Taryn Hatcher: The Young Sportscaster Of United States

Taryn Hatcher: The Young Sportscaster Of United States

Taryn Hatcher is a well-known sportscaster and host in the United States. She rises to prominence due to her work with NBC Sports Philadelphia. 

She focuses much of her existence on the sidelines, reporting and covering games for several professional sports teams based on Philadelphia, including the Sixers, Phillies, Eagles, and Flyers. 

Before that, she was a freelance sideline reporter for NCAA basketball at the Big Ten Network. Her focus was on the Big Ten. S

he begins her professional life as an intern for iHeartMedia, assisting with field reporting and in-studio duties for Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia.

During her impressive career, she had positions at several networks, including CBS Corporation, RVision, and Hawaii News Now. 

There is no doubt that this stunningly intelligent woman is currently fulfilling her childhood dream of working as a sports journalist. 

By contributing her talents to NBC Sports Philadelphia as an off-ice reporter, she made history.  is the first woman to hold a permanents position on the broadcast team of the Philadelphia Flyers.

Early life & Education

In her hometown of Delran, where she was raised, Taryn Hatcher attended one of the preschool programs offered by the local schools. 

After a while, she enrolled at Delran High School, from which she ultimately graduated in 2011 at 18 years old.

After completing her elementary and secondary schooling, she enrolled in the esteemed Rutgers University, where Taryn hatcher earned a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Journalism and Mass Media Studies and a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Political Science and Government. 

On the other hand, she decided to double major in Political Sciences and Media and Journalism Studies in school. In 2014, Taryn Hatcher received her Bachelor of Arts degree, completing the requirements for both majors. 

Hatcher “killed two birds with one stone” by beginning his undergraduate studies in 2011 and completing them four years later with two Bachelor of Arts degrees. 

Taryn worked as a sports reporter for WRSU Rutgers Radio while she was a student at Rutgers University. 

During college, she volunteered for organizations like Habitat for Humanity and participated in events such as First and Relay for Life. She also previously worked as a waitress at Chickie’s & Pete’s, a popular sports bar in Philadelphia.


Taryn Hatcher began her career as a social media manager at iHeartMedia in 2013, and she worked there for five months, beginning in April and ending in August of that same year.

After that, in August 2013, she began working as an intern with Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia, remaining until December of that same year. 

During her time there, she assisted with both in-studio and field reporting duties.

She began working for CBS Corporation as a sports intern in January 2014 and remained in that role for six months. 

That same year, she began working for RVision as a sports announcer, sideline reporter, and producer in April and remained in those roles until January 2015.

Taryn Hatcher began working for Big Ten Network as a sideline reporter in September 2014 and continued in that capacity until January 2015. 

After that, she started working for Hawaii news today at the beginning of 2015 as a sports anchor and reporter, where she remained employed for more than three years, until July 2018.

She has been employed with NBC Sports Philadelphia as a reporter and host for the Flyers Rindge since 2018.

Relationship status

Is Taryn Hatcher Dating Her Boyfriend

Taryn Hatcher’s beloved Austin Freeborn, an accomplished banker who previously served as an auditor for the prestigious Bank of America, currently holds her romantic interest.

The couple had been in a committed relationship since 2019, even though they have been romantically linked to one another for several years. However, they are neither married nor engaged. 

On the other hand, they publish images of themselves on their social media profiles and are financially responsible for themselves in other ways. 

Taryn Hatcher, a reporter and journalist for a media source based in Philadelphia, United States, currently resides in Philadelphia, United States. 

Taryn Hatcher Age, Weight & Height

Taryn has a height of approximately five feet ten inches and a weight of approximately 62 kg. 

Because of her appearance and her body, we can safely assume that Taryn Hatcher maintains a balanced diet and engages in regular exercise. 

Taryn Hatcher, who describes herself as a “big” gourmet, makes it a point to visit the gym as frequently as her job schedule allows. 

Taryn Hatcher Social media

@tarynhatcher is the username that can be found on Taryn’s Instagram account. She signed up for the platform when she was nineteen years old in July 2012, and since then, she has amassed more than 70,2k followers. 

Taryn used her verified Instagram account to post photos and videos of her regular life, including her work, boyfriend and family, hobbies, and other activities. 

As of 2023, she has 666 posts and follows almost 994 users on Twitter. Her self-descriptions vary – sometimes she describes herself as “SJ Bred,” and other times, she mentions her “Island Influences.” She is also active on Facebook, with around 926 friends since joining in March 2012.

On the other hand, she can be found on Twitter under the handle @TarynNBCS, where she has over 54.5k thousand followers. 

She signed up for the discussion group in April 2012, and since then, she has contributed approximately 17.5k tweets and retweets. 

Taryn has a confirmed Twitter account, and she is currently following 795  hundred other users. 

Net worth

Taryn Hatcher, an American reporter, has a net worth of $263,200, and it is believed that her annual income ranges from $55,000 to $61,000. 

Taryn’s job is her primary source of income. Taryn’s monthly compensation ranges from $4,500 to $5,000 because she is a highly well-liked TV host in the United States.