Lincoln Riley Affair: What Is The Actual Story?

Lincoln Riley Affair

Former USC Trojans and Oklahoma Sooners (OU) quarterback and head coach Lincoln Riley has his name linked to the 2021 “Lincoln Riley affair” controversy involving OU colleague Annie Hanson.

His reputation as a married man who could not resist the allure of Annie, another married lady, suffered a tremendous blow due to their affair.

Theishing Lincoln Riley’s image, who happily married Caitlin Buckley, and they joyfully raised two beautiful children.

While some sources suggest that the Riley affair may have indeed taken place, others argue that it could be an unfounded rumor.

Regardless of the truth, this scandal has undoubtedly caused ripples of gossip and speculation throughout the community.

The scandal and Lincoln Riley affair: What did he do?

Recently, the controversies and affairs of Lincoln Riley, the newly appointed head coach of USC, have become the talk of the town.

While 50% of people don’t give a damn, other people think that he had an extramarital affair with Annie Hanson. 

The head coach’s scandal—which is still relatively new—was sparked by Reddit posts.

According to a news outlet 247 Sports report compiled from a primary inside source, his wife Caitlin is aware of his affair.

How the rumored scandal about the Lincoln Riley affair commenced 

It looked like Lincoln Riley and Annie Hanson were having an affair at some point in 2021. On Reddit, an American network of forums where people discuss a wide range of topics, the affair rumor first surfaced.

The website suggests that the affair might influence Riley to pursue a different path, such as becoming the head coach of the USC Trojans. Others would start calling him a liar as a result of the change.

The Reddit community thinks that Lincoln Riley is unfaithful to Caitlin

Reddit users debate the latest allegations of Lincoln Riley cheating on his wife, Caitlin Buckley.

His rumored extramarital affair is generating a lot of curiosity on the internet. 

People believe that Reddit emerged from rumors surrounding a former college football player’s affair with Annie Hanson.

However, it is possible that this conversation was fabricated to discredit USC’s duly accepted head coach.

If the allegations against the 38-year-old coach are true, they have gone viral on the internet.

Although some Reddit posts appear to be ambiguous allegations, the community finds them amusing, which fuels further rumors.

In contrast, the well-known information regarding his relationship with Annie has not yet been revealed.

After 14 years of marriage, the USC coach head and his wife Caitlin have two daughters, Sloan and Stella.

Was Riley unfaithful to his wife?

According to Reddit, the former Texas Tech quarterback may have cheated on his wife. Since no solid proof exists to support the claims, this might not always be the case.

Furthermore, the original report on Riley’s infidelity with Hanson stated that Lincoln’s wife was aware of the affair and that there was proof of it. 

Additionally, someone claimed the existence of text messages supporting the report, potentially leading to Annie’s termination due to the cheating scandal.

However, if she gets fired, the assistant director of athletics allegedly plans to sue for wrongful termination.

Reports suggest Riley became USC Trojans football’s 30th head coach in 2021, after a scandal during his 5-year tenure at Oklahoma Sooners (OU).

Riley’s dissatisfaction with OU’s choice to join the Southeastern Conference (SEC) over the Big 12 Conference was refuted.

Although Annie, an active OU staff member on social media, frequently shared team achievements, some speculate her silence after Riley transferred to USC.

Neither participant in the scandal has provided an explanation for what happened, and at present, they remain married to their spouses.

Who is Annie Hanson? 

Annie Martin Hanson works at Oklahoma Football, University of Oklahoma (OU), as an administrative assistant, recruiting strategist, and associate athletics director. 

She was the team’s executive director of recruiting before the position began in 2019. It is thought that she first met Riley there and began an affair with him.

At the University of North Carolina, Hanson pursued additional occupations.

Regarding her schooling, she studied at the University of Oklahoma and the Georgia Institute of Technology. 

Before pursuing a master’s degree in intercollegiate athletics administration, she earned a bachelor’s degree in management and business administration from the latter.

Who is Annie Hanson’s husband?

Strangely enough, Annie’s husband Zach Hanson is an American football coach. Shortly after Lincoln joined USC in 2021, Zach joined the staff as the team’s tight-end coach.

In 2019, the 1988 native shifted from being an offensive coach at Tulsa to serving as a senior offensive analyst for Oklahoma at USC.

Additionally, he had previously held the position of offensive line coach at Kansas State.

Zach’s USC move raised questions about the Riley-Hanson extramarital affair due to a potential long-term connection between Lincoln and Zach’s spouse, Annie.

Who is the wife of Lincoln?

Married to Caitlin Buckley, the 2018 Big 12 Coach of the Year is the parent of two children, Sloan and Stella Riley.

Though Caitlin maintains a low profile, people believe she hails from Texas. Her name surfaced after allegations of the Lincoln Riley affair.

Reddit claims that she knew about her husband’s affair and wanted Annie fired.