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Top Security Features Of An Online Gaming Site

Top Security Features Of An Online Gaming Site

Online games have come a long way and the games we have today are designed with the most advanced technology. The variety of online games and increasing number of online gamers has fuelled the staggering growth of the domain.

It is estimated that there are 3.2 billion gamers worldwide in 2022, as per a Global Games Market report. Also, the same source states that the total revenue of the industry in 2022 alone will be $196.8 billion.

This makes the gaming industry highly lucrative, and you have new gaming apps and websites emerging every other day. Whether you are into:

  • Adventure games
  • Arcade games
  • Role playing games (RPG)
  • Casino games
  • There’s a gaming site for you.

Popular games across genres offer a highly immersive gaming experience and are complex, to say the least. Games such as:

  • Diablo 3
  • League of Legends
  • Man’s Sky
  • PUBG

are good examples of futuristic games with advanced technology.

Online games are no longer about one or two players as they used to be earlier. Today, it’s all about multiple players based in different parts of the world playing simultaneously.

In this scenario, there are several concerns that game developers must take care of. Security is one of the key aspects as a breach in security can cause serious damage.

There have been instances where vulnerabilities in the security have resulted in major crashes in the game server. This can deter players and in today’s competitive times, it can result in huge losses for a game developer.

Also, players will never trust a game that gets hacked, and their data is lost, or even worse, misused. The fact that most gaming sites support payment, makes security all the more important to prevent fraud and identity thefts.

How Gaming Sites Ensure Advanced Security

We know that security is a top priority for gamers to trust a gaming site. Casino sites in particular need to be secure and protected for players as they will typically share their personal details as well as payment details when playing casino games.

Online casinos are all about payments and deposits and security of payment modes is mandatory. Also, the license for an online casino is significant as a site with no license if deemed as unauthorized.

Players can head to a site such as Gambling.com who list the top secure and licensed casino sites. They even narrow sites down by game offering, such as the top protected slot sites available at the players location.

Gaming sites too must also make sure they have protected payment systems in place as well as the best security. So, how does a gaming site ensure that there are no bugs, vulnerabilities or loopholes in security?

Here are some of the top security features of gaming websites along with their significance.

1] Encryption

Encryption is one of the key elements of security for apps, where data is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access. The data file is highly prone to security breaches and so the data files with sensitive data are encrypted.

This way, the player can play uninterrupted with most files available directly without encryption. This encryption is designed in a way that the server verifies the data on the file and not just the file name.

2] Packet Sequence Number

Encryption takes care of security threats at the data file level. However, when it comes to the client/server protocol, encryption alone is not enough.

Hackers use a software termed packet sniffer to display all data transferred over a network and resend it multiple times. This can manipulate the game and the functionalities of its elements.

While encryption can prevent hackers from accessing data, one needs to prevent manipulation of the data packets in other ways. This is where a packet sequence number can save the day.

A packet sequence number allows the server to detect the wrong sequence resulting from resending data multiple times. This blocks hackers immediately and then appropriate action can be taken.

3] Multi-Factor Authentication

A highly effective way to prevent unauthorized access is multi-factor authentication which is mandatory for most games today.

Hackers usually hack through an existing user’s credentials. So, having several layers of authentication can drastically reduce the risks of unauthorized access.

A common example is an OTP sent to the user’s registered mobile number and/or email address in addition to the password entered.

4] Mandatory Strong Passwords

In order to minimize the risks of a compromise in data security, gaming sites now ask for a secure password. When the user enters the password, the algorithm of the gaming site declares the strength of the password.

A strong password is usually a combination of lower case and upper case alphabets, numerals and special characters. Only a strong password is accepted and allows the user to proceed further with the registration process.

5] Restriction of Message Sources

Hackers usually use bots to hack into the game and manipulate its features. Restriction of message sources allows the developer to identify and prevent bots from accessing the game.

Most bots are designed to perform an action numerous times in quick succession, faster than a human could. This logic is used to restrict bots by defining a time frame between successive actions.

The security features for gaming sites listed above, are in addition to the security features of websites in general.


Security is a key element for every online game, and more so for games involving payments and extended sessions. However, a gaming environment needs security features that do not affect the gaming experience for the players. This can often be tricky and the game developers are working on ways to navigate this with advanced security features.