People Are Boycotting Squishmallows To Help Palestine

boycotting squishmallows

People are boycotting squishmallows, the popular plush toys made by Jazwares, which have caused much debate and anger online.

The protest started just in time for the much anticipated Black Friday sale, as the CEO of Jazwares released a statement pledging support for Israel in the ongoing conflict with Palestine. 

Internet users took offense at this statement, perceiving it as a pro-Zionist position, and the toy firm was widely called to be boycotted.

On November 16, X (previously known as Twitter) user @wuvvywednesday revealed on social media that the CEO of Squishmallows had said that the company was supporting Israel amid the tensions.

Why is everyone boycotting Squishmallows?

The CEO’s outspoken support for Israel amid the current war with Palestine is the source of the Squishmallows issue. 

Certain customers and online groups have taken offense at this comment because they believe the corporation is favoring one side of the dispute over the other. 

As a result, demands have been made for a boycott of Jazwares and Squishmallows.

The Boycotting Squishmallows trend on Twitter

On November 16, a user on a virtual platform exposed the President’s claim regarding the organization’s support of Israel.

Judd Zebersky, founder and chief of Squishmallows, affirmed on LinkedIn that his company fully supports Israel’s right to defend its family members from Hamas’ actions.

He also claimed that Yoni and Daniel, two of their understudies, were described as “sent into battle” and needed to return to Israel to strengthen their country’s defense.

Zebersky went on to announce his affiliation with Siblings Forever, a nonprofit organization that assists injured Israeli troops.

Furthermore, he made it clear that Jazwares will not hire anybody who is “favorable to fear-based oppressor associations or acts with a derisive goal toward any group.”

Different public opinion

The controversy has split public opinion, as have the calls for a boycott that followed.

Some support the boycott to voice disapproval of the CEO’s remarks, while others find it unfair to judge a business solely on the CEO’s subjective beliefs.

This instance demonstrates how social and political issues can have a big impact on customer emotions and purchase decisions.

Boycotting Squishmallows

The CEO’s support of Israel in the conflict with Palestine sparked the Squishmallows controversy and calls for a boycott.

Divided public opinion sparks debates on how purchasing decisions are affected by personal beliefs. It’s still unclear how this dispute will affect Squishmallows and Jazwares in the long run.

Warren Buffett praised the Squishmallows company

The CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffet, called Jazwares a “gem” in a May comment to Reuters. 

He also claimed that the company’s president and CEO, Laura Zebersky and Judd Zebersky, were “the ideal Berkshire managers.”

Lawyers who started their own toy company founded Jazwares in 1997. They bought Kellytoy, a toy company, in 2020, and in 2017 they introduced the Squishmallows brand. 

The controversial Squishmallows went on to win the coveted Toy of the Year Award for the third time this year.