Who is Len Goodman Wife, Sue Barrett?

Len Goodman wife

Let’s get to know about Len Goodman wife. If you’ve ever seen the humorous and charming Len Goodman on “Dancing With the Stars,” it’s hard to picture anything getting him upset; he tends to laugh things off. 

If you’ve ever watched him, it’s impossible to imagine anything getting him down. However, the former judge has endured more than his fair share of difficulties, including several serious cancer concerns.

In August 2020, a cancer charity known as the Melanoma Fund published a photograph of Len Goodman with a bandage covering the area on his forehead where a cancerous mole had been excised. 

The photograph said, “Len Goodman has urged us to keep spreading the word. 

It was not his first time being told he had cancer. According to the Daily Mail, in 2009, he had surgery to remove a malignant tumor from his prostate. 

A specialist performed the surgery. Thankfully, the procedure turned out to be a success. Goodman stated that he decided not to tell the BBC then because “they won’t want that old f**t on it, the cancer-riddled, bed-ridden old so-and-so.” 

Goodman also stated that he did not tell the BBC because he did not want to be mocked.

His romantic relationships haven’t always been smooth sailing, even though he appears to be head over heels in love with his present wife. 

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Who is Len Goodman Wife, Sue Barrett?

Who is Len Goodman wife?

According to The Telegraph, in December of 2012, Len Goodman married Sue Barrett, his long-time lover, in a ceremony that was a complete surprise to both of them. 

According to the Daily Mail, the couple dated for a decade before they decided to get married.

After all that time together, they couldn’t see their lives any other way. They stunned their guests by holding a brief ceremony in the middle of a “quiet Sunday lunch” advertised as a get-together with only a few close friends. 

Goodman explained, “I wanted it to be a low-key affair, so we didn’t tell anyone except my 96-year-old mother because I didn’t want her having a heart attack with the surprise.”

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Is Len Goodman’s wife a dancer?

According to the Daily Mail, almost little is known about Barrett other than that she is a dance teacher and is around two decades younger than her husband, who is 77 years old. 

Goodman remarked that “she prefers to stay out of the limelight” when speaking to the publication. However, there is no question that they share a profound affection for one another. 

He frequently calls her “my wonderful Sue” and even tells the Daily Mail that “she’s gorgeous and makes me very happy.”

He even made a joke about it with Metro a year later, adding that it was lucky for his wife to share a bed with him because he was always so sleepy.

 “I am a fantastic person to have in bed because I don’t snore. I don’t take the duvet. After that, all I do is lie there and fall asleep instantly. That’s all you want from a man.

Who is Len Goodman married to now?

Len Goodman has been married before, but not to Sue Barrett. Goodman disclosed in his autobiography titled “Better Late Than Never” that he had wed his dance partner Cherry Kingston when he was 28. 

“Better Late Than Never” However, when she left him for a French millionaire, he “was hurt; hurt that she had done it, hurt by the way I found out…” 

As reported by the Daily Mail, he stated in the book that their marriage “was a dancing marriage, one that lacked the spark of real love.” He said that he was “hurt” in two ways.

After he and Kingston broke up, Goodman moved on to another long-term relationship with “a very attractive girl whose name was Lesley,” as he describes her in his autobiography. 

According to the Daily Mail, Goodman wrote in one of his books that she was the first woman he fell in love with. She informed him that she was pregnant when he was 36 years old, and in 1981, they welcomed their son James William Goodman into the world. 

According to an article published in the Daily Mail, Goodman stated that “life was not as happy as it should have been.” “Unfortunately, it got to the point where being with Lesley was just impossible for me, and she couldn’t stand being with me, either,” the speaker said. 

“It came to a point where we couldn’t stand being with each other.”

Despite this, he can reflect on his life with a sense of humor. In 2013, he joked with Metro about his history, saying, “I was married when I was 28, and I’ve recently got married for the second time at 68. Therefore, we will discuss the third when I am 108 years old. 

The fact that Goodman is so deeply in love with his wife gives us reason to believe that their marriage will be successful.

Does Len Goodman have grandchildren?

Len Goodman takes great pleasure in being a grandfather to his two grandchildren, Alice and Dan, whom he names. 

Alice and Dan are his grandchildren, currently seven and three years old, respectively. 

Because of the amount of time that Goodman spends with his grandchildren, he has a strong bond with them.

In an interview with Telegraph, Len disclosed that having grandchildren is a blessing since it allows you to enjoy things with them without feeling any sense of duty. 

He said that you can always hand the children over to their parents if you want some peace. 

Even though his grandkids are still young, they’ve already begun preparations for a life in the public eye and among the media. 

They are famous children since their grandfather and father were famous dancers from the United Kingdom. Because of this, they may carry on the family tradition and make it even more successful. 

He also disclosed that at a certain age, you understand the significance of family, which is why Len decided to start a family with his wife when he was 68 years old. 

After coming to this realization, he decided to wed his long-term companion. 

How old is Len Goodman’s wife?

As of 2023, She is 57 years old. 

Len Goodman Net Worth

Since it was said earlier that Len Goodman’s fame has increased, we will present an estimate of his net worth. 

According to famous births and deaths, his estimated net worth is twelve million dollars in US currency. 

Sue Barrett is married to Len Goodman, and the couple enjoys being together and residing together. Maintain your connection to our page for many more updates to come.