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Thousand times we heard a phrase life is not a bed of roses, although the reality is beyond this. Life is actually a bed of roses if the path we follow is chosen accurately. Even the roses require the sense of placement and the purpose to fit in the place, so do our life and its aims. Your goals don’t demand the perfect appearance, charming styles, and idealism. It demands passion, positivity, efforts, and patience. The one who is confident, enduring, motivated, and obsessive achieves victory.

Aron Anderson, a skilled adventurer, and motivational speaker shared his inspirational story of a flawless model for achieving your goals, where he stated that it was his mom who actually showed him a direction of the right path, a purpose of life and reason to live. Aron named his model “Grip” which means Goal, Reason, and Perspective.

According to Aron Anderson, the Grip basically indicates a person that to achieve something you must know what is Goal, there must be a Reason that makes you excited to achieve your goal and the last, not the least you must have a Perspective that you only live once.

When Aron was nine, he diagnosed with cancer and had surgery, the young Aron lost his legs and started new journey on wheelchair “When I refused to have a surgery, my mom showed me hope and said, If you want to achieve your goals then you have to do it otherwise you’ll die,” -stated Aron Anderson.

According to Aron his mother actually enlightened the goal which leads to a healthy life, she gave the reasons which excited Aron about his joyful life with friends and sports, and she gave him the perspective which indicated him a miserable death.”I’m actually thankful to my mom for those words because they actually changed my life” said Aron.

The adventurer Aron Anderson also shared his first ever experience where he rode a bike from Sweden to Paris “I still get goosebumps, whenever I watch my video,” said Aron.

No one can believe that a person who couldn’t walk by his own support actually recognize as the professional adventurer around the globe.  The young Aron just bravely confronted the challenges life which his thrown at him, he didn’t let the disability stop him from achieving his goals. The famous adventurer did what even a healthier person couldn’t even dream of. He contributed in adventures that oblige incomparable potency. Being the first adventurer in a wheelchair, Aron has mounted the Kebnekaise and the Kilimanjaro, he spanned 37 kilometers crossways the Sea of Åland, rode a bike from Malmö to Paris also, skied 300 kilometers transversely Antarctica to the South Pole.

The lesson Aron gave us is your goals don’t care how you look when there is a wish there is always a will. He taught us how the positivity of your mind affects your dedication and it is not only the goal which one should seek to achieve, enjoying a journey makes your spirits more elevated.

If you really want to achieve something, then create your own paths, enlighten the darkness of your life by yourself and train your mind to be patient and strong. To fulfill your aims, make sure your weaknesses don’t distract your spirits, just get over your weaknesses and let the positivity brings success. Don’t let your abilities get influence with your fear. All you need to do is to set the goal, know the reason and to see the right perspective, just stay focused on your goals and keep feeding your mind with motivation and spirit.

“If you have a goal that is compelling enough, a reason that is strong enough and a perspective that is scary enough you can achieve your wildest dreams” Aron Anderson.

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