Where Is Sharon Budd Now? Is She Still Alive?

sharon budd

The name Sharon Budd, a brave woman who recently endured a tragic accident, has unfortunately appeared on the internet, claiming that she has passed away.

This distressing incident highlights the importance of responsible and verifiable information sharing, reminding us to exercise caution and empathy in the digital realm.

Every day, countless incidents unfold in our lives. While some are trivial, others wreak havoc and profoundly impact the lives of those involved.

These grave events are also the cause of numerous fatalities across the United States.

Many individuals manage to survive, but not without enduring injuries and enduring physical harm.

This reality is undeniably disheartening, isn’t it? Although the authenticity of these reports remains unconfirmed, the shock and sadness they evoke within people are undeniable.

The day of Sharon Budd accident

On July 10, 2014, Sharon, a 53-year-old schoolteacher from Uniontown, Ohio, was a passenger in a car being driven by her daughter east on Interstate 80 in Pennsylvania when the windscreen of the car was smashed by a rock, which then smacked Budd in the face. 

Budd suffered serious injuries, including the loss of one eye’s eyesight.

The sound the stone made when it struck the automobile was like “an explosion,” according to Budd’s husband Randy, who was traveling in the rear seat while their daughter Kaylee was operating the vehicle. 

A rock that was hurled from the overpass struck Matthew Baker’s tractor-trailer truck just before it struck the vehicle that Budd was riding in, according to Baker, who is from Plainville, Massachusetts.

Legal proceedings of individuals responsible for the Incident

Reportedly, a “troublemaking spree” involved all people from New Columbia, Pennsylvania, aged between 17 and 18, including Keefer McGee, Tyler Porter, and brothers Dylan and Brett Lahr.

It has been alleged that Dylan Lahr threw a rock at the Budds’ automobile.

The charges against all four individuals include aggravated assault, conspiracy, reckless endangerment, firing missiles into a moving vehicle, agricultural vandalism, and possession of instruments of crime.

Brett Lahr received a sentence of 18 to 24 months in jail, while Tyler Porter, Dylan Lahr, and Keefer McGee were each given prison terms ranging from 11 months to 10 years, 23 months to 22 months, and 22 months to 10 months, respectively.

Sharon Budd husband’s tragic death

Randy Budd, her husband, died unexpectedly on Saturday. 

According to the Stark County Coroner’s office, he died from what appears to have been a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. 

Randy has stood by his wife’s side ever since Sharon’s devastating injury in the incident in July 2014.

Randy and Sharon have been married for 33 years and have four children. 

She was celebrating their anniversary with her spouse at Bonefish Grille a month before he passed away. 

On August 6, 2016, Randy Budd shot himself in the head before dying.

In response to the rock-throwing event on Interstate 80 that gravely injured his wife, Budd argued for the Ohio Department of Transportation to install the protective fence on bridge overpasses. 

Randy Budd stayed by her side during the entire effort to install safety fencing on bridges that cross busy roads in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The Ohio Department of Transportation has placed fences or other barriers on the 108 new, renovated bridges that span state highways.

Sharon Budd’s childeren

James, Lucas, and Joey Budd are the siblings of Kaylee Budd, the driver of the car during the rock-throwing incident on Interstate 80. Four of Sharon and Randy Budd’s children are adults. 

Recovery of Sharon’s family 

The incident emotionally harmed daughter Kaylee, 20, who was driving their car that evening. 

She even went to counseling to help her deal with the effects. Shirley Betz, Sharon’s mother, suffered a stroke six weeks later at 77.

Is Sharon Budd still alive?

She is still alive after the tragic rock-throwing event on Interstate 80. A rock hit her on July 10, 2014. 

Sharon was driving east on I-80 in Pennsylvania when a boulder slammed into her in the face. Budd suffered serious injuries, including the loss of one eye’s eyesight.

But she managed to recover from it. She spent months in the hospital after severe head injuries. 

Sharon, a Perry Local Schools teacher in Massillon who had much surgery, is still recovering.

How did she recover?

Budd and her husband took their daughter Kaylee across Pennsylvania on Interstate 80 for a concert in New York when the attack occurred. 

According to her daughter, Sharon’s recovery is proceeding nicely. 

The medical professionals did not believe she would survive when she was transported to the emergency room.

For three months, she underwent five surgeries at Geisinger Medical Center and HealthSouth, including one that repaired her face in 13 hours and another that removed a part of her frontal lobe from her brain.

Where is Sharon now?

Sharon Budd and her daughter, Kaylee Budd, call Massillon, Ohio home. Following the tragic death of Sharon’s husband on August 6, 2016, they have chosen to live a more secluded life.

According to her daughter, her recovery is proceeding nicely. She was damaged, and her husband called it “Sharon’s life-long sentence.”