Troy Dendekker: Life Journey of Bradley Nowell Widow

Troy Dendekker: Life Journey of Bradley Nowell Widow

Before his tragic passing, Bradley Nowell, the lead vocalist and guitarist for the American ska-punk band Sublime, was wed to Troy Dendekker. 

Dendekker was the late musician’s friend. Since his passing, in most media, Troy has been referred to as Nowell’s widow. 

She has continued the band’s 1990s tradition because of her notoriety as the singer’s spouse. In the 1990s, the band built its fame.

Troy also suggested a documentary about Sublime’s trip with or without Nowell’s participation. 

She has also become actively involved in educating the public about the dangers of substance usage since her spouse passed away from a heroin overdose.

In addition to being a mother, Dendekker appears to be thriving now. We will expose all of her deepest, previously kept secrets in this piece.

Who Is Troy Dendekker?

She was born on March 8, 1971, in Columbia, United States of America. She is well known for her romance with the late Bradley Nowell, culminating in a hurried marriage.

Her parents, David Newton and Robin Newton, are responsible for Troy’s upbringing. 

Troy is 49 years old. It was common knowledge that she had completed training to work as a substance misuse therapist and received her secondary education at Notre Dame High School. 

Professional Life

Troy Dendekker, now 49 years old, has kept much information about her life or professional achievements private. 

She rose to prominence after marrying the main vocalist and guitarist for the spa punk band Sublime, who afterward denied that her spouse had passed away. 

After that, Troy began negotiations with the band’s record label and Paul Ruffino, who was in charge of entertainment at the company. 

In addition, she worked closely with the singer Courtney Love to produce several television appearances to encourage Americans to abstain from drug use and eliminate drug use from the music industry.

Despite the tragedy that followed Bradley’s passing, Troy found the strength to resume her wedding plans and wed Kiki Holmes again. 

On November 1, 2002, they participated in a small, private ceremony to exchange their wedding vows. 

Kiki was the one who broke the news of their marriage first, posting it on Instagram along with a screenshot of their marriage certificate, which got then removed. 

Dendekker later confirmed the news by posting a video of their wedding ceremony. Troy has been in a committed family relationship with her husband, Kiki, for nearly 17 years, and they are living a joyful family life. 

Personal Life

Who is Troy Dendekker’s ex-husband – Bradley Nowell? 

Troy Dendekker is the widow of the late Bradley Nowell, the lead singer, and guitarist for Sublime. 

We started this earlier. It is tough to say how the two individuals first connected, but it has believed that the couple began dating sometime in the early 1990s while Nowell was ostensibly on the road on one of his tours.

In October of the same year (1994), Dendekker became pregnant with her first kid not long after the beginning of their engagement. 

She gave birth to her only child with her partner Jakob James Nowell in 1995.

The couple tied the knot a little over a year after having their first child. Their longtime boyfriend Troy broke up with Bradley.

How Dendekker’s Husband Died?

How did Bradley Nowell die? Until this happened, things were going very well between them. 

On the morning of May 25, 2016, just one week after the couple had tied the knot. Bradley overdosed on heroin and passed away.

The occurrence occurred at Nowell’s room in the Ocean View Motel in San Francisco, where he and the other band members stayed. 

Bud Gaugh, another member of the band, was the one who awoke to see Bradley dead on his bed next to him. Bradley had been lying there for some time. 

Even though Gaugh called for emergency medical assistance, it was established that the individual had died several hours before he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Survival after her Husband’s Death

It is difficult to forget someone close to you. Especially when the person is someone you care deeply about. 

The same goes for Troy, who was widowed just one week after marrying her longtime partner. She had recently become her husband.

She has not moved on from her memories with him. It has been two decades; Troy still feels the same way about him. 

Now She is 51 years old. And continues to share images of herself with Bradley on her social media platforms. That indicates that she moved on and her love for second husband.

On September 5, 2020, Troy shared a stunning snapshot of herself and Bradley on her Instagram account, which she captioned with the words “Hi Bradley.”

Aside from this, she has also published several other posts over these years.

Kiki Holmes became her second spouse after she had already been married.

Following the passing of her first husband, Troy remarried a man named Kiki Holmes, also known as Keith Holmes, a few years later. 

On November 1, 2002, the pair exchanged their vows. Over more than 15 years, the couple shared a life as husband and wife.

Who is Troy Dendekker Second Husband – Kiki Holmes

In October 2016, Kiki even tweeted a photo of his marriage certificate, devoting it to the 14 years he and his partner had been together. 

He penned such words in the description of an Instagram image that he has since deleted: “4 years with the woman that I love so much.” It feels like 36 years, haha I have a deep love for both my wife and the life we have built together. #onlylove

Similarly, on the occasion of Troy and Kiki’s 15th wedding anniversary, they published a short clip on social media.  That included photographs from the couple’s wedding.  The post was removed at this time.

However, despite the shared history and affection for one another. The exes are no longer together. It comes as a great disappointment to both of them. The couple officially submitted their divorce petition on July 25, 2018. 

Unfortunately, there has been no new information on whether they have completed their divorce.

How many children is Troy Right now?

 She could conceive Rudy and Mary during her marriage to Kiki, which lasted more than 16 years. Unfortunately, she has not divulged the name of her third kid, who is a daughter.

She has a beautiful bond with each of her children and frequently posts images of them on the social media that they use. She posted pictures of all three of their children on Jakob’s 25th birthday.

Troy Dendekker’s Son – Jakob James Nowell

On June 25, 1995, Troy and Bradley had blessed with their first child, a son who they named Jakob James Nowell. 

The younger Nowell followed in his father’s footsteps by establishing the rock band LAW in 2013, with the younger Nowell serving as the band’s lead vocalist. 

Jakob Nowell is well-known for his high-energy performances, singing ability, and his skill with the guitar. 

Nowell is known for his work as a rock artist, having penned and released several songs and serving as the vocalist for the rock band LAW for a significant amount of time.

Daughter Dendekker 

Daughter Dendekker who shares her name with her father is also a proud mother of four children. 

Troy is the mother of two children, Mary Jane, Erica Angel, and Rudi, with her second husband. 

Her son, Jakob Nowell, is also her child from a previous relationship. On the other hand, it got noticed that Troy prefers to keep her children’s lives out of the spotlight as much as possible.

Troy Dendekker’s net worth

After his passing, Bradley had quite a few possessions to leave behind. 

She has a net worth of $1.1 million because of the multiple albums released under Bradley’s name and her inheritance from Troy.