Henry Kissinger Children, Net Worth, Age, & Biography

Henry Kissinger children

Henry Kissinger children are mourning the passing of their loving father, who recently died at the age of 100.

The deceased was the former Secretary of State under President Richard Nixon and the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Henry Kissinger passed suddenly at his Connecticut home shortly after Thanksgiving weekend in 2023, despite living to the ripe old age of 100. 

What was the politician’s personal life like, even if his political career is well known? Here are some details concerning Kissinger’s kids and if he was ever married.

Henry Kissinger children 

The American diplomat, who was born in Germany, has two children, Elizabeth and David, as well as five grandkids.

As a German speaker, Kissinger was a valuable asset in the US Army during World War II after obtaining US citizenship in 1943.

According to The U.S. Sun, Kissinger was not only a well-known diplomat but also a father of two and a grandfather of five.

Born in 1959, The first Henry Kissinger children, Elizabeth, is the firstborn child of the deceased former Secretary of State. In 1961, his son David arrived only years later.

David is the complete opposite of Kissinger’s daughter, who is married, has only one child, and has chosen to avoid the spotlight. 

Apart from openly discussing his father’s legacy and even writing a piece for The Washington Post commemorating his 100th birthday, the only son of the often contentious man has had an extraordinary career of his own.

Henry Kissinger’s son David?

Henry Kissinger and Ann Fleischer welcomed David into the world on July 31, 1961, in Boston, Massachusetts.

When he was just two years old, his parents divorced, and he grew up living in a suburban area with his mother and traveling to China and Russia with his father.

Henry Kissinger children

After completing his studies at Yale and NYU, David worked in entertainment law before joining Daily Variety as a reporter. In 1992, he joined Walt Disney TV, and in 1998 he transferred to Universal TV.

As the President of the television production business Conaco, David has established a solid reputation for himself.

On August 8, 1992, he wed Alex Rockwell. Together, they had four children: Evelyn Kissinger, Will, Sam, and Sophie.

Though his success in the entertainment business is reflected in his net worth of about $2 million, the Kissinger family as a whole is incredibly wealthy, with Henry being believed to be worth $50 million.

Henry Kissinger’s daughter Elizabeth?

In 1959, Elizabeth Kissinger was born in Boston. The late Ambassador and his wife Ann had only one child, her, the eldest.

Julianna is her daughter with Henry Vandermark, to whom she is married. She has continued to live a secretive life away from the spotlight.

Henry Kissinger’s death 

Henry has passed away at the age of 100. Although they frequently clashed sharply, Democratic US President Joe Biden said in a statement released almost a day after Kissinger’s passing.

He said, “fierce intellect and profound strategic focus was evident.”

Kissinger was hailed as a “wise and farsighted statesman” by Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described their discussions as “a master class in statesmanship.”