All Ages of Geek: Uniting Geeks From All Over The World

All Ages of Geek Uniting Geeks From All Over The World

Geek culture is on the rise nowadays. People who were previously called nerds and misfits are now known as one of the coolest people in pop culture.

This change can be attributed to many factors, including the popularity of comics and TV shows including The Big Bang Theory, Guardians Of The Galaxy and fantasy-based fiction Game Of Thrones, and the introduction of Apple Watch and other gadgets wristwatches that have become a part of the mainstream fashion.

To celebrate the geek culture and further promote geekdom, events are held all over the world. The most famous ones are Comic-Con, Walker Stalker Con and ComicPalooza. Besides this, geeks have also formed online communities that help geek fans connect and interact with each other from every corner of the world.

One of these communities is All Ages Of Geek.

All Ages of Geek is an online platform that provides geek-related production and content for all ages. As the name suggests, the company’s mission is to “unite geeks of all ages” and provide them a platform where they can discuss their shared love for the geek culture and content.

All Ages Of Geek provides content in the form of videos, articles, podcasts and live to stream. They also have a large collection of geek-related video games along with exclusive merchandise on their website. Shop here!

The company was founded by Katya Stec, who is a hardcore geek herself. By starting this company, Katya’s main aim was to make the geek culture a part of the mainstream culture. “When I was growing up, people used to look down upon geeks and make fun of them. I’m glad that stereotypical thinking is now changing. I’m playing my role in it by providing geeks from all over the world a platform to socialise with like-minded individuals”, Stec says.

The company’s core team comprises of talented individuals with a shared love for geek culture. The team also includes an animation design studio and an unconventional band that help the company produce new content for their followers.

All Ages of Geek first started out as a Let’s Play channel called Miscat Squad and was later dubbed All Ages of Geek after Stec saw the constant need for more interactivity in geek culture communities. The platform lives by the phrase “Interactivity Over Community”, which means that while the community itself is vital, what is actually needed is an interactive community – especially in the geek culture. According to one of their team members, their platform is all about ‘helping others and giving our audience a chance to experience something new and exciting along with their like-minded friends’.

While such communities are now becoming increasingly popular, some of them are actually toxic. Within these communities, many old, diehard fans like to be the “gatekeeper”. These people, who call themselves the true fans question and intimidate newer enthusiasts to assess whether they actually belong to the fandom or not.

At times, this can be a good way to keep the community exclusive for the actual fans, it can also demotivate the new entrants who might not explore the geek culture further after a bad experience.

All Ages of Geek is unique in the sense that it is specifically designed for those who are looking for a more positive outlook on geek culture in the ever-growing toxic communities. The platform is also known as the “haven for geeks”.

The company also offers internships for talented individuals with a true love for geek culture. You can also become a part of their community by simply clicking here.