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What New Features The Latest Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Delivers?

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What New Features The Latest Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Delivers

If you can handle the Price & Screen Size, then Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is surely a smart device for you. Today is a very exciting day in the tech world. It can be called as a big release day, launch day or announcement day. Everybody is talking about the new Samsung device, the ‘Galaxy S10 Plus’.  The Samsung Galaxy S 10 was leaked, the rumors showcased it and now it is finally official.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has a gigantic display, of course, this is the Plus version and the first thing you will notice is how the hole punch kind of thing vanishes into the background of the default wallpaper.

People wanted to see the scale of the hole punch so I went into the wallpaper settings, there they blacked it in each wallpaper. But anyway this gives us a better idea of the hole punch setup when we are just inside of the User Interface Settings. Moreover, it is kind of fits into the top notification bar where it is of the exact same height which you people would not mind.

This is kind of gonna be up to the individual in terms of how you compare this to a knotch kind of scenario. But I guess at first glance, aesthetically speaking, you will be used to having some noise up in the top corner because this is typically where this stuff lives. You know your signal battery life and so on, so it does blend a little bit better than the center knotch form factor wise.

The Scale & Screen: The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is similar in scale to the current plus series the s9 plus. Though the back camera also received some upgrades. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus got three camera units that mean this device has five cameras. S10 Plus is a five camera smartphone. A five-cam smartphone is pretty wild when there is a 6.4 Inches Amoled Display.

Most of the Smartphone lovers are fans of the Samsung displays on Smartphone. Samsung makes so many of them and they have got the vibrant colors and lots of contrast that are very pleasing to a wide audience. This is, no exception at first glance, looks really nice. It feels like it is much brighter than the previous Samsung versions.

The Looks: The Samsung Galaxy S10 looks good, I think you will be going to be satisfied with it. Moreover, going ahead and launching these cameras, you will be prompted to the front-facing unit and it also has a wide-angle. However, it is not the widest maybe.

The Camera: In Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus’s Camera, they’ve done a compelling version of beautifying photos. It does not look Cartoony or Animated; it just it looks like plastic surgery like that is what it may look like.

When it comes to some of the post-processing stuff that can change a little bit, keep in mind this is like an initial hands-on scenario so maybe we can pick up a bit more detail and maybe some more contrast in the way that the image is processed.

Moreover, there is also a cool animation watch at the top camera unit. When you will click back you would see that there is like a little light effect around the whole punch boom fancy. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus does not feel like a huge phone. It is rather narrow and it is obviously slim and you would like holding it in hands.

Headphone & Charging Jack: There is also a headphone jack that is gonna be a bonus for a lot of people. It is cool that they did that. Means, you have a big device, you have the room for the headphone jack also you got some extra versatility; you need to plug a standard set of headphones in the jack.

Of course, the headphone jack is a type-c connector as well, quick charge capable on the rear. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus has three lenses and three Zoom situations.

So the default in the center shows two trees that are representative of the focal range course. You can zoom in further where there could be a nice looking image.

A lot of it is kind of just the novelty factor in general, one thing needs to be mentioned that this is gonna make people feel like they really have a new device.

Because that is what that ends up feeling like is that this is a new thing. This is not something that has existed before. Here they are giving you the front camera options so you are getting two lenses. There is a bit of a payoff a bit of a trade-off you get one wide-angle one standard so you get some extra equipment in exchange for that cut out.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is a good sounding smartphone. At least on the Plus version, there is a big battery, so people can be happy with that. It has the latest Snapdragon version.