-Ryan Clan

Payton and Seth are Rex Ryan and Michelle Goeringer’s two sons. They have taught their children the ideals of dignity, self-sufficiency, and hard work. Michelle has always been a caring mother, prioritizing her family and also encouraging her children in their endeavors. 

Her two children are talented football players who have participated in high school and college.

How She Found Fitness and Never Looked Back

Michelle’s effortless discovery of a love for fitness and commitment to a healthy lifestyle paid off as she became a fitness model and personal trainer.

She has competed in several fitness competitions and has motivated many women to take charge of their health and fitness.

Navigating Heartbreak

Michelle Goeringer and Rex Ryan split in 2017 after nearly two decades of marriage. Their divorce was also finalized in 2018, and they have co-parented their children amicably. 

Even though the reasons for their divorce have not been made public, Michelle has always maintained a courteous silence while focusing on her job and family.

Michelle Goeringer’s Post-Divorce Life

Amidst the spotlight post her divorce from Rex, Michelle has kept a low profile. However, she has garnered significant attention for her unwavering dedication to health and wellness, maintaining her muscular physique. Nevertheless, she has not made any public statements about her life.

Charitable Contributions

Michelle Goeringer is an innate philanthropist, devoting her time to organizations like the Susan G. Komen Foundation, the American Cancer Society, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. 

Her deep commitment to giving back to the community is driven by the belief that everyone can make a difference.

The Art of Balancing: Navigating Work and Hobbies

Michelle Goeringer is a big sports fan who likes to watch football, basketball, and baseball events. 

She is also into fitness and occasionally competes in marathons and other physical activities. 

Michelle is a fantastic cook who enjoys trying out new meals and cuisines. She also indeed likes to read and spend time with her family and friends.

Breaking Down Michelle Goeringer’s Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Michelle Goeringer and her ex-husband Rex Ryan have a combined net worth of $20 million.

Because personal financial data is usually susceptible to change, the accuracy of this figure could be more precise.

Nonetheless, Goeringer has been successful in her monetary efforts, and her contributions to numerous humanitarian projects indicate her desire to benefit the world.

The Enduring Legacy of Michelle Goeringer

Michelle Goeringer’s life is a homage to determination, accomplishment, and endurance. 

Despite enduring numerous adversities in her life, she has never been discouraged.

Michelle inspires many people, and her story demonstrates that we can overcome any challenge.

She is a successful businesswoman, a caring mother, and a generous philanthropist. Despite her celebrity marriage, she has preserved her privacy and focused on her business and family. 

Her commitment to her family, work, and philanthropy has made her a global figure for women. Michelle’s story demonstrates the value of tenacity, patience, and determination.