Elena Moussa: The Talented Fashionista & Wife of Greg Gutfeld

Elena Moussa: The Talented Fashionista & Wife of Greg Gutfeld

Elena Moussa, the well-known Russian model, stylist, and fashion designer, is a woman of many talents. 

Although she is simply known as Elena Moussa, most people recognize her as the wife of Greg Gutfeld, the popular television host for Fox News.

However, Elena’s success and fame in the fashion and modeling industries began well before she tied the knot with Gutfeld.

With a career spanning several years, Elena Moussa has made a name for herself as a successful fashion stylist and designer, collaborating with some of the most prestigious fashion houses in the world. 

Her contributions to the industry have been recognized, and in 2019, she was cited as the primary stylist behind an editorial piece published in Venice Magazine that discussed incorporating vibrant colors into winter wardrobes.

Despite her achievements, Elena’s beauty and talent continue to attract people from all walks of life, including the United States. 

In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the life of Elena Moussa, a woman who has captured the hearts of many, and explore the reasons why her story is one worth reading.

Elena Moussa The Talented Fashionista & Wife

Quick Facts

Full name Elena Moussa
Birthday August 26, 1982
Age 40 years old
Sun sign Virgo
Traits Positive– Practical, sensible, and loyal
Negative– Overly critical, obsessive, and perfectionist
Birthplace Ukraine
Currently residing New York, New York, USA
Nationality American
Parents Unknown
Siblings Victoria
Marital status Married
Spouse Greg Gutfeld
Children Daughter
Education Fashion Institute of Technology,
Parson’s School of Design
Profession Fashion stylist, entrepreneur, and model
Net worth USD 2 million
Social media Instagram,
Height 5 feet 10 inches

Childhood and Adolescence of Elena Mousa

On May 4, 1982, Elena Moussa entered the world. She was born in 1982. As of September 2022, she will be 39 years old.

Her birth date falls under the Taurus zodiac sign. Even though she was born in Russia and therefore holds Russian citizenship, she is more commonly referred to as a Russian American.

Her place of residence at present is in New York, which is in the United States of America. She was born into a family that practices Orthodox Christianity and is of Caucasian ethnicity.

Her parents are unknown, although she was raised in London.

She spent her childhood alongside her sister Victoria. After finishing her education in London, she moved back to Russia so that she may pursue a career as a runway model in the fashion and modeling industry.

During this time, she did represent some well-known names in the fashion world.

After finishing her studies in New York, she continued her education in London.

Elena Moussa Profession

Modelling is the line of work that Elena Moussa pursues full-time. Upon completing her secondary education in London, Elena enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York to pursue subjects connected to the fashion industry.

After receiving her diploma, she spent some time in the workforce before deciding to pursue her education at a higher level.

Once some time had passed, she enrolled at the Parson School of Design, which is widely regarded as being among the finest art and design institutions in the entire world.

Some years ago, Elena established the Moussa Project, a conceptual fashion shop that catered to ladies knowledgeable about fashion and dealing in high-end accessories and luxury clothing. The establishment first opened its doors in Moscow.

According to reports, Elena and her sister Victoria own the company together, and they split the profits in half.

In addition to organising fashion events, she launched the Moussa Project, which offered customers the opportunity to rent the latest fashions and accessories at a fraction of the cost of buying them.

The customers also have the choice to purchase the things later if they so desire. Unfortunately, the Moussa Project reportedly ceased operations at some point in the year 2016.

Elena majored in Fashion & Apparel Design at the Parsons School of Design and received her diploma in 2015.

There is no question that Elena Moussa is one of the most talented American Russian fashion designers.

Even though she gained more notoriety after marrying Greg Gutfeld, she was already reasonably successful in the fashion and modeling industries. Her interest in working in the modern fashion industry is bringing her a lot of financial success.

As a fashion stylist, she has also worked with Maxim. This international fashion company is in the United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, and other countries.

Elena Moussa’s personal life & wedding date

Throughout her career in the UK, the model and businesswoman, now 37 years old, first met her future husband, Greg Gutfeld. Before he began dating Elena, Gregory, sometimes known as Greg, was a subject of speculation over his sexual orientation. 

Greg’s early career was marked by him taking on contentious roles, which did nothing to quell the suspicions that circulated about him.

Greg is a TV personality in the United States and a blogger, editor, and author. He was born on September 12, 1964. By far, his most successful blog is The Daily Gut. Greg broadcasts for Fox News Channel.

The well-known blogger and the successful businessman first connected while working for Maxim Magazine in the UK. Unbelievably, Greg published an essay about Elena on purpose so that she would read it and pay attention to him. 

It would appear that Gutfeld knew about Elena even before they met. He was one of her many devoted followers and lovers.

Yet, standing out among the thousands of other admirers took a lot of work to accomplish. The very idea was mind-boggling, especially considering how well-known Elena is. 

Nevertheless, this is Greg. Gutfelf wrote an article about her after the incident. The TV host also described her black hair and brown eyes.

In a nutshell, he worked very hard to win Elena over. And as luck would have it, his strategy was successful. Having his muse recognize his work was undoubtedly gratifying.

About greg gutfeld Elena Moussa wedding

After dating for quite some time, the couple was married in 2003 in front of their immediate families and other close friends and family members.

The model started gaining fame after she tied the knot with her now-husband, Greg Gutfeld.

Despite her enormous success and widespread fame, Elena maintains a modest and approachable demeanor. 

Greg is protecting Elena from the scrutiny of the public. In addition, he only talks about Elena sometimes when he does interviews. 

Despite this, Elena maintains an active presence across all her social media platforms. Her sole point of connection with the disordered world beyond the door.

The majority of her news is disseminated to the public through them.

Elena Moussa wedding pictures

Elena Moussa wedding pictures

Elena Moussa Net Worth

Elena Moussa is estimated to have approximately 2 million dollars in net worth. Through her work in the fashion sector and as a model, she has acquired a significant fortune for herself.

Her wealth continued growing, and she and Greg could divide a sizable sum of money to their mutual advantage when they married. Both of them came out ahead financially as a result of their union.

As a result of her work as a stylist, she brings in a respectable income and maintains a good standard of living. You may find her on Instagram under the handle @elenamoussa.

She has yet to begin generating cash from social media because she has yet to monetize her accounts.

Elena Moussa Height, Weight, Appearance

The impressive height of 5 feet 7 inches or at least 170 centimetres was possessed by Elena Moussa. She weighs approximately 55 kilos, which is equivalent to 121 pounds.

She has dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her eye color is brown. Elena has a lovely face, and her body is skinny and tiny for someone her size. She makes it a priority to work out and stay in good shape.