Atled Help’s Businesses To Hitch Goals and Create An Exceptional Employee Experience


In this era of constant change, the 4th industrial revolution looming, and businesses needing to rapidly compete, retaining the best employees becomes their competitive advantage.

With business owners scanning the external landscape for emerging threats and new technologies, there is often missed opportunities to focus internally, on the people’s side of operations. All credit goes to Human Resource managers; from sourcing a-players, mitigating employer liabilities, fostering a best-in-class culture and lifting engagement levels.

So, here, let us introduce a company that is serving as a strategic arm to small and mid-tier organizations in Canada. One of the leading platforms named Atled is known for assisting firms with valuable help. This platform is known for outsourcing expert Human Resource managers and recruiters who make it possible for businesses to translate their vision into reality.

The consultancy firm, Atled, provides human resource and change management consulting, arming their clients with employee programs that outpace their competition and draw in top-tier talent. Atled was founded by a boss lady named Lana Leeb. As a businesswoman first and HR professional second, Lana aligns low-cost HR solutions with corporate strategies.

Robust services that mark Atled unique and trustworthy

In a nutshell, without any doubt, it can be said that this firm is serving businesses and their potential clients in remarkable ways. Many of their clients in Alberta, Canada are relying on this platform solely. There are several core features that make this HR consulting firm worthy-to-rely on. However, unlike other HR outsourcing firms, Atled is not restricted within the boundaries of limitations. As, there are plenty of services that this one platform offers and has summed up, under one umbrella. These include:

Get in front of employer liabilities through compliance

Not everyone is smart enough to deal with employment legislation, laws, and standards. And yet, not everyone can afford a full-time in-house HR expert. This is where Atled comes in to help. Atled has a bank of 120+ policies, guidelines, and templates that are not only customizable for your business but also quick to deploy.

Make it or break it- employee training & development

How the representatives of the company perceive and what efforts they put to achieve organizational goals, makes an equal impact. Upgrading employee skill sets and providing stretch assignments is considered as the best technique to reduce voluntary turnover and increase retention rates.  For this, CPHR experts at Atled, create targeted learning plans and even offer custom webinars for each of their clients.

Blunt to hunt- Talent management

Imagine running a business without proficient professionals. Where the competition is getting tough for businesses in the same sector, hiring a talented workforce has become another hard nut to crack. With recruitment taking a bite out of revenue, outsourcing talent management, with high returns, is just plain smart.

On the whole, this Human Resource consultancy is serving holistically to many businesses in Alberta and across Canada, helping each one to hitch the goal in a remarkable manner.

Its strategic employee-focused techniques and expert assistance are making it easier for all companies to maintain their competitive position within the business world. If any organization is finding it difficult to create an exceptional employee experience and become equally competitive in the talent and commercial space, Atled Consulting Ltd, is just a call away.