Willy Hobal: CEO & Founder of Hobal Luxury Collection


Creativity, energetic leadership, efficient decision-making and commitment to excellence are key characteristics about Willy Hobal. As a charismatic sales and marketing professional in the hospitality industry, he enjoys proven records of consistent sales goals achievement.

As a luxury hotel specialist with over 10 years of experience in hospitality, including commercial team supervision and sales management, Willy has the ability to develop and build mutually profitable relationships that drive business for hotels and travel agencies. He has worked in reputable hotels like Eden Roc Cap Cana – where he broke the MICE sales record with his team, by bringing in a total of 560% increase in sales over a period of one and a half years. His efficiency, communication skills and detail-oriented personality are some of the defining attributes that set him apart.

Willy has always been passionate about using his gifts of serving others to make a difference. Throughout the years, he has developed a holistic approach to what is actually at play in a sales process. His combination of human resource selection, specific team task allocation, over delivery to the client (both digital and in-person), the way he aims to create meaningful bonds between all parties involved, all contribute to making a sale so “irresistible” it leads to its inevitable closing.

It is upon this unique command of tactical thinking, human factor and resourcefulness that he founded Hobal Luxury Collection – a representation company with the mission to connect luxury destinations to curators in Europe and offer effective strategies that bring increased brand recognition and revenue generation.

Please tell us a little about your background and your journey.

I was born in a beautiful town in the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, called Sosua, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and with the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. I start working cleaning a house when I was 9 years old, the owner of the house, she was working in the hospitality industry and I admired her profession so much that I said many times: “When I turn 18 yo I will work in the hotel she is working doing the same job she is doing”… 8 years after I was exactly working in that hotel and doing her job. Since that moment I discovered my passion for hospitality and the same passion took me today to open my first company Hobal Luxury Collection to help independent Luxury Hotels to increase revenue and brand recognition in European Markets.

You mentioned that you are opening a company for Luxury Hotels, can you tell us more?

Sure! Hobal Luxury Collection is an all-in-one hotels representation company, where we integrated Sales, Marketing and PR services to promote Luxury Hotels in the European markets. We develop a plan of strategies to increase the hotel’s revenue and brand recognition, our main focus are the independent hotels who require a representative in those markets that they might need a push.

How does it feel to you opening a Luxury company in these times?

Well, at the beginning I was really afraid because the travel industry have change a lot and opening a company in this field in this specific times, might feel crazy, but I believe that people will not stop traveling, they will move carefully taking all the necessary precautions, but traveling is a life changing experience that we all need and Luxury Travel will be on high demand because its more exclusive. Boutique hotels will be on high demand as well.

What is the one thing you love about being an entrepreneur?

Help others. For me that’s how I have always been, and mostly in the hospitality industry you are always helping others to enjoy a memorable experience in the hotel, making sure that everything is perfect. Now as an entrepreneur I love the idea of helping independent hotels to achieve their goals in terms of revenue and brand recognition in the European markets.

Do you feel you have achieved everything you’ve ever wanted in life?

No, as per today I have achieved a lot of things that I always wanted, but I still have a lot of dreams and hopes, the need of helping more people, also with my foundation Tiempos de Bondad and creating a better world. I`m not desperate because I believe that it takes time, but I’m sure everything will become a reality soon.

What accomplishment of yours are you most proud of?

Starting my business, this is something I really wanted since a long time ago and looking at my dreams becoming a reality is the most wonderful thing for me. Coming from Sosua, a very humble town and making it to this day now is a big thing for me, I’m so proud of the path and the journey of my life.

If there was one thing you have to give up to get to an even better place than you are now, what would it be?

My comfort zone, because I don’t need it (haha) I have always been involved into constant changes and its good to have your space and do the same thing for a period of time, but for me, in order to grow I prefer to get too comfortable and keep pushing to achieve the next step on the way.

How do you like to spend your spare time?

In my spare time, I really enjoy reading, cooking, doing physical activity and spending time with my puppy.

Do you have a mantra or a daily routine to keep you motivated?

Oh yes, a lot! My favorite is “The best is yet to come”, this feeds my hopes for a better tomorrow and to see the results of my projects, but I am a very positive person and I do affirmations every day to keep self-motivation.

What advice would you give to your younger self and to your fans who are reading this interview?

To my younger self, I will tell myself not to overthink things, I’m a very analytical person but also sometimes I used to overthink and that stopped me from taking some actions towards my dreams. To the wonderful readers I will say to be brave, work hard and do a lot of planification, being an entrepreneur is not about being “free” and work less, it’s actually the opposite, you really need to work hard and make sacrifices to be on top of the game.