Meet Amber Rose’s Father: Michael Levonchuck

michael levonchuck

Amber Rose is the daughter of Michael Levonchuck. On October 21, 1983, his wife Dorothy Rose gave birth to Amber Rose, marking his first daughter’s fatherhood.

Due to her dedication and hard work, her daughter became an American model, rapper, and television personality.

Amber Rose’s father was born in 1962 in the United States. He is known by his name and nickname, Mike.

She hasn’t revealed much information about her parents’ personal or business lives to the public. When Amber Rose was too young, her parents split. 

Amber Rose’s half-siblings were born after Michael remarried after divorcing Dorothy. However, there is little information on Rose’s relationship with her siblings.

She tattooed a childhood image of Dorothy on her arm to express her love and adoration for her mother, in contrast to her father.

When Dorothy and Michael Levonchuck attended her daughter’s annual SlutWalk in Los Angeles a few years ago, they were photographed there.

Who is Amber Rose?

Amber Rose is an American socialite, model, and actress known for her charming, bold style and outspoken behavior. She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on October 21, 1983.

She was forced to fight for herself because she lived in a tough town. Rose pursued a profession in modeling from an early age, though, since she was motivated to succeed.

Rose rapidly attracted the attention of photographers and designers due to her distinctive appearance, which included a shaved head and a curvy physique.

Her fame increased as she appeared in music videos and fashion advertisements. 

Amber had to face a few difficulties in her personal life. She had to go through things that no one wanted to.

Rose was very open about her past life and the domestic violence and abuse. She began to advocate work for feminism and gender equality. 

She has been outspoken and unashamed throughout her career, using her platform to promote body acceptance and self-love and to bring attention to issues affecting women.

Amber’s relationship with her mother 

When Amber split from Alexender Edwards and accused him of adultery in public in 2021, the relationship between Amber and her mother, Dorothy, suffered.

She has already used Instagram stories to air her complaints about her mother. She has presented herself as a person who values herself.

Amber stated in her Instagram story that “she was exhausted from experiencing emotional and mental neglect from people she loved.”

She showed her annoyance, demonstrating that she had endured much suffering in silence and had had enough. Amber Rose has not mentioned her mother or any attempts at a reunion after that time. 

How old is she?

Amber is about to turn 40 this year. Despite the difficulties brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Rose has stayed dedicated to her advocacy work, continuing to promote gender equality and raise awareness of issues impacting women.

Amber Rose career

Rose has had a varied and complicated career. She rose to fame as a model in the early 2000s, appearing in fashion advertisements and music videos.

She swiftly ventured into other fields, such as acting and reality television. Rose has made numerous television appearances and has acted in many movies, including “Sister Code” and “Gang of Roses 2: Next Generation.”

But she began to draw attention when she appeared in Young Jeezy and Kanye West’s 2008 “Put On” music video.

From that point on, the little vixen faced an uphill battle. Future, Nicki Minaj (2010), Fabolous, Ludacris, and Ludacris are just a few well-known Hip-Hop artists who have used Rose in their music videos.

Rose decided to launch her eyewear collection in September 2009. Between 2009 and 2010, she signed with the Ford Models modeling agency and appeared in music videos for several prominent hip-hop artists.

Amber Rose’s personal life

Kanye West “discovered” Amber Rose while working on the 2008 Ludacris music video for “What Them Girls Like.” The couple started dating in 2008, and their relationship lasted until 2010. 

Wiz Khalifa and Rose started dating in 2011, and on the first of March 2012, the two announced their engagement.

Following the birth of their son, Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, on February 21, 2013, they were united in marriage on July 8, 2013. Rose filed for divorce from Khalifa on September 22, 2014, requesting sole custody of their kid.

Facts about Amber Rose

  • She likes to wear fake nails and eyelashes. She loves lip gloss and blush in makeup.
  • She likes to apply baby lotions on her skin.
  • She is a smoker but never took any drugs.
  • She doesn’t take herself seriously, and she is a careless kind of person.