Zurlia Servellon: Helping Businesses Reach New Heights of Success During a Crisis

Zurlia Servellon

There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on most businesses’ growth and even survival. All over the world, several businesses – of all sizes – have completely shut down with no chance of revival. This includes Airbnb, one of the world’s largest online companies that provides lodging and accommodation services for tourists around the globe.

It can be said that the pandemic has caused a substantial crisis in the business world – one that can be quite difficult to deal with. However, it’s not all dark and gloomy. Some successful entrepreneurs and business consultants have become a ray of hope for others by helping them cope and navigate these tough waters. An example of such individuals is Zurlia Servellon.

Zurlia Servellon is a leading sales and business consultant from the U.S. Unlike other consultants, Zurlia isn’t a business graduate; instead, she secured her in Master’s in Psychology from a well-renowned institution and sought a path that most people are afraid to take i.e. becoming an industrial and organizational psychologist.

Currently, Zurlia helps entrepreneurs and founders of companies scale their revenue and position themselves as the industry leaders through strategic sales copy. She is proficient in sales and helps business owners thrive by teaching them the art of selling everything, including one’s self, their business, and even ideas that lead to massive successes.

The young consultant is known for the Attract, Convert, Transformation (ACT) Method, a unique methodology designed exclusively by Zurlia herself. The aim of the program is to teach entrepreneurs and business owners a framework, focused on strategic marketing and sales, that they can apply in their own business to reach new heights of success.

“I created this program to teach entrepreneurs my easy framework that has allowed me to build the lifestyle of my dreams through strategic marketing and sales. The thing about sales in the online space is: You need to learn how to Attract, Convert, and Transform in a very specific way, and that’s my intention for this program. I want to teach others how to do it,” Zulia says, while speaking about the ACT Method.

And that’s not all about her. Before she began her career as a consultant, Zurlia worked as a salesperson at Tesla where she broke quite a few sales records. She is also the author and publisher of a best-selling book, “The Hidden Patterns of a Successful Mind,” that was well-received by executives all over the world.

What makes this talented individual stand apart is that she’s not like other influencers who consider themselves gurus and have a huge social media following and Ferraris in the background. Zurlia doesn’t run ads, do funnels, or focus on the glamour at all; instead, she is known to have a simple yet effective approach that has helped several entrepreneurs thrive.

Most importantly, Zurlia doesn’t believe that only struggle leads to success. In her exact words, “I ignore the nonsense and focus on simple, obvious, yet potent strategies to attract clients organically. By not listening to the experts, I did what works for me and became successful. I still do the work and believe knowledge is nothing without implementation and influence. I’m relentless and dedicated to my work, but I like ease and flow.”

To cater to businesses that have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, Zurlia has launched a new service, where she helps businesses with copywriting and running successful press releases on the TV, newspapers, and social media. According to her, if a business wants to survive during this pandemic, they need to stay well-connected to their target audience and the best way to do that is through press releases.

Providing value in a press release requires skill, patience, and a lot of experience. Zurlia Servellon delivers just that to her clients as part of her comprehensive business and entrepreneur consultation package. Truly, she’s the perfect example of staying determined and playing it smart to achieve your goals. Connect with Zurlia today to get your business going!

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