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What is findThat, Is It Better Than eBay & Gumtree and How do I Get It?

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We all are aware of the classified section in every newspaper. We have also checked out several social media pages or forums. Sometimes these platforms are helpful for us, whereas most of the time it is a big hassle to find the required information. Also, these platforms do not cater to all required categories. On the other hand, most of them only allow you to sell new products.

As our requirements are not limited so why should we limit the process of selling products? Why spend hours to find the required products or why to jump to multiple platforms for our requirements?

These legit questions reflect our every day worries. Technologically advance and a well-managed system to sell and purchase everything through one platform is a demand of time.

What is findThat?

findThat is a name of brilliance and innovation. It is designed to bring a change in the lives of common people by simplifying the process of posting a classified advertisement and bringing potential buyers to it.

It is a mobile-friendly application where you can buy or sell anything and everything. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, looking for new or used products, findThat will cater to your requirements for free.

findThat allows you to post ads to sell small products like dresses to big products like cars. It is designed to allow users to sell products with ease in three simple steps – snap it, list it, and sell it

The consumers don’t have to waste hours to get something. Different categories of products allow them to easily click to their requirement and find the best deal for them.

With findThat buyers can also express their requirements and potential sellers can provide them with what they need to earn more. The app is also ideal for consumers on a budget, as they can get used products and budget-friendly products easily.

The application is designed to build a community of buyers and sellers. The interested buyers can directly chat on Whatsapp and instantly bargain or make a deal as per their requirements. It also pinpoints the available products or sellers near your location. So now you don’t have to bear the hassle of visiting faraway places to examine a product before you buy it.

On the other hand, you can also advertise your products or services through findThat without giving a single penny. Yes! It is totally free. So you can count it among the best platforms to spread brand awareness.

If you want to accelerate your business or wish to clear out the stock or garage in less time you can upgrade your advertisement by adding more pictures. For this, you have to pay just £5 which is the lowest amount offered by any classified platform. 

Traders and agents can subscribe to find a trading partner or a broker within their budget. So it is ten times simpler to start a small business or find someone to sell products on your behalf. 

As the application brings the community together and cares for its users and society, it allows charity advertisements for free. Organizations can now meet the local community to work for them to reshape society. 

findThat claims to be the most functional and easily accessible platform for everyone. The users can quickly find best deals, featuring all kinds of ads, ranging from the latest electronics to pets, heavy machinery, home appliances or car parts. 

It is also a convenient solution for International users. They can filter their search country wise to check what products, deals or services are available for them.

Do you pay a fee to sign up to findThat?

There are no registration or membership fees to join the app and downloading it is also free. Unlike its rivals, findThat doesn’t even charge a fee when a product is sold.  Ebay takes a percentage – which depends on the item – when any goods are sold through their website.

How does buying and selling work?

First users need to download the IOS or Android app and create findThat profile to get registered. After this, you can start listing your items and upload a picture, price and description. You can then select categories e.g. everyday Ads, Motors, etc, to make it easily searchable. Other findThat users can then ”Ask or Read public questions about your item or contact you via WhatsApp’.

 How can you get findThat?

Android and Apple users can find it on the Play Store or App Store respectively. Just download the app, make your account for free and start posting your ads or search for required products.