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AudioSwim Music Distribution – A Cost Effective Way to Get Your Music Heard

AudioSwim Music Distribution
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Dubai based digital music distribution company, AudioSwim, was initially started to provide solutions to independent artists and record labels. Founder and self proclaimed Culture Shifter, Albert M. Carter is an artists advocate that strives to bring a positive change in the market by helping musicians upload, sell and stream their music globally.

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The platform AudioSwim helps to get music on all major platforms including Spotify, itunes, Tidal, YouTube Music, TikTok and more. The company hopes to make the music distribution process, simple, manageable, cost-efficient, and secure. Outside of the AudioSwim platform, Carter helps artists understand the value of their music and learn what it takes to make it in the music business.

It is not just an international digital music distribution agency, but the plan is to have AudioSwim house a one-stop-shop for artists solutions.

The AudioSwim team consists of a unique combination of music enthusiasts, former artist managers and music promoters, having over 10 years experience of actively working in the music market, they think, plan, and strategies to cater to artists’ needs within the music ecosystem.

Their team is deliberately working to deliver quality music from new and old artists to over 150+ online platforms (currently they have 30+). On the one hand, listeners will be able to stream music through major platforms and on the other hand, artists can make money and earn royalties through music. Simply saying AudioSwim is a bridge between artist and music listeners. They provide 360-degree services to launch, promote, sell, and stream music all around the world.

AudioSwim`s professional team is well aware of streaming applications or websites and how they work. From Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Anghami, TikTok, Tidal, Shazam, Amazon Music, Boom Play, iPlayer, iTunes, 7Ditigal, to any other platform of your choice they are ready to serve artists.

Due to COVID-19 streaming activities have increased by 28% and 17% more people are now subscribing to music platforms. It’s high time for artists to work to meet the demand of the music market by uploading, selling, and streaming music all around the globe.

Albert M Carter`s company AudioSwim is different from ordinary music distribution companies. They majorly focus on a high degree of confidentiality, security and with a plan to introduce smart contracts. They put all efforts to gain control over your music and let artists make money from streaming and sales.

With the motto, “Keeping Musicians Afloat” the AudioSwim team has designed a cloud-based data management system to make the process easy, conventional, and accessible for artists and their team. You just need an internet connection to manage the music streaming and royalties of your music.

AudioSwim also offers regular analytical reports which help the artist learn about their fans and take further steps accordingly. Through analytical reports, it becomes easy to maintain a track of their music catalog and latest music trends from all over the world.

To keep the music lovers and artists updated, AudioSwim keeps artists connected through music news, blogs, radio stations, podcasts, and much more. They also conduct interviews of artists and post them at various platforms to give additional credibility and hype to them and their music.

AudioSwim Music

Albert M. Carter`s vision is quite visible in his words, “AudioSwim’s focus is for artists who use this service to keep three key points in mind – Create, Control, Compensate.”


To know more about Albert M. Carter or his company AudioSwim, visit their website audioswim.com