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Who Is That Girl? Adele’s Story Of Great Transformation

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Who Is That Girl Adele Story Of Great Transformation

Adele Adkins is celebrating her birthday. The successful singer turned 32 years old yesterday. Like so many thousands of citizens, the birthday caught the artist of ‘Hello’ and ‘Someone like you’ confined to her home due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

However, with her usual good humor, the British girl wanted to thank her followers for their love and best wishes.

The artist used her Instagram account as a communication channel with her fans. Although she has more than 33 million followers on this social network, she does not use it very often.

This is her first photo of 2020, since the previous one from December 23, 2019. Previously, Adele used Instagram to congratulate Christmas.

In the image, the singer appears in the garden of a house, in the middle of a wooden circle decorated with white roses, in a fitted black dress with wide sleeves. 

Recent was a very different birthday from 2019 when she had a big party in her new house in Beverly Hills (California).

Last year, after her birthday, Adele had written posts on her networks.  It seems that the learning has come little by little, as the singer’s friends have shared and as reflected in her recent photo.

Adele’s photo is very different from the previous ones. In a personal change, she has looked for a way to feel healthier and has decided to quit alcohol and lose weight through diet and sports.

Adele’s change has been accompanied by a series of circumstances. One of the elements that prompted her to change was the depression that she suffered after the birth of her son Angelo in October 2012. As she recounted that she was very scared after giving birth. 

The divorce of her ex-husband was also a turning point in her life. A year ago she announced her separation and a change in her life in most complicated years of her entire life. 

At April’s beginning, they signed the divorce and decided how to solve the custody of their son, and they also distributed an estate of more than 170 Million Euros.

Adele: Addictions, crisis, and divorce – the story of an inspiring artist

In the last hours, Adele Adkins surprised the world by showing herself changed. 

On her birthday number 32, the artist took the opportunity to shoot a video in which greets health workers who are on the front line to combat the pandemic of the coronavirus. 

News of the new stage that the singer is going through caused great joy among her followers. 

Adele’s relationship with alcohol

Four years after Angelo was born, Adele spoke of how tough the postpartum moment was and how isolated she went.

While writing her album 21, Adele was consuming more alcohol than she would have liked. She told the press when the habit was overcome. 

The crisis after their divorce

Adkins and Simon Konecki met in 2011 thanks to a mutual friend: singer Ed Sheeran. Then she was experiencing her great professional explosion thanks to the release of her second album, 21, which became a huge international success. 

One of their rare appearances together took place in 2012, when they attended the Grammy Awards and she achieved six statuettes. 

Although they were seen in the seating area, neither on that occasion nor on any other occasion they appear before the media.

The couple had a son, Angelo, in October 2012, and they married in 2016, something she decided to tell during a concert in Australia. 

After their separation, in 2019, the artist decided to lower her profile a lot. 

Later, she told the press that she had passed one of her most difficult moments, mired in a depression that she had a hard time getting out of.

A whole new person

After their divorce, the 15-time Grammy winner made a radical decision and decided to change her life completely. First of all, her eating habits.

Secondly, she began a hard training that helped her change her body, but also to be able to manage her moods and get out of the dark place she was in. 

“Before I preferred to cry, now I choose to sweat,” wrote the singer in October last year. That was the first time that she publicly showed her new figure and the first results of her changed life.

 Adele lost almost 70 kilos, but, more importantly, she left behind the one that was sunk after her divorce.

Finally, this year, for her 32nd birthday, she surprised again by changes that deepened her figure. However, she was also happy for the moment she is going through and grateful to those who strive during the quarantine.