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The Young Entrepreneur Who Brought The Change With ‘Shadows Of Death Records’

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The Young Entrepreneur Who Brought The Change With ‘Shadows Of Death Records’

He is determined to democratize such an elitist market as that of the Music, both through advice and training and through investment in works. Gale Cartwright’s (CEO of Shadows Of Death Records) relationship with art comes from his teenage.

Funeral eternal is a black metal band from Indonesia sign to Shadows of death records
Funeral eternal is a black metal band from Indonesia sign to Shadows of death records

After decades of experience, Gale at the age of 45, with an independent record label company ‘Shadows of Death Records’, succeeded to sign the first contract along with his groups in New York.

The motivation behind the ‘Shadows of Death Records’: He has worked in a Pizza Shop too. At the pizza shop, he always did Roofing. Gale has never thought of anything except the Music. Gale was born with a ‘Music Spoon’ rather than a ‘Golden Spoon’.

Once in his childhood, Gale watched a movie that was bibliography which was made after the death of Elvis Presley. Watching the movie, Gale told his parents that he wants to be like the man like there in the movie and he will surely be that as of him one day.

That is how he found himself face to face with what would be the unmet need for his business model. In all the forums, talks and fairs there was the talk of the need to incorporate new audiences, new collectors to the Music Market because in the end, those who buy the works are those who really support the Music.

Gale Cartwright’s (CEO of Shadows Of Death Records)
Gale Cartwright’s (CEO of Shadows Of Death Records)

In an interview with Vizaca Gale told that he believes it looking for all the available options that can lead you to the success of your dream. Moreover, taking risks & making mistakes is also essential according to Gale for the success of the Business and especially when the Business is the Dream Business.

Gale and his group signed the debut album in New York with MiCasa Records but unfortunately, his group was not promoted anyway by the company. The turning point was the meeting of Gale with Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Morbid Angel, Entombed and Rob Halford in a flight. The event resulted in a business friendship among Gale, Johnny and Frederick.

The Purpose of ‘Shadows of Death Records’: Most of the Music Companies always look for the revenue generation. This usually ignores the real talent who is struggling with financial issues. That is the point where ‘Shadows of Death Records’ come to rescue the Music Industry. The company’s primary motive is to deliver the best Music to a huge fan group.

The quality Music which is expected from the audience is always ranked on the top in ‘Shadows of Death Records’. The company hunts for the talent which can provide the astonishing lovely Music to the fans. Gale Cartwright’s ‘Shadows of Death Records’ provide a platform to the young emerging real musicians.

What is the Difference Between Gale’s & Other Music Production Companies? The Shadows of Death Records is different from its competitors because it considers the public opinion and reviews more than the Number Count on Social Media streaming channels. The company always follows the ‘Talent First’ concept of Gale Cartwright.

Gale MusicianThe Books Behind The Success: Gale mention in his interview that the books that he liked most and wanted to recommend are The Darkness, Magical Theater and Dean Kenootz as the author.

Moreover, Gale admires the success of Black Sabbath from Metallica.

Goals of ‘Shadows of Death Records’:  The company is aiming at the success of the group on a worldwide platform. Moreover, the aim is to bring the label of Shadows of Death Records on each Music production around the world with the best talent.

Advice for Young Entrepreneurs: The CEO of Shadows of Death Records advice the young entrepreneurs not to give up under any circumstances. Do not get panic or hesitate with a lot of happenings in the market. There is always room at the top for the best of the best.