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Why You Should Visit Bali In 2019 – Top 3 Reasons

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Why You Should Visit Bali in 2019 – Top 3 Reasons

So, you’ve decided to visit Bali this year? Great, you are actually aiming at the right island. In all likelihood, you have heard a lot about Bali– it is an Indonesian island renowned as the Island of Gods which seems as if it came out of heaven without beating around the bush.

Bali is indeed a gorgeous place with a fine combination of sun-bleached seashores and rolling surf, an ancient culture, sympathetic hospitality, and exotic temples and castles that set against charming natural backdrops.

Among the 17,000 islands in Indonesia, Bali is the most exotic island that never disappoints you right from the airport landing to the point you leave the island.

A quintessence of romance and surely stunning – Bali actually allows you to experiment with numerous adventurous things. With traveling via horses or bikes as the most popular option, this island seems straight out of your fairytale books, allowing you to have the magical experience of snorkeling along with turtles.

Bali, the land of tranquil exploration, is for all varieties of tourists, allowing adventures right from water sports, hiking for adventure freaks to spiritual tours and in between fall the honeymooners.

If you’re still not satisfied with your decision? Here are the top three reasons to visit Bali:

  • Idyllic Beaches

There wouldn’t be a single person who doesn’t need crystal clear waters, saline swims, and piles of sunbeams in their life. With full of beans beaches of Bali, you can get the pleasure of outdoor time and obtain sun-kissed skin, salty hair and reading that book you’ve been stuck into for years.

What’s more, add some sunset cocktails to your palm-studded seaside hangs, along with a few postcard-perfect bliss coves, world-class surfing and a lineup of watersports to keep the kiddos full of activity. Because, this island is blessed with countless sandy adventures, making it one of the best places to visit.

Bali Beaches - 2019

This tropical paradise in the Indonesian archipelago owns enchanting beaches. From soft white sand and limestone cliffs to extreme water sports and diving, there’s a beach for everyone, every need and every mood.

With white and grey sand continuing to entice people, Kuta beach is the best beach where you can enjoy a sunbathe and a beach massage, paddle out from the shore, or take in the magical sunsets. The second most famous beach in Bali is Sanur where the coastline features a mix of grainy to coarse coral sand, and the peaceful waves allow you to swim and enjoy great snorkeling right off the beach.

  • Never-ending Adventure

Bali is an ideal destination for losing yourself in the natural beauty, offering something for every adventurous soul. If you’re such an adventurous soul, plan ultimate adventure tour of 10 full days of discovery, sightseeing, and adventure. Take in the beautiful nature scenes, alongside visits to cultural and spiritual landmarks, and explore the comforts of luxurious eco-friendly resorts.

If you love hiking, trek through rugged forest trails and volcanic slopes of Mount Agung, with the rewarding sights waiting for you at the top. You can also take the action-packed ride of 9 Quad & Tubing and conclude your experience with a unique thrill. 9 Quad or Buggy Driving Adventure & Tubing Excursion allows you to esteem the magical sunrise, highland forest, and plantation trails.

Bali Adventure Life - 2019
Quad or Buggy Driving Adventure

From reveling in intricate artificial slides at the Waterbom to jumping from the cliffs and tumbling down a natural waterslide in Aling-Aling Waterfall, Bali is a great experience. Overall, this Island is filled with picturesque mountains, coasts, waterfalls, forests, and beautiful remnants of old architecture, allowing something adventurous for one and all.

  • Best For Food Scene

Balinese and Indonesian food is exceptional in taste. Rich with its captivating traditional recipes, Bali has created a distinctive cuisine for one and all. This place also has no shortage of eateries spots crammed with numerous international menus — American, Mexican, Greek, Chinese, French, Indian.  Here you can find many great dishes featuring pork or duck, as well as seafood and chicken or even beef rendang.

Try these dishes in Bali for sure:

  • Sayur Urab: Freshly chopped vegetables steamed in coconut milk. Devour the plate with a side of sambal, crispy golden-fried shallots, chili peppers, galangal, and garlic.
  • Sate Lilit: Grilled meat served with a side of sambal, salad and coconut milk.
  • Nasi Goreng: Rice sautéed with a mix of meat served with a side of poached/fried eggs and salad.

Bali best dish Sayur Urab

Last Word

With endless seas, oceans full of waves, temples to keep the devils at bay, Bali is a real beauty, allowing you to experience the best shower of your lifetime. Beyond stunning beaches and magical temples, Bali has virtually every kind of natural beauty, making anyone fall in love with this mesmerizing Island. So, if you’ve already made your mind of visiting this place this year, then don’t relook your decision.