Joe Rogan Wife: How Did They Meet And Be Together?

Joe Rogan Wife

Jessica Schimmel, Joe Rogan Wife: Comedian and commentator Joe Rogan are most known for hosting the podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience.” 

Rogan is known to be fairly quiet about his marriage, even though he is very open about many aspects of his life, including his opinions on various political issues.

Rogan and his wife, Jessica Ditzel, have been married for some time. Yet, given that Ditzel is not a celebrity, some of their admirers may be curious about how they came to know one another.

Who is Joe Rogan Jessica Ditzel

Who is Joe Rogan: Jessica Ditzel?

The publication Parade states that Ditzel was born on July 18, 1975, making her around eight years younger than Rogan. 

Her father, the musician Jeff Conrad Ditzel, was a member of the band Ditch Pickles, based in Minneapolis. She is his daughter.

It is not known where Ditzel grew up, although it is believed that she received her secondary education in Colorado Springs. 

After that, during the 1990s, she received her education at California State University, Long Beach.

Ditzel is no stranger to the modelling industry; at one point, she was represented by M Model Management. 

But she also has previous experience working as a product analyst for Volvo Motorsports and as an account executive for Robert Half Technologies.

Ditzel had a previous relationship with the R&B singer Kevin “Dino” Conner, who was a member of the group H-Town before she started dating Rogan. 

They even went so far as to get engaged and had a daughter together, who they named Kayja Rose and was born in 1996. After that, Conner was killed in an automobile accident in 2003.

How did Joe Rogan and Jessica Ditzel meet?

It reported that Rogan and Ditzel first met in the year 2001. At that time, Ditzel was a cocktail waitress in the hospitality industry.

Although little is known about their courting, the pair began dating shortly after that event.

Rogan and Ditzel got married in 2009. Rosy, born in 2008, and Lola are the two children from their union (born in 2010). 

Kayja Rose counts Rogan as both her biological father and her stepfather.

How has Joe Rogan’s marriage ideology changed Due to his Wife?

Even though Rogan has been married for more than a decade at this point, he has never been shy about the fact that he does not support marriage.

For instance, in 2009, he told The Palm Beach Post, “I had no choice but to [bind the knot].” She didn’t have to, but as you probably know, she gave birth to a child. 

It’s almost as though they’re saying, “God, okay, I’ll sign this ridiculous legal contract.” 

In the same interview with Rolling Stone in 2015, he said, “marriage is dumb, f***ing idiotic.”

Despite this, there is little question that Rogan and Ditzel have sustained their marriage longer than many other partnerships in Hollywood. 

Rogan claims that a portion of their success can be attributed to the freedom that he enjoys:

“She doesn’t restrict what I can accomplish in any way. Because of this, we get along well. She doesn’t f*** with me, which is awesome.”

The pair, however, has made preparations to deal with the dissolution of their marriage if it occurs. 

Rogan said the two of them already had a contract, stating, “A prenup? Of course. I may be absurd and idiotic, but I’m not stupid. “

Joe Rogan And Jessica Ditzel Kids

Even though Joe Rogan and his wife Jessica Ditzel were married in a small, low-key ceremony in the state of California in 2009, his followers were under the impression that the couple’s relationship would not last long. 

However, the couple has now started a family together.

But before they could tie the knot, the happy couple welcomed a little girl into the world whom they named Lola. 

Not long after, they welcomed their second child, Rosy, in 2010.

Kayja Rose, the daughter Jessica had from a previous relationship and who was given up for adoption by Rogan, was also given up for adoption. 

Rogan is living the picture-perfect life of a family man.

Joe Rogan’s Wife’s Early Life, Family

Jessica Ditzel, the well-known woman married to Joe Rogan, was born in 1975. Sugar Land, Texas, is where she began her life. 

Despite the widespread belief that she is, Jessica is not the daughter of the late comedian Robert Schimmel. She is one of several siblings that she grew up with. 

She graduated from Doherty High School, which is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In 1993, Jessica received her high school diploma after completing her studies. 

After finishing high school, she enrolled in a university. Long Beach State University was one of her alma maters at California State University. 

Although the field of study for this Joe Rogan wife’s bachelor’s degree is unknown, it is known that she has one.

In the years leading up to her wedding to Joe Rogan, Jessica was engaged to another guy. She had a past relationship with Kevin “Dino” Conner, her ex-fiance. 

H-town was an R&B band, and Dino Conner was the band’s lead singer and frontman. 

In 1996, they were successful in having Jessica’s first daughter, Kayja Rose, together. Because Jessica and Kevin divorced, Jessica is now raising her child alone. 

In 2003, Kevin Conner was killed in an automobile accident and passed away.

What kind of work does Jessica Ditzel do daily?

Jessica Ditzel net worth: She is an account executive at Robert Half Technologies, a global human resource consulting organisation based in California.

 Before that, she was a model for a modelling agency and modelled for the Korean brand Wholesome. She worked for both of these companies. 

Volvo Motorsports employed her as a product analyst, and in addition to that, she held several other jobs so that she could make a living.

Jessica Ditzel has been quite secretive about her personal life up to this point. But, according to a few other reports, her net worth is nearly $3 million, although her husband, Joe Rogan, is over $100 million. 

Because both women share the same first name, she is frequently confused with Jessica Schimmel, the daughter of the late legendary stand-up comedian Jessica Schimmel. 

Kayja Rose, Ditzel’s first daughter from a previous marriage, is a well-known singer noted for following in her late father’s footsteps in the music industry.

Jessica Ditzel Age

As of 2023, she is 46 years old. She was born 8 July 1975. 

Jessica Ditzel Height and Weight

She is 5 feet and 10 inches and She is 65kg.