Kevin McCarthy Wife: Get To Know All About Judy McCarthy

kevin mccarthy wife

Kevin McCarthy wife must be very lucky to have Judy McCarthy by her side. They have been married for more than 30 years.

Since the beginning of his political career, Kevin McCarthy has had Judy McCarthy at his side.

The couple’s two children, Connor and Meghan, have seen more than 30 years of marriage.

Throughout the years, Judy has supported her husband, even though she has largely avoided the spotlight.

“It was a ‘humbling’ time for our family,” Judy told The Bakersfield Californian when Kevin was voted to be the House Majority Leader in 2014.

Kevin McCarthy wife is from California

Judy, the youngest of four children, grew up in Frazier Park, California. As of 2014, her parents were still residing there.

In an interview with The Bakersfield Californian, Judy said, “My dad is the epitome of hard work.” He was employed by National Cement. “Although my family is not wealthy, we are quite close, and my mother gave me a strong foundation in religion.”

Kevin McCarthy wife is his school sweetheart

Judy and Kevin first connected as students at Bakersfield High School, where their offspring would also eventually study. 

At the time, Judy had other interests, but they were in biology class together when Kevin tried to make a move on her.

In an interview with The Bakersfield Californian, Judy stated, I actually liked one of his friends, but you know, Kevin’s personality wins you over, and he doesn’t give up.”

When Kevin began working for the federal government, the family moved to Washington, D.C., but they never really left Bakersfield because they still owned their house there.

On August 29, 1992, three years after graduating from California State University, Bakersfield, Kevin and Judy exchanged vows.

Kevin McCarthy Wife

In honor of his wife, he posted a heartfelt message on Facebook on their 23rd wedding anniversary.

Kevin and Judy’s kids

The couple’s first child, Son Connor McCarthy, was born in 1994, not long after they were married. 

Kevin McCarthy wife gave birth to their second child, a daughter named Meghan, two years later.

As a reward for Connor’s diligence in the classroom, Kevin invited him to several White House functions while Connor was a student at Georgetown University, including the Japan state banquet in 2015.

When Meghan was a small girl, she was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Judy told The Bakersfield Californian that she used to travel south to receive her medical care.

Kevin’s greatest supporter is Judy

By his side at his political rallies and campaigns, she has continuously been a tower of strength. She supported her husband when he decided in 2015 not to run for House Speaker.

Judy McCarthy’s net worth

As of 2023, Judy McCarthy’s estimated net worth is $25 million. Her fortune is attributed to her accomplishments as a businesswoman and her involvement in real estate transactions. 

Over the years, Judy McCarthy has made calculated investments that have greatly boosted her wealth.