Does Carol Burnett Have Children? 

Does Carol Burnett Have Children? 

Yes. Carol Burnett, the legendary comedian and actor, has three childrens whom she shares with her ex-husband Joe Hamilton; Jody, Erin, and Carrie.

Carol Burnett has been married three times. From 1955 to 1962, she married Don Saroyan, her college boyfriend. 

In 1963, she married Joe Hamilton, a producer on her show. They had three children together: Carrie, Jody, and Erin. In 1984, they split up, and in 2001, Burnett married artist Brian Miller.

As a Young Mother

Burnett told a story about being a young mother in the comic world after the 2016 SAG Awards. When she was expecting Jody, her friend Lucille Ball threw her a baby shower in a way that only the I Love Lucy star could.

“It was a baby shower with a black tie dress code, and men were there!” Burnett said. Gary Morton was her husband, who was a comic. He opened the baby’s gifts and put everything in its place. It was one of the funniest things that ever happened.”

Does Carol Burnett Have Children?

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As a parent, Burnett always told her kids how important it was for them to follow their artistic paths. Burnett told Interview magazine in 1978, “I’m always asked why I don’t put my daughters on TV.” “I always tell people, ‘Listen, my old lady didn’t have her show. Let them get what they want.”

Still, all of Burnett’s kids got into the business: Carrie, who died in 2002, was an actress and writer; Jody is a film director and podcast host; and Erin is a singer.

Carrie Louise Hamliton

Carrie Louise Hamilton, the oldest daughter of Burnett and Joe Hamilton was born on December 5, 1963, in New York City. 

Burnett was a big star on Broadway then, but she didn’t become a real TV star until 1967 when The Carol Burnett Show started. But Burnett said in a 1978 interview that her kids didn’t watch her shows.

“Well, it depends on the guests,” she said. “They wanted to be there when Steve Martin was on the show. My oldest is very hard on things. I think they should get kids on the networks and show them things that are appropriate for their age. Children are so truthful. They say things exactly as they are.”

Carrie started using drugs and drinking a lot when she was a teen. Before she got clean, she went to rehab three times. 

In 2016, Burnett openly stated to PEOPLE, “I’m relieved to say that she’s off drugs now, but those three years were absolute hell.”

At one point, when she was still a minor, he had to make the difficult decision to check her into a rehab facility, which understandably made her very angry. She intensely resented him for it, and the entire situation broke his heart.

In a 1979 conversation with PEOPLE, Carrie talked about how hard it was for her to stop using drugs. 

“I was always Carol Burnett’s daughter,” the 15-year-old said. “When I got high, I stopped being. I wanted to be myself.”

The mother and daughter struggled to get along during that time, but they finally made up and became very close. 

Carrie became successful in music and acting, both of which she learned at Pepperdine University. 

She was in shows like Fame and films like Tokyo Pop and sang with a band called Big Business. From 1994 to 1998, she was married to artist Mark Templin. 

Carrie and her mom worked together on a play called Hollywood Arms. It was based on Burnett’s 1986 book One More Time, but Carrie never saw her work onstage. 

She was told she had lung cancer in August 2001. On January 20, 2002, she died of pneumonia caused by cancer. She had turned 38.

In the spring of that year, Hollywood Arms was set to open at Chicago’s Goodman Theatre. 

Burnett wanted to stop because she was sad. She later said on the Dear Multi-Hyphenate show in 2022.

 “Carrie died, and I, well, I’m her mum, and I didn’t want to get out of bed.” But Miller, her husband, urged her to keep going. 

Burnett is always in touch with her late daughter. Burnett told PEOPLE in 2018 that “she never leaves me.” “I just feel her.”

The comic said the same thing in her April 2023 cover story for PEOPLE. She said of Carrie, “Not a day or almost a second goes by when she’s not with me.” 

“We laughed and cried together, and we worked together. She was very strong.”

Jody Hamilton

Burnett and Hamilton’s second child, Jody Hamilton, was born on January 18, 1967, in the city of Los Angeles.

In 1999, her sister Erin expressed to PEOPLE how “cool” their parents were. “My mom and dad were so cool.” 

she said. “They wanted my sisters Carrie and Jody and me to go through whatever we had to go through to find out who we are.”

In the early 1980s, Burnett and Hamilton were ending their marriage. 

They dispatched their children, Jody and Erin, to live with friends in Hawaii so the children would not be forced to observe their parents’ divorce. 

Erin recalls that everyone had a feeling that something was going to happen. We encouraged them to take whatever steps were necessary to find fulfillment in their lives.

Jody is currently a producer for both television and films. 

She, Carrie, and a few other artists established an independent film business in 1998 under Namethkuf. Under the banner of the firm, Carrie penned and directed two short films.

Jody also created a look back at Carol Burnett’s early career in the form of a documentary titled Carol Burnett: Show Stoppers in 2001. 

More than 30 million people watched the documentary. A lung cancer diagnosis was made for Carrie a few months before the episode aired. 

Burnett initially expressed interest in canceling the event; however, Burnett’s co-star Tim Conway subsequently told PEOPLE that before Carrie passed away.

“It was Carrie who said, ‘You have to do this, Mom.’ ” Burnett ultimately decided to go through with the performance.

Jody has been a co-host of the podcast “From The Bunker” since 2014. 

The Wall Street Journal has reported that she and her spouse, the singer and songwriter Lonny Paul Johnson, make their home in Los Angeles together.

Erin Kate Hamilton

Erin Kate Hamilton, the youngest daughter of Burnett and Hamilton, was born in L.A. on August 14, 1968. 

In an interview with PEOPLE in 1999, she talked about growing up with a famous mother and going to see her mom on the set of her show when she was a kid. 

“It mesmerized me,” Erin said. “And she mesmerized me. “Oh, Mom’s playing dress-up,” it seemed normal.

Erin went to Bennington College in Vermont after high school but dropped out to go on tour with the Grateful Dead. 

She wanted more in the end. “I decided that I wanted to be the band that people followed,” she said, “instead of always following the band.”

She started singing professionally, first with jazz and blues bands and then as a solo dance music act. 

Since releasing her record One World in 1999, she has opened for Bette Midler and Whitney Houston, among others.

Erin married artist Trae Carlson in 1995. They had a son named Zachary before getting a divorce in 1998. 

After that, she married Tony West, with whom she had a son named Dylan. Erin has been addicted to drugs for most of her adult life. 

According to the court filing, Burnett and Miller asked to be Dylan’s legal guardians in August 2020 because Erin had “addiction issues and other circumstances” that made it hard for her to care for him.

“Guardianship will be used to keep an eye on his health, education, and welfare, but neither he nor his parents will be denied the right to see each other.” 

Burnett told PEOPLE. “We hope that recovery will be the next step towards normalcy, and we ask for privacy right now so this can happen.”

In September 2020, Burnett and Miller will be Dylan’s temporary parents. In 2022, a keeper for Life was chosen.

Before her 90th birthday in 2023, Burnett thought about what she had learned as a mother and said, “Life can change instantly. So just be thankful for what you have right now.”