Yolanda Holmes, A Single Parent of Child Found Dead Why?

Yolanda Holmes, A Single Parent of Child Found Dead Why?

Yolanda Holmes, a woman brutally killed at her home. Why and how did that happen? Who took the life of a woman who owned a hair business in her home? Was it her lover sleeping at the residence or someone else?

How did everything happen?

After receiving a 911 call in the wee hours of the morning on September 2, 2012, in Chicago, homicide detectives arrived at the scene.

Yolanda Holmes, 45, was found dead in her apartment. She was a single mother who owned a hair salon. Holmes was shot and stabbed to death. She was murdered while sleeping beside her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Curtis Wyatt.

The detectives found a damaged pistol on the bedroom floor and a missing paring knife from a kitchen block. 

Blood spatter on the walls, and other traces of a struggle showed that “someone was fighting for their life,” according to John Korolis, a homicide detective with the Chicago Police Department who appeared on “Sleeping with Death,” which airs on Oxygen on Sundays at 7 p.m. and 6 p.m. central time.

The fact that Yolanda had been shot and stabbed indicated “overkill,” according to Michele Wood, a fellow homicide detective with the Chicago Police Department. 

Wood went on to say that the perpetrator “was set on making sure she didn’t survive,” and that the fact that Yolanda had been shot and stabbed indicated “overkill.”

Yolanda’s son Found Her

Yolanda’s son, Qaw’mane Wilson, who is trying to make it as a rapper, arrived at the building just before six in the morning to see his mother. 

When he found out that she had been murdered, he became overcome with grief and broke down in tears.

Yolanda Holmes Wyatt, who had called 911, was found bleeding from lacerations to his head and face, and the paramedics attended to her injuries while she was being treated. 

During his conversation with the police, he disclosed that he had lately been in touch with Yolanda again. He stated that the first thing that roused him from sleep was the sound of the phone ringing and Yolanda chatting with someone. 

After that, he heard the sounds of gunfire. He attempted to take the man down, which is how he was hurt, but the man was able to get away from him.

However, when he told the detectives that he had cleaned up the area, it caused them to have suspicions about him.

Police Investigation Begins

Yolanda Holmes

Karolis questioned why Chris was allowed to continue living. “Something just didn’t stack up.”

The damaged residence was checked by investigators looking for potential evidence for DNA testing. The firearm exhibited no traces of previous use.

“It covered everything with blood,” Wood reported describing what he witnessed. Therefore, we needed to determine whose blood was found.

Police canvassed the building, but no residents heard the gunfire. Wood also spoke with Qaw’mane, who claimed he was unaware that his mother had resumed her relationship with Wyatt. Qaw’mane was one of the people Wood questioned.

According to what Wood shared with the producers, Qaw’mane told the detective that he suspected Wyatt was responsible for the murder. 

Yolanda’s sister disclosed to the investigators that Wyatt and Yolanda had been involved in several physical altercations.

The investigators analyzed the security footage from the apartment complex. They watched that at 4:32 a.m., a man approached the main entrance, keyed in a code, and entered the building. 

He was carrying a detergent bottle and some garments hanging on a hanger. He was dressed in a hoodie. It was 4:46 in the morning when he left the building. He was donning a distinct hoodie this time.

As he was leaving, he encountered another individual, later discovered to be a resident. After questioning him, the investigators established no connection between him and the crime.

After refocusing their attention on Wyatt, the detectives successfully got him to agree to a polygraph examination. 

The findings suggested that he was lying, but the detectives did not arrest him at this stage because they lacked proof linking him to the crime.

As a result, they concentrated their attention on the footage from the surveillance cameras and saw that the individual entering the premises was wearing headphones.

A headphone cord that had been damaged was found to be one of the pieces of evidence in Yolanda’s apartment.

DNA not matched

Watch the “Sleeping With Death” episode on the Oxy App. Our free app’s investigators examined the headphone discovered at the crime scene. The DNA found on it did not match any of the samples stored in the national database.

The blood evidence in the apartment indicated that Wyatt’s blood was found elsewhere, whereas Yolanda’s blood was only found in the bedroom. Because of this, it significantly reduced the likelihood that Yolanda and Wyatt fought in the house.

There was a delay of several weeks, with no new leads emerging. Detectives investigated every lead, including Yolanda’s husband, who served a life term for his role in the double killing for which he was responsible. The murder of Yolanda was investigated as a possible act of payback by the police, although this line of inquiry was ultimately fruitless.

Two phones mystery

It discovered the probable hint in the phone logs a year later. The investigators discovered that Yolanda had two phones.

“We saw that there was a lot of activity on one of the phone lines before the murder, during the murder, and after the murder,” remarked Korolis. “We believe that this activity may have been related to the murder.” After that, there was a lull in the action.

The detectives attempted to get in touch with Qaw’mane to ask him for information on who the woman might have been calling, but they were unable to do so.

They quickly realized that the phone number Qaw’mane provided the detectives was the second one Yolanda had registered in her name. After investigating the murder for a total of thirteen months, the investigators finally discovered that Qaw’mane had been using Yolanda’s second cell phone when she was murdered.

Qaw’mane and Eugene spencer’s involvement

They investigated and concluded that the guy he spoke with was Eugene Spencer. Both he and Qaw’mane were the subject of an investigation alert issued by the detectives. 

On December 23, 2013, detectives located Qaw’mane, who admitted that he had been attempting to get in touch with them. Qaw’mane was cooperative with the investigators.

Korolis remarked that what had just occurred was strange. “Qaw’mane mentioned that the phone number that we were debating was actually his phone number under his mom’s account,” and “we were discussing it because it was.”

Qaw’mane admitted that he recognized Spencer from the area and named Spencer as the person he saw entering Yolanda’s building on the night of the murder. Qaw’mane identified Spencer as the murderer. 

The heist that was supposed to happen when Spencer walked to his mother’s building wasn’t carried out, according to information provided to the detectives by Qaw’mane later.

Spencer was captured and brought in for interrogation after everyone else was. According to Wood, when Spencer was asked if he had ever been in Yolanda’s apartment, he responded, “I went inside and some person tried to murder me.” Spencer was referring to an incident that occurred there.

It dawned on the detectives that no one had any idea Wyatt would be there.

Spencer confessed that he was the one who stabbed and shot Yolanda and disclosed that Qaw’mane had provided him with the passcode to enter the building.

According to what Korolis shared, “Qaw’mane had called his mother approximately forty minutes earlier and informed her that he would be coming over.” Therefore, Yolanda was anticipating the arrival of her son at the front door. Qaw’mane Wilson was the true genius behind everything.

According to authorities, the suspect gave Spencer a rifle, clothes, and detergent to make it look like he lived in the building. In addition to this, they discovered that Qaw’mane’s ex-girlfriend, Loriana Johnson, was the one who drove Spencer to Yolanda’s apartment complex.

Qaw’mane called Spencer during the murder, according to Wood.

According to what she shared with the producers, “Qaw’mane orders him, “Make sure that bitch is killed.” After shooting Yolanda in the head, he proceeded to stab her. It explains why he did it.

He had made an offer to Spencer for $4,200 to murder his mother. After that, he reportedly handed him $70, as stated by Korolis.

Steph Watts, a journalist specializing in investigations, stated, “Qaw’mane’s reason for having his mother murdered was sheer money.”

Because he was unemployed and his career as a rapper was going nowhere, he demanded her car, her business, and her life insurance policy. 

According to nbcchicago.com, shortly after his mother’s murder, Qaw’mane accessed his slain mother’s bank accounts and withdrew approximately $70,000, which he then spent on expensive clothing and vehicles.

On December 24, 2013, Qaw’mane Wilson was taken into custody and charged with the murder of his mother. In January 2020, he was convicted of first-degree murder and given a 99-year prison term.

Who is the murderer?

According to the Chicago-Sun Times, Eugene Spencer was found guilty of murder in the first degree and received a sentence of one hundred years in prison. After entering a guilty plea to the robbery charge, Loriana Johnson was sentenced to seven years in prison before being granted parole.