Why Did Chris Moyer Murder His Own Family?

Why Did Chris Moyer Murder His Own Family?

Christopher Moyer Murdered and  dialled 911 on the evening of June 17, 2011, to report the killers of his wife, Irina, and his kid, Dylan, who was seven years old. 

He did it in a composed manner. Moyer responded, “Yeah, I did,” when the dispatcher inquired whether Christopher was responsible for the deaths of his family. 

Moyer added that he was sure his wife and son had passed away when he spoke to the operator of the 911 service.

Christopher thanked the operator for taking his call before hanging up. 

The fact that Moyer was so composed during his conversation with the dispatcher contributed to the strangeness of the situation; killers rarely remain that composed when they disclose their murders. 

In retrospect, Chris was able to finish that call without losing his composure because he didn’t expect to be around for very long after it.

Chris was Obligated to Drop Son to Grandparents

On that particular evening, Chris was obligated to deliver his child to his maternal and paternal grandparents.

Christopher Moyer spent his childhood as an only child in the community of Neffs, which is located inside Pennsylvania’s North Whitehall Township. 

Before he attended Parkland High School, Moyer was a student at the middle school where he played the trumpet. 

Moyer continued his education at Kutztown University after he graduated.

Warren Moyer, Christopher Moyer’s father, reported that he had spoken to Christopher earlier in the day, and the latter appeared to be in a positive mood. 

According to what Warren shared with The Morning Call, “We chatted on Friday morning and he was in high spirits.” According to Warren, Chris talked about extending a contract with a customer.

According to what Warren said, Christopher told him during the subsequent call that he did not want to chat anymore. 

On the evening of the 17th, Christopher was supposed to bring Dylan to his maternal grandparents’ home and put him off there.

One of Dylan’s teachers, Theresa Yanny, mentioned in an interview with the Bucks County Courier Times that she suspected that Dylan spent much time with his grandparents. 

Dylan’s artwork frequently centred around depictions of him playing with his grandparents.

It is not apparent when Chris decides to murder his wife and their child. 

However, at some point during the night on Friday, Moyer woke up and used a baseball bat to kill his sleeping wife by repeatedly hitting her in the head. 

According to law enforcement officials’ statements, the suspect dragged her body into the bathroom and wrapped a towel around her face.

After that, Christopher went down the hall to Dylan’s room and killed his kid with a blunt object. He abandoned the bloody baseball bat near his son’s corpse. 

The fact that there were no indications of a struggle led the authorities to believe that Irina and Dylan were both asleep when the assaults began.

Dylan posted a message on the front door that included a list of names and phone numbers of family members for the authorities to contact. 

After a few minutes of receiving the 911 call, police officers went to the residence in Warrington and surrounded the building. 

They were unaware that Christopher had left the house, so they attempted to make contact with anyone else who was there.

After some time, they were able to break into the house and find the bodies inside. 

Irina’s parents had driven to the house after their previous attempts to contact the Moyers had been unsuccessful. While they were there, Irina’s brother and her sister-in-law found out about the deaths that had occurred.

The body of Christopher was discovered by the authorities on the train tracks just a few moments after SEPTA reported that one of their trains had hit a person. He had placed his head on the rails, perhaps because he was aware of the train’s arrival time, and he awaited his end.

Chris Love And Takecare Dylan Like Normal: Neighbours Review

Irina and Dylan both suffered head injuries consistent with blunt force, according to the Bucks County Coroner’s Office findings. 

According to County Coroner Walter Hoffman, who spoke with the Bucks County Courier Times, the office has determined that Chris’ death was the consequence of a suicide caused by various body wounds. 

During a short period, what seemed to be a loving family was no longer there.

Chris and Irina Elizabeth Geller, both of whom were born in Ukraine, tied the knot in the year 2002. They moved into the Redstone Drive subdivision exactly one year later and were among the first residents. 

According to statements made by neighbours to the Courier Times, the Moyers were a private family that rarely took part in activities that were held in the community.

One of his neighbours characterised Chris’s aloof and abrupt demeanour, while another referred to him as “quirky.”

A neighbour named Rose Radziul remarked, “I believe that he was controlling.” “But to be honest, I never imagined it would reach this point.”

The neighbours never witnessed or heard the couple fighting or arguing; the records showed that the Moyers were never charged with a crime and that no incidences of domestic violence were reported. 

Chris and Irina were computer whizzes who operated their businesses out of their homes and appeared to make a respectable livelihood from their careers.

In addition, Chris and Irina had a lot of affection for their son. On the sidewalk, neighbours witnessed Chris carrying Dylan’s son while the toddler practised his first steps. 

“I just can’t wrap my head around it. According to the testimony of a further neighbour to the Courier Times, “he just adored that little guy.” 

Lynda Costello said that Chris and Irina were very interested in their child’s education, according to the publication that she spoke with:

“They were always quite interested and asked a lot of pertinent questions. [The father] came across as very level-headed. They were parents who wanted their son to do well in school and did everything they could to help him. 

It was obvious that they read on their own time. Dylan was a child that Costello regarded as having above-average intelligence. 

He said that Dylan had a vocabulary that was “adult-like.” “He would ask me a question and it would take me by surprise because he used terms that were higher than a kindergarten level,” Costello said. “He would use words that were higher than a kindergarten level.” 

And he was never satisfied with his level of knowledge.

According to Lynda, Dylan was a big fan of factual books and would take advantage of any chance to read. 

Costello continued by saying that his mother’s Slavic accent could be heard in his voice, and he also imitated his mother’s facial gestures. Lynda concluded:

“After you finished helping him, he would look up at you with those eyes, and I’ll never forget how he looked at you. 

He never failed to express gratitude, and his smile was one of the most charming I’ve ever seen. He had one of the most charming smiles I’ve ever seen.

Authorities Analysis on Case

The investigators had a hard time determining what could have prompted the sad double murder-suicide. 

In the end, everyone agreed that Chris had committed the murders of his family because he was stressed about money.

In 2006, the couple had successfully stopped a foreclosure and removed a federal lien from their property. According to the records, the state had placed a commonwealth lien on the family’s house for $2,228. 

The authorities claimed that they discovered $1,300 in Chris’ pockets and that he had sent notes to his family members apologising for killing himself.

According to Dr. Rocio Nell, who was interviewed by the Courier Times, parents who take the lives of their children are frequently affected by substance abuse or driven by terrible depression. 

Nell continued by saying that suicidal persons who kill loved ones do so because they believe their loved ones would be better off dead and that they would be happier without them.

In the instance of Chris, he most likely believed that Dylan would suffer without a parent, so he considered Dylan’s death to be an act of kindness. 

Tony Salvatore, who is the chair of the Suicide Prevention Team in Montgomery County, shared this sentiment and said:

“In the perspective of that parent, when some people, particularly men, get suicidal and conclude the world would be better off without them, they believe those closest to them would be better off not to be there too,” the author writes. “[T]hey believe that the world would be better off not having them.”

According to Salvatore, Chris remained composed throughout the call since he had decided not to continue living. 

Salvatore is quoted as saying, “Sometimes individuals are like robots.” “They’ve exhausted all of their options, and there is nothing left for them to be concerned about; they no longer have any anxiety about their choice.”