How Diverse Is America? Population & The Ethnic-Cultural Diversity

How Diverse Is America Population The Ethnic-Cultural Diversity

The earth is more overwhelmed by the weight of sin than by the population. Although we know a lot about America and its diversity, thanks to the series and the movies. However, going to America without knowing about American customs can, despite everything, have a cultural impact. On how to show a good impression abroad, we will explore tips and how to win the hearts of Americans when we are in their country.

The American population is made up of a diversity of human groups. The first inhabitants of America were aboriginal groups, who for years developed different lifestyles; some of them came to create great civilizations such as the Mayans, Aztecs and Incas.

This was changing with the arrival of Christopher Columbus to America, in the year 1492, from which Europeans constantly explored the continent and began the process of colonization to settle permanently in these lands.

The settlers who came at that time were of different nationalities, among them:

  1. Spaniards, who settled from Mexico to the south.
  2. The Portuguese, in Brazil.
  3. The English and French, in North America.
  4. Also the Dutch, who dominated islands of the Caribbean Sea and territories of the Guianas.

These colonizing groups are due to the great variety of languages that today predominate in the continent (Spanish, Portuguese, English, French and Dutch) and that allow recognizing the different areas of European influence that occupied those lands.

In addition to Europeans, came Africans who were brought to be sold as slaves; most of them were distributed in Brazil, the southern United States, the Caribbean islands and part of South America.

In America, indigenous, European and African groups were found, and they gave rise to a Mestizo population, which was increasing since the 19th century with the migration of more Europeans and Asians.

Regions or Cultural Areas: Although there is a diversity of culture in the continent, there are two regions or cultural areas: Anglo-Saxon America and Latin America. The basis of this division is the language, although the degree of economic development and lifestyle are currently considered.

Anglo American: The North American countries: Canada and the United States, where the most used language is English; although in Canada French is also widely spoken. Both were originally English and French colonies. These countries have very similar customs and have reached a high degree of economic development.

Latin America: It corresponds to the set of countries that speak languages derived from Latin, such as Spanish, Portuguese and French. Among them are Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and South America. In the Caribbean, the language most used is that of the colonizing countries. For example, French is spoken in Haiti and English is spoken in Granada. It is a developing region.

Few American Customs:

What are you doing these days? Americans can have a small talk as if it were part of their job. Not only do they know how to keep a short conversation, but they also know how to avoid sensitive topics and, instead of touching those kinds of topics, talk only about the weather, hobbies or weekend plans. Sometimes, even totally unknown people engage in a casual conversation, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice the language.

How are you? When you enter a store or pay for groceries in the supermarket, you are probably greeted with a ‘Hi, how are you?’ Welcome to the world of American compliments, where complete strangers want to know how you are doing.