Who Is Roberto Firmino? All About The Brazilian Footballer

Who Is Roberto Firmino

Fans always want to know who is Roberto Firmino, their favorite player and the famous Brazilian footballer.

Brazilian football player Roberto Firmino is a member of both the Brazil national team and the English Premier League team Liverpool.

Roberto was born and raised in Alagoas, where he experienced extreme poverty and a high rate of crime. 

His parents did everything in their power to shield their son from the negative influences in the neighborhood. In the middle of all of this, Roberto became passionate about football. 

At the age of 17, he joined the Figueirense Youth Setup, and in 2009, while playing for Toninho, he made his professional debut.

Who Is Roberto Firmino

Who is Roberto Firmino?

Roberto Firmino was born on October 2, 1991, into a very impoverished household in Marceio, Alagoas. His parents were Jose Roberto and Mariana Cicero.

His parents had to work very hard to keep him away from negative influences because they lived in a run-down town with a lot of criminal activity nearby. 

Roberto was not allowed to leave the house until he was old enough to take care of himself, according to his mother.

His mother claimed, “Roberto would wake up earlier than everybody else and sneak out without making a peep.” 

Roberto’s parents only permitted him to play football outside after they noticed how good he was at the game. 

Many in the neighborhood admired him, and the family began to believe he would improve things in their life.

Robert Firmino career

When Figueirense first recruited him, he played as a defensive midfielder, but now he is acknowledged as an imaginative attacker.

In 2009, he made his club debut as a replacement, and his team lost to Ponte Preta in a Brazilian football match played in the second division.

Roberto signed a five-year contract with the German Bundesliga team in December 2010. 

Ernst Tanner, the team manager, was already in awe of the new Brazilian talent that had joined his squad when the transfer window opened in January 2011 and he officially entered the European football scene.

Who Is Roberto Firmino

Against Stoke City in the 2015–16 season, he made his Liverpool debut, and his team narrowly prevailed. 

Liverpool’s coach only used Roberto as a replacement player for the first five games, despite the enormous sum of money spent on him.

As the new coach, Jurgen Klopp removed Brendan Rogers from his position and encouraged Roberto to play because he was aware of his skills.

Roberto personal life

The man named Roberto Firmino is wed. In June 2017, he married Larissa Pereira in his hometown. There are two girls in the relationship.

Roberto’s family has a history of poverty, but he has been able to lift them out of their financial hardships because of his commitment and diligence.

He is a fitness enthusiast, but because of his drinking habits, he has had run-ins with the authorities. 

Furthermore, authorities detained him for driving under the influence in Liverpool in December of 2016, and he could only leave after paying a hefty fine.

Supporters of the clubs and his colleagues at Liverpool affectionately refer to him as “Bobby.”