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Who is Mary Jane Thomas, Third Wife Of Hank Williams?

Mary Jane Thomas

According to medical records obtained by People magazine, Hank Williams Jr.’s wife, Mary Jane Thomas, passed away from a collapsed lung. 

A Palm Beach County Medical Examiner’s report and an autopsy received on Monday by the entertainment news site indicate that Mary Jane Thomas passed away on March 22, one day after having a lung punctured during an elective treatment at Bafitis Plastic Surgery in Jupiter, Florida.

Early Life and Education

In 1964, in the state of Tennessee, America, Mary Jane Thomas was born to American parents, and it is not known when she was actually born. Alongside her siblings, she was raised in Tennessee.

Mary was born in a Christian household, according to the media reports. She is multiethnic in background.

The accounts state that Mary attended a reputable college for her secondary education before beginning to pursue her modeling career.

Her Family supported Mary Jane Thomas in her work as a model. Mary Jane Thomas participated in the “modeling challenge” at her school and college.

Who Were The Family Members Of Mary Jane Thomas?

She was born to her parents, Ramona and Bill.

Mary didn’t share any information about her Family. However, in the statement provided by his son, she has a brother named Andy and a sister named Angele.

According to the reports, Mary’s father owns his own company in the U.S. Her mother stays at home. Mary, however, was thrilled at the opportunity to spend time with her Family. 

Mary, her husband Hank, her son Samuel and three grandchildren were all residing in the United States.

Height, Weight & Physical Appearance

Mary Jane Thomas is approximately 5 feet 8 inches tall, or 172 centimeters, or 1.72 meters, in height. 

Mary Jane Thomas weighs around 65 kilograms, or 143 pounds, in pounds. This judgment was only formed after looking at Mary Jane Thomas’ pictures.

Regarding her bodily supports, there aren’t many insights. Regardless, she has healthy and solid physical support. 

Her estimated measurements for her chest, belly, hips, dress size, shoe size, and other attributes are not provided.

Mary Jane Thomas’s Professional Career As A Model

Mary Jane Thomas biography

Fashion model Mary Jane Thomas was well-known. In the course of her modeling career, Mary has worked with several renowned companies and talent agencies.

Mary reportedly served as a model for Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion, according to The SUN. 

She quit modeling after marrying Hank, according to media reports. She eventually started working as a housewife.

In addition to this, she has taken care of Hank’s documents. Mary Jane Thomas was a well-known American model and winner of beauty pageants.

She has competed in and won several beauty pageant competitions. She has also walked numerous ramps. 

Mary Jane Thomas served as a brand ambassador for a variety of companies, including fashion labels.

How Did Mary Met Her Husband?

Jane was the musician’s third wife. When Mary was just 21 years old, or in 1985, they first met. 

After the concert that took place in Washington, D.C., they reconnected. Following a decade of friendship, they started dating after their initial encounter.

They allegedly dated for five years until Williams proposed to them with a ring. In Missoula, Montana, at the Church, they exchanged vows in 1990. 

Although the announcement of their divorce in 2007 was well reported, their relationship wasn’t always flawless. Later, they reunited and resumed performing in his shows.

They have a son Samuel, a musician, and a daughter Katherine, who passed away in a vehicle accident in 2020.

Her Husband, Hank Williams Jr

Randall Hank Williams, born on May 26, 1949, is an American singer-songwriter and musician better known by his stage names Hank Williams Jr. and Bocephus. 

Williams started off by covering his father’s songs and adopting his father’s style, carrying on the legacy of his famous father. 

Williams made his debut on television in a 1964 broadcast of ABC’s The Jimmy Dean Show, when he sang numerous songs about his father at the age of fourteen. 

He appeared as a guest on Shindi later that year.

Danny Fox of KWKH radio selected Williams as one of the Seven Living Legends of his hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana, in 2011. 

James Burton and journalist Bob Griffin of KSLA and KTBS-TV were also mentioned.

Her Daughter, Katherine

Mary’s First child and only daughter Katherine Diane was born in 1993.

In 2015, She got married to Tyler Dunning. She had two children from her husband.

She had a terrible car accident and died on June 13, 2020. She was 27 years old at the time of her death. 

Although he suffered severe injuries, Katie’s husband, Tyler Dunning, who was also in the car, was able to escape death.

Her Son, Samuel 

Samuel was born in the year 1997, making him 25 years old at the moment. 

He has two step-siblings on his father’s side and is the deceased Katherine’s biological brother. 

He attended Belmont University to complete his undergraduate studies. But after spending more than two years there, he decided to leave and pursue a full-time career in music.

Being very close to his sister, his loss negatively affected him. He applied for conservatorship in order to be protected from any form of mischief that may be sparked by grief.

Net Worth Of Mary Jane Thomas

Mary Jane has a net worth of around 2 million dollars.

Along with her spouse and children, Mary Jane Thomas continued to live a lavish lifestyle in the United States. 

Hank is a well-known artist and vocalist, with assets totaling between $45 and $50 million. 

How Did She Die?

Mary Jane, Hank’s third wife, died on March 22, 2022, at the age of 58. 

Mary Jane Thomas passed away on March 22, 2022, at the age of 58, according to TMZ. In a hospital in Jupiter, Florida, she passed away. 

Mary reportedly experienced a problem, possibly a blood clot, while she was visiting Jupiter Beach Resort & Spa.

She was taken to the hospital right away, but she did not make it.

 Her spouse Hank, son Sam, and three grandchildren survived her. Mary Jane’s family members were in shock upon her untimely demise.

According to experts, Mary Jane Thomas, the spouse of Hank Williams Jr., died one day following a liposuction treatment due to an exploded lung. 

After having fat removed off her back, arms, and stomach on March 22, the 58-year-old former model was discovered to be unconscious, according to People Magazine.

According to a report from the Palm Beach County Medical Examiner and an autopsy report, which People Magazine acquired, Thomas, 58, passed away on March 22 due to a collapsed lung that had been pierced the day before elective surgery. 

Shortly after his mother passed away, Sam, 25, gave a statement in which he paid respect to her.

‘Everyone who knew my wonderful Mama Mary Jane was permanently changed by her magnificent soul. She never met a stranger she didn’t make friends with because of her presence and grin, which brightened up every room. She had a kind and generous personality. She was able to cook dinner for her grandkids while still taking down a ten-point deer! Now that my sister Katherine Diana is standing by her side, she may radiate from above,’ He mentioned his late sister in his writing.

‘She was a top model for Hawaiian Tropic and competed in cheering and baton throughout her childhood. The moment my father laid eyes on the Daytona Beach beauty in the early 1980s, he fell in love. They continued to live the most moving love tale via travel, hunting, and family rearing. Her three grandkids, Beau Weston, Tennyson Hiram, and Audrey Jane, as well as my father, her parents Ramona and Bill, her brother Andy, her sister Angela, and I are the ones that remain. I will always be your son, Mama, rest in peace.’