Smartwatch U8 Pro (Review In Detail)

It’s been over a month since I’m using this watch and it’s time to tell you my experience with it and review its features. Lately, there is much talk about this type of “wearable” technologies, or what is the same, that we can take with us.

About a month ago, I lost my smartphone.  You can imagine the scare. So, when I got home, I started to think about how it would not happen again. Surfing the internet, I found a series of watches that among their characteristics had one that I did not know: when the watch loses communication with the mobile phone they activate a loss alarm.

After a lot of time on the net, I found a smartwatch for around € 40. That’s another thing! € 40 is a reasonable amount and honestly, as long as it fulfills the two basic functions that I ask (that tell me if I lose the phone again, and … give me the time) it deserves It’s worth buying.

Smartwatch U8 ProThe smartwatch in question is an u8 Pro: We will see its main characteristics and I will give you my opinion on each of them;

1.55 “TFT LCD capacitive touch screen:  It’s a big watch, like all smartwatches, but it gets carried away unless you have a very small doll you will not have problems. The screen is tactile, so you may have a problem in winter if you wear gloves. Luckily, it has a button on the right side that allows us to activate it to see the time.

At first, it is a little “weird” because to save battery the screen turns off after a few seconds and to activate it again you have to press the side button or make a wrist turn. I mean, it’s weird, but in a couple of days you get the hang of it and it does not give you any more problems.

Sim card port: It can be used as an independent telephone. Well, I tried it with my sim card and it did not work for me. It’s not something that worries me either.

Answer or make calls from your wrist (hands-free): In the mobile phone, you have to have active the audio of the call, as if you were connecting with the free hands. It is a bit scandalous because when they call you on the phone the phone rings and the clock also starts to ring and vibrate, come on, I assure you that you find out they are calling you.

On the clock screen, you will see the name of the caller (if you have it in the phone’s calendar, of course) and you have the possibility to answer or reject the call from the clock. The truth is that I find it useful, especially as hands-free in the car: it sounds pretty good and if you do not have free hands in the car you can save some fine.

smartwatch u8 review

Play music on the clock: This option could have been saved. First: I do not find any use to hear anything through the speaker of the clock, especially when we have the phone next to us, which already has speakers. Second: you have to connect the multimedia audio of the Bluetooth of your phone, which means that all the sounds of your phone will also sound on the clock.

When you get a WhatsApp or an email, you suffer an “enveloping effect” that will make you the center of all the ears around you.

It is a pity that instead of this completely useless function does not simply include a remote control that allows controlling the music player of the phone. Anyway, it may be in the next version.

Synchronize contacts / SMS / call history (only for Android phones): It does not make much sense, considering that I will always have my phone within 10 meters. For the only thing that is good is to read the SMS or to see the missed calls if you have not been able to answer the phone.

Anti-loss alarm function: As I told you at the beginning, only for this function is it worth buying the watch.

What it really does is warn when it loses the Bluetooth connection with the mobile. It works quite well, although sometimes the connection is lost alone and the siren starts to sound. The real reach is about 5 mt., And as always, much less if there are walls in between.

The sound of the loss alarm cannot be changed and sometimes it is uncomfortable for an ambulance siren to suddenly sound because you have left your mobile in your jacket. But come on, better hundred false alarms than losing the phone.

Stopwatch, alarm, radio Fm and camera: What to tell of these options: the camera real foolishness, it does not help. The Fm radio needs to have the headphones connected to the clock (which are special) and I have never used it. To make matters worse, the pedometer is unreliable.

Remote image capture: This option is at least curious. It works as remote control of the mobile camera, so you can press the camera’s shutter from the clock, but the photo will be taken by the phone and stored in the phone’s memory.

It’s fine when you want to take a photo and you can not physically see the screen of the mobile, or when you want to make a Selfie. If you have three hands, or you are able to have the watch on your wrist, hold the camera with the other hand and press the shutter of the watch’s screen with the free hand.

4 Screen skins: You have 4 watch models to choose from, 3 “hands” and 1 digital. Personally, I use the hands of “of all the life” or the digital one, that tells me the hour and the date (the first and the third of the image, beginning by the left).

The other two are fine, but they have very little contrast between the background color and the color of the hands and they are difficult to read when you walk down the street and someone asks you the time.

For the rest, little remains to be said. The battery life is correct and will not give you problems, as long as you turn it off when you get home and charge it at night.

Something that has displeased me especially, is that despite being charged by a micro USB cable, has the connector “a little” longer than normal, which will only serve the cable that comes with the phone.

Of the many micro USB cables that I have, I have only found another with the connector large enough to be used to charge the watch. Anyway, this type of device is crying out for a wireless charging system.

In short, an economic “wearable”, without much pretension, correct in its operation and also recommended if you want to dive in is this new technology.