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Ummah, The Technology Surprised Muslim Fellows in Amazing Way Ramadan 2019

Ummah Muslim Application for prayers

Ramadan, a month that brings vibes of blessings and fortune with it. So again, in 2019, Ramadan bought an amazing gift for the Muslims.

A month in which everyone keens to collect blessing form each moment, the Ummah app launched as a gift, to help every Muslim in their struggling routines.

ummah muslim app

Indeed, technology is contributing to providing the Muslims best services so they can perform their rituals accordingly and can learn more about Islam. So, the new app aspires to offer. No other platform has been marked as beneficial as the new app Ummah is. The app stands out among all of the other Muslims apps because it has a strong grip on some of the exclusive attributes that support Muslims in enlightening their path of faith.

Exactly what Ummah aims to serve Muslims and in what ways it is advantageous in Ramadan?

The app has a very creative logo that denotes the value of strength. Even the name has the meaning that gives a peaceful call of unity to all the Muslims of the world. Ummah is an Arabic word which means “Unity”.

The logo has basically divided into two conceptual parts, connecting with each other to give unified graphical representation. If seen properly, there is a U shaped sharp letter which is connecting with the loops of a shopping bag. Each horizon is linking another horizon to convey the message of unity and strength.

The creation of the app is rationalized on the fundamentals of preaching Islam. The aim is to lend a helping hand to all of the Muslim sisters and brothers and guiding them towards the path of their religion. The Ummah seeks to give a message of strong faith, deen, and peace while using the technology as a medium.

Ummah is a path that leads towards rewards

A pond is a visual combined form of million drops of water and so are your deeds. Your single good deed is a bridge that leads you towards the goodwill. But this fast world has unfortunately captured us into its charisma and we, being a human sometimes get off from the track and start idealizing the worldly life. To keep harmony and to tone up things accordingly Ummah is made to provide each facility under one umbrella.

The app functions as a set of an indicator that will show you the right path and will keep giving you the green signals which will assist all of our Muslims sisters and brothers in balancing their impermanent and everlasting lives accurately.

ummah android app

 Choose your prayer spot and forget about the clock alarms

This indicator app has alarming traits too. Ummah has this outstanding feature in which each individual will be notified with the prayer time, no matter in which horizon of the world you’re being resident Ummah can give a reminder to each Muslim fellow right according to their residential timings.

Apart from the prayer reminders, it has a compass which is called Qiblah compass that can show you the proper directions of Qiblah exactly touching the spot you want to pray at. Just read the given instructions and implement wisely to get the result.


Receive blissful messages & Shop in a halal way with #halalcard

Ummah knows how important it is to keep refreshing your faith and to guard yourself from the evilness that’s why the app introduced this “share because you care” feature in which the app will share the valuable sayings of prophets, verses from Quran and other treasures from Islam to pace up the Emaan of Muslim community and to offer a platform from where one can get all solutions of life, in the light of Islam.

The app even offers the interesting characteristic of changing the design and color of quotations. This fascinating characteristic performs in developing and attracting more users, as people love to create their own designs in sequence to share the positivity and teachings of Islam in their circle.  Now just change the font, filter or background image according to your choice and enjoy spreading lessons of your beautiful religion with your friends and family.


Ummah is about to introduce one more feature!

Ok, so most of you are still in the curiosity that what a shopping bag in the logo has to do in Muslim app. Well, that shopping bag is an instruction and message to teach and advice ummah, always shop in halal ways. Ummah is giving a shout-out-call to all the traders of the world. The app even facilitates to sell or buy an item in a halal way through the app. Ummah is turning the troubles into peace and convenience, it’s more a hub of ease and peace than just an app.  Now you do not have to worry about purchasing an overpriced item or selling stuff with low ROI, everything is balanced here. Ummah is introducing a halal shop, soon.


Invite people towards Islam through Ummah

Socializing the most essential element of everyone’s life. The more you communicate the more you can have an ideal impression over people through your sweet talks and loving gestures. Ummah even caters its users with the communicating facility. From your daily doings take out a little piece of your precious time and socialize with people around the world and share the teachings of Islam, instruct people about and good doings and its rewards, counsel your friends and try your best to put exclamation mark into the replacement of their question marks. Invite people towards Islam.

Ummah is officially has been sight into the app store. Our fellows can download the app to enjoy more blessings in this beautiful blissful month. Download your IOS or Andriod app now and suggest your friends too, it’s more like inviting people towards deen rather than just sending an app invitation.