What Happened To Deer Meat For Dinner Star Robert Arrington?

robert arrington

Robert Arrington, creator of content and reality show star, enjoys fishing and hunting. He was a guest on the Respect Outdoors series.

He started the Deer Meat for Dinner YouTube channel with his wife to document their lifestyle as meat eaters who eat what they hunt. More than 3.2 million people have subscribed to his channel.

Robert is a well-known person who has established himself as a well-known YouTube celebrity. His most well-known role is as the host of the enormously well-liked YouTube video Deer Meat for Dinner.

His material on his channel, which focuses on hunting, cooking, and the great outdoors, has captured a sizable audience.

As a hunter and outdoor enthusiast, Robert Arrington shares exciting hunting tales, professional advice, and mouthwatering recipes using the meat he has harvested.

He has a devoted following due to his captivating personality and storytelling abilities.

With the success of his channel, Robert Arrington has established himself as a reputable personality in the YouTube community.

His appropriate material and sincere love of the outdoors inspire and entertain viewers. He promotes a profound passion for wildlife conservation and sustainable living through his videos, educating and entertaining viewers.

Robert Arrington’s early life

Robert was born in Jupiter, Florida, in the United States, on February 7, 1984.

His parents, whose names have been withheld, made sure that their children were brought up to be dedicated and hardworking.

As a result, Robert’s parents they have they encouraged him to be decent and put forth his best effort. Robert’s motto is “To God Be The Glory” (TGBTG).

He became more grateful for life after a car accident when he was 7. He attempted to cross the street when a car crashed into his three-wheeled bicycle.

Robert surprisingly made it through with only a foot injury that would never heal normally.

He is yet appreciative because, in his own words, the lessons he learned from the mishap keep him grounded.

His mother’s cooking abilities and his father’s passion for fishing, hunting, and the outdoors impacted him.

In an interview for a podcast, Robert claims that his grandfather taught him everything he knows about hunting and that, despite being uneducated, he was the wisest person he knew.

He also discussed his love of the outdoors and going fishing throughout the interview: I am quite happy to be there regardless of where or what I’m doing. On the whole globe, millions of people never get to spend a day doing what I do. I’m aware that most of my subscribers will sadly never get to engage in the activities I perform for a living. I start my day by saying my prayers every day.

Beginning of Deer Meat For Dinner 

Robert and his wife, Sarah, launched the DeetMeatForDinner YouTube channel on February 28, 2013, to share their love of cooking, fishing, hunting, and other outdoor pursuits. Robert is the one who writes and edits the content.

They spend most of their time traveling as a family in their preferred RV vehicle, introducing their young children to their love of the great outdoors at an early age.

Their fans on Twitter, where they have 3.5K followers, Instagram, where they have 150K followers, Facebook, where they have 92K fans and YouTube, where they have 3 Million subscribers, all adore how they film their daily lives.

Their YouTube channel mostly highlights their hunting and fishing prowess and the enjoyable experiences that accompany it.

In their videos, Robert always ensures that there is more than just eating, fishing, and hunting; additionally, the social importance and good cause of their videos.

Additionally, he supports promoting the location of various areas through the DeetMeatForDinner channel, which creates opportunities for the locals there.

More than 20 million people watch this channel each month.

Due to its enormous success, a second channel, FreshFishForDinner, with 20.6K subscribers, exists. His wife Sarah has a DeerMom channel with around 100K subscribers.

Robert’s personal life

Sarah Arrington is married to Robert Arrington. Residing in Jupiter, Florida, are Robert, Sarah, their two daughters, and their pets.

However, as avid watchers of their YouTube channel can attest, their hunting adventures take them across the nation and beyond the seas.

His wife, who grew up in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, was taught the value of hunting at a young age.

She quit playing softball in high school and went field hunting with her father in the big outdoors.

As you might expect, when the couple first got together, they recognized they could utilize their love of hunting to motivate others to lead more sustainable lives, which they intend to accomplish with their YouTube channel.

Robert Arrington’s net worth

The popular “Deer Meat for Dinner” Robert Arrington runs a YouTube channel. He believes that “all men die, few ever really live,” and most of the videos on his YouTube channel include him hunting and catching various live animals before skinning and cooking them.

Since using YouTube in 2013, he has acquired almost 3.2 million subscribers, and his videos have had over 845 million total views.

Arrington has earned more than $1.75 million from YouTube alone in ad income. Without a doubt, his YouTube channel’s popularity is what mostly contributes to his wealth.

His videos are also not for the timid, as you can tell from the titles. Arrington and Sarah, who appear in most of Robert’s films, are proud of their way of life and “eat their harvest,” one of the main driving forces behind their YouTube channel.

Robert’s other businesses

Aside from YouTube, Robert and Sarah have an online shop where they market goods associated with their hunting expeditions. One of their best-selling products is a t-shirt that says Happy People, what’s up?

Additionally, they market “Deer Meat for Dinner”-branded cutting boards and outdoor accessories.