Are Shelia Eddy And Rachel Shoaf Still Friends?

Are Shelia Eddy And Rachel Shoaf Still Friends?

Are Shelia Eddy and Rachel Shoaf still friends is the biggest question popping up in the public mind right now. I’m here to give you an answer to that question. Let’s get to know each other. 

When they murdered their friend Skylar Neese, Rachel Shoaf and Shelia Eddy were only sixteen years old.

According to the documents filed in the case, the two teenagers who murdered their friend had planned to do so, even though the motive for their actions had never been established.

They intended to pick up Skylar from her residence before driving across the state line from West Virginia to Pennsylvania.

When they arrived at their destination, the two females planned to turn their backs on Skylar and launch an assault on her using a variety of weapons that they had stowed away earlier in their car. Over fifty stab wounds would be inflicted on Skylar.

The body of Neese would not be discovered for more than two months, at which point Shoaf would reveal to the authorities that she and Eddy had discussed the possibility of killing Skylar. 

In the end, Rachel would direct law enforcement to the location of Skylar’s skeletal remains.

Rachel would enter a guilty plea to murder in the second degree, for which she would receive a sentence of thirty years in jail, with the possibility of parole after serving ten. 

If found guilty, Eddy would get a sentence of life in prison, with the possibility of parole after fifteen years. 

Are Shelia Eddy and Rachel Shoaf still friends?

Are Shelia Eddy And Rachel Shoaf Friends?

Skylar Neese, Shelia Eddy, and Rachel Shoaf were best friends during their sophomore year in high school.

The young women, who were 16 years old at the time and lived in Morgantown, West Virginia, were attractive and outgoing. They enjoyed snapping selfies and spending time with one another.

But on July 6, 2012, Neese’s parents learned that she had gone missing, which was the day everything changed. Six months later, Shoaf confessed to the authorities that she and Eddy were responsible for the death of their close friend Neese, which they did by stabbing him.

According to her mother and father, sixteen-year-old Skyler Neese was doing exceptionally well. She maintained a perfect 4.0-grade point average, in addition to having an active social life and part-time work at a fast food restaurant.

She was the only child of Dave Neese and Mary Neese.

According to what Dave Neese said on the show “20/20” on ABC News, Skylar was a bubbly person. “She was also extremely loyal to her friends, or at least the individuals that she felt were her friends.”

Skylar Neese met her best friend Shelia Eddy at age 8. “It was almost as if she was a member of our family. Dave Neese affirmed that she was. “I mean, just like one of our kids.”

Eddy first became acquainted with Rachel Shoaf in the fall of 2010 while she was beginning her first year of high school. 

Eddy moved to attend the same high school as Skylar Neese the following month, and Shoaf started hanging out with her shortly after that. It wasn’t long before the three adolescents began fighting with one another.

On the evening of July 5, 2012, Skylar Neese completed her shift at work and then headed home.

The following morning, her father informed her that he had found out that she had not slept in her bed. 

After some time, he looked in her closet and discovered the window screen for her window and a hidden bench that she could use to get in and out of her window.

Dave Neese said, “Then I knew: she snuck out last night.” “And then, oh my god, she sneaked away last night, and she’s not home,” the speaker continued.

Skylar missed a story which affected their friendship

Skylar neese missing story

Skylar Neese was absent from work for the first time on that particular day, and her parents immediately contacted the authorities to report missing her.

Officer Bob McCauley of the Star City, West Virginia, Police Department responded to the 911 call and initiated an investigation into the disappearance of Skylar Neese.

Sheila Eddy called Skylar Neese’s parents later that day to inform them what had occurred the night before. Skylar Neese had been absent the previous evening.

“She proceeded to tell me that she, Skylar, and Rachel had snuck out the night before and that they had driven around Star City, were getting high, and that the two girls had dropped her back off at the house,” Mary Neese said in an interview with “20/20.”

“She proceeded to tell me that she had snuck out the night before with Skylar and Rachel” “According to the account, they had let her off at the end of the road, and she had told them she didn’t want to sneak back in since she didn’t want to wake us up.”

Eddy stated that she and Rachel Shoaf had picked up Skylar Neese at approximately 11 p.m. and returned her to her house before midnight.

On the surveillance camera inside their flat, an automobile can be seen coming to the Neeses’ apartment complex at 12:30. Skylar Neese can be seen on the blurry footage slipping out of her room at 12:35 a.m. and into the automobile, which is then shown driving away.

“I was scared beyond belief. What I mean is that I had no idea where my baby was. Dave Neese described the situation as “horrific.”

Rachel Shoaf went to a Catholic summer camp for two weeks while Shelia Eddy and her mother assisted Skylar Neese’s parents in searching the neighbourhood for their daughter on July 7, 2012, the same day Rachel Shoaf left for the camp.

After two days, the general public became aware that Neese had gone missing thanks to media coverage on television, radio, and the internet. The investigation into Skylar Neese’s disappearance continued even after several weeks. The most plausible explanation, according to the police, was that Neese had attended a home party where he then overdosed.

Corporal Ronnie Gaskins shared with “20/20” that he had heard allegations that Neese had purportedly passed away from an overdose of heroin. “She died. Gaskins stated that the locals became terrified, and as a result, the body was disposed of.

When Jessica Colebank, who was working on the case, went to speak to Shelia Eddy for the first time, she saw something odd about her behaviour and decided to investigate further.

“There was not even the slightest trace of any feelings, and there was nothing at all.” Colebank described the situation as “20/20” as “like iced over.”

When they first conversed, Colebank shared the opinion that Rachel Shoaf appeared to be very anxious.

“Their accounts were identical, almost word for word. According to Colebank, “No one’s story is the same unless it’s been rehearsed.” “Everything in my gut told me that Sheila was misbehaving. Rachel is frightened of everything.'”

Dave and mary neese took part in the incident

The police told Dave and Mary Neese that Shelia Eddy and Rachel Shoaf had a secret after the police viewed surveillance video and cell phone records that proved Eddy and Shoaf were lying about what happened the night they last saw Skylar Neese.

Dave and Mary Neese were told that Eddy and Shoaf had hidden something. Eddy and Shoaf were subjected to pressure from Dave and Mary Neese, their classmates, and even random people to reveal their lies.

Rachel Shoaf suffered a nervous breakdown on December 28, 2012, and was admitted to a local psychiatric hospital. While she was there, she did not communicate with Shelia Eddy.

Shoaf admitted to her attorney and the police on January 3, 2013, shortly after being released from the hospital, that she and Eddy were responsible for the stabbing death of Neese.

According to the statement made by Corporal Ronnie Gaskin, “We never encountered anything that led us to assume that these two girls collaborated with one another to commit premeditated murder.” It was revealed that Shelia Eddy was the car’s owner that Skylar Neese was observed getting into.

After making her confession, Shoaf gave her word that she would take the police to the scene of the crime and help them look for Skylar Neese’s body.

 Shoaf spoke with Eddy while wearing a microphone, but Eddy could not provide evidence against herself during their conversation.

The police had sufficient evidence to arrest Eddy and Shoaf when the body of Skylar Neese was located, as well as the identification of Skylar Neese’s blood that was discovered in Eddy’s vehicle.

“We confronted Rachel with the question, ‘Why did you guys murder Skylar?'” “We just didn’t like her,” State Police Corp. Ronnie Gaskin stated in her complete response to the question.

On May 1, 2013, Rachel Shoaf presented herself to the authorities at the Monongalia County Circuit Court.

Shoaf, now 18 years old, had the case moved behind closed doors to the criminal court so he could be charged as an adult. She entered a guilty plea to murder in the second degree and is currently held at the Northern Regional Juvenile Detention Center in Wheeling, located in West Virginia.

She is facing a sentence of thirty years in prison and will soon be sent to an adult facility.

Also, on May 1, Shelia Eddy, now 18 years old, was taken into custody in the parking lot of a restaurant

She pleaded guilty to the adult charges against her, and as a result, she was sentenced as an adult to live in prison with the prospect of parole for 15 years.

They are both sick people and exactly where they need to be: isolated from civilized society and confined like animals. Dave Neese said, “Because that’s what they are; they’re animals.”

Skylar’s Law was enacted in West Virginia with the assistance of Dave and Mary Neese, who did so in honour of their late daughter. It mandates the issuance of Amber Alerts for any child who has gone missing, not just those who are thought to have been abducted.

Dave and Mary transformed the site where their daughter tragically lost her life into a poignant memorial, honouring her memory with reverence and love. Dave regularly undertakes the journey of twenty miles to pay homage to his beloved daughter.

According to Dave Neese, a distressing incident occurred at this particular location. “But I wanted to take the terrible thing that happened here and try to turn it into something good — a place where people can come and remember Skylar and the good little girl that she was and not the little beast they treated her like,” you say. 

“But I wanted to take the horrible thing that happened here and try to turn it into something good.”

So they both plotted the murder of their best friend and now they both are still incarcerated at the Lakin Correctional Center in West Virginia.