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M. Curtis McCoy Says You Can Achieve Anything In Life If You Want It Bad Enough And He’s Showing You How

Curtis McCoy
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The media loves to glorify celebrities and influencers but we often don’t realize the majority of them didn’t start out rich and famous.

M. Curtis McCoy is the founder of a venture that aims to help people in pursuing their dreams. The company runs podcasts and video channels that are hosted by McCoy himself. In every podcast and live video interview, M. Curtis McCoy invites a special guest. Guests range from individuals who are “fighting all odds to succeed” to massively successful entrepreneurs, authors, TV personalities, musicians, athletes, and inventors. Each guest shares their inspirational story that can be heard by listeners in 187 countries!

Like many other celebrities and entrepreneurs, M. Curtis McCoy is known by millions of followers for global speaking engagements, launching a number of successful companies, and writing multiple best-selling books.

However, we’re highlighting M. Curtis McCoy today because of how he’s using his fame and social influence to shine a spotlight on others. He’s using his platform to help various guests share their insights and experiences with his audience. Guests on his show have seen tremendous growth as they were able to share their stories with the world.

The entrepreneur turned motivational speaker is also big on personal development. He believes that your ability to connect with others is based largely on the information and influence you choose to surround yourself with. He says, “If you want to be someone people listen to, then become someone worth listening to.”

Author of multiple personal development books, M. Curtis McCoy teaches about developing excellent conversational skills, building a personal brand, and fighting through adversity while becoming successful.

McCoy is a staunch believer that “Your actions should go hand-in-hand with your beliefs and goals.”

You may end up building a billion-dollar business that started as a side hustle. If you’re so passionate about something, that you’d do it for free, that may be a sign that it’s a career you should pursue.

According to McCoy, the key to success isn’t about always playing it safe. For some, this could mean only pursuing your passion around your day-job. If you’re the type of person who needs to “burn the ships” for motivation, just make sure you’re betting on a calculated risk, then be willing to work like your life depends on it!

Mr. McCoy says, “You make a living from 9-5, but you create a lifestyle from 5-9”. You have to be willing to work like other people can’t imagine, if you want to live a lifestyle that they can only imagine.

McCoy believes that many people don’t become successful because they aren’t actually doing the work. He says, “I get many messages asking about tips to achieve success quickly, or wanting to find the success hack or secret.”

These people want to jump right in without having any prior knowledge or experience. His advice is to gain wisdom. Get a mentor. Read books. Listen to podcasts. Find a platform. Get help. Build an audience.

McCoy is also the founder of the Success, Motivation & Inspiration group, which is one of the fastest-growing communities on Facebook. Through this group, he’s building a community where people aren’t afraid to talk about their accomplishments or failures and ask others for help. His efforts to bring the community together are indeed commendable.