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Tacoma Simmons: A Complete Informational Guide of DMX’s Son 

Tacoma Simmons

Tacoma Simmons is a celebrity who works at Guitar Center is also a musical composer. As it is generally known that Tacoma Simmons is famous for being the son of Earl Simmons more than any other reason.

America’s famous actor Earl Simmons is also known as DMX and people keep seeing Tacoma Simmons in the media as DMX son.

People often search the Internet for the biography of Tacoma Simmons in search of the biography of Tacoma Simmons and different aspects of his life.

So let’s start and tell you what is going on in the life of DMX’s son and who he really is.

How Old Is Tacoma Simmons And Who Is He?

Tacoma Simmons’ birth year is 1999 and he was born on the 27th of August. Along with this, it is also important to know that Tacoma Simmons is born in America. Born in the Mount Kisco area of New York, Tacoma Simmons had a wonderful childhood in city as well.

Tacoma Simmons

Because Tacoma Simmons was born in America and his parents are US citizens, so his nationality of Tacoma is also American. But apart from nationality, if we talk about the ethnicity of Tacoma, then it is Afro-American.

Tacoma is very close to his parents, so her mother gave an emotional message on social media on his 22nd birthday. In this, the mother of Tacoma Simmons, whose name is Tashera, also shared some old photos.

Tacoma’s mother expressed her love for her son in some of these words “22 years ago my baby came into this world.”

Tashera also wrote that I am proud of you and I pray you live a free and fulfilling life. Tacoma got his education at Fox Lane High School and from there he also completed his graduation.

What is Net Worth of Tacoma Simmons?

Tacoma Simmons net worth is $1 Million (Estimated as of 2022)

Some interesting facts about Tacoma’s parents

The famous and successful rapper Earl Simmons, also known as DMX, is the father of Tacoma, who was brilliant and crowd gathering music figure in the 90’s.

The debut album by Tacoma’s Father Earl Simmons or the DMX began to boast success as soon as it was released. His debut album was released in 1998, which sold over 250,000 copies in just the first week.

The next year after the stupendous success of the first album, DMX’s new album was released, titled ‘And Then There Was X’.

DMX did not just try his luck in music. He has shown his brilliant performance in more than 12 films. Romeo Must Die can be called the best movie of his film career.

Now let’s also mention Tacoma’s mother whose name is Tashera. Tacoma’s 50-year-old mother Tashera has also worked in a few TV series. His mother’s famous films include Uncensored, Trippin and Starter Wives.

Know about the siblings of Tacoma Simmons

Finding out about the sisters and sisters of Tacoma can be a bit confusing. Tacoma Simmons is the brother of two boys and one girl.

Tacoma’s eldest brother born in 1992, younger brother was born in 2002 and youngest sister born in 2005, whose names are somewhat like this: Xavier, Sean and Praise.

Tacoma’s brother Xavier, who graduated from Westchester Community College, worked in a company named Ball Factory. His younger brother Sean, on the other hand, has had his services performed in the Red Lobster Company for a long time.

It is also important to mention here that Tacoma’s younger brother was the boss in that company and before that he had also worked in a club in Westchester.

Apart from these siblings, Tacoma Simmons also has 11 more sisters and brothers. You must have been surprised to read this, but it is true.  But these children are not Tacoma’s real siblings, but the number of children born to his father, DMX’s second wife.

Aliyah and Exodus are the names of some of the children of Tacoma’s second mother.

Tacoma as Music Composer

Tacoma has mentioned many times that he is a big fan of his father and this aspect is visible in his career as well. He has grown oblivious to his father’s method and people also know him as a music composer as he has mentioned on his social media profiles.

Apart from being a music composer, Simmons is also a great music writer and only few people know this. Tacoma often plays guitar in his videos, and he anticipates sounds that are extremely difficult to play.

After DMX’s death, Tacoma could not find time to focus on his music career, and he decided to end this. 

Tacoma’s father died on April 9, 2021. DMX died after the heart attack that occurred on April 2, 2021.

According to experts, the cause of DMX death was an overdose of drugs that DMX had taken before death.

Aspects of Tacoma Simmons’ Girlfriend and relationship life

Due to the focus on his career, Tacoma is currently single and no intimate relationship has been revealed in public at this time. Tacoma has kept himself away from getting into any relationship for the time being.

It is also important to mention here that his sexual orientation is Straight. The reason for not making much news about Tacoma’s relationship could be that he keeps his personal life to himself.

Now we tell you about Tacoma Simmons’ wealth and social media accounts

As It has been discussed before that his wealth is nothing special but only $1 Millionthousand. Apart from this, the net worth of Tacoma’s mother is estimated to be around $500 thousands.

The net worth of Tacoma’s father is estimated to be more than these two, which makes up to $10 million.

He is focused on his career and wants to make a name for himself like his father.

But the celebrity music composer has not yet made his earnings public. Tacoma’s official social media handle is @tacomsimmons, on which he is active but does not post his own posts very often. Related to the life of Tacoma, a lot of wrong things keep spreading on the internet, so before you believe any information, get to know it well.

So we have given you a lot of information about this celebrity’s life in this article. And we hope you got some pretty good information from Tacoma’s Biography article.