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Renard Spivey: Criminal Minded Person, How Killed His Wife?

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Renard Spivey is a 66-year-old American actor, model, producer, and bailiff. He has also worked in the entertainment industry. On July 20, 1959, he came into the world to two wonderful parents. 

However, in our eyes, he is nothing more than a killer who committed a cowardly crime during his life.

Renard Spivey is a man who has no feelings for his family and will shut the door on anyone who appears to be looking at him. He is the TV bailiff responsible for his wife’s death. He shot and killed his wife in Renard and Patricia Ann Marshall Spivey’s home. 

When it became public knowledge that a former TV bailiff had been responsible for the death of his wife, the topic was immediately thrust into the spotlight.

Famous Being Murderer

Renard Spivey: Criminal Minded

Wife Murder

A deputy working for the sheriff of Texas is facing charges of murder after he allegedly shot and murdered his wife while they were both present in their home. He performed the part of a bailiff for four years on a legal drama series that aired on television.

Renard L. Spivey played the role of the bailiff in the courtroom drama Justice For All opposite Judge Cristina Perez from the year 2012 up until the year 2016. When he didn’t appear on television, he worked as a deputy for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office in Houston.

Spivey, 63 years old, was taken into custody on Monday and charged with murder. The law enforcement officers arrested him and took him to the Harris County Jail.

According to the documents submitted to the court, Renard and Patricia argued at their house on Briscoe Street on Sunday. 

According to the allegations, the conflict began with a personal matter. Around three in the morning, during an argument that involved a firearm, Renard shot and accidentally murdered his wife.

Following a report of a domestic dispute, the police arrived on the scene and discovered Spivey suffering from a gunshot wound to the leg. 

This information comes from a report by Fox News. After more investigations, law enforcement is said to have discovered the deceased body of his wife, Patricia Ann Marshall Spivey, 52, which had been killed by gunfire.

According to the accusations presented in court on Monday, Spivey is said to have informed police that he and Patricia disagreed because of Spivey’s use of steroids, which the court read. 

Spivey claims that the altercation started when one of the parties tried to steal the gun that belonged to the other off the nightstand. At least three shots were fired, with two hitting Patricia and one hitting Renard. Patricia was hit twice, and Renard was hit once.

Kim Pham Murder In Florida

Florida death row inmate Renard Spivey has been convicted of murder. On October 19, 2018, a jury found him guilty of first-degree murder. Slain: Jodie Butler

The jury agreed with this evaluation, and Spivey was found guilty on all counts:

  • One count of sexual battery
  • One count of false arrest
  • Two counts of simple violence
  • Two counts of criminal stalking

What’s fascinating about this verdict is how lenient it is toward perpetrators like Renard Spivey; the jury agreed that he did commit these offences against another individual but chose not to sentence him to prison since he admitted malfeasance when first suspected in his youth.

Ms. Jodie Butler, The victim

The loss of Jodie Butler was excruciating for all who knew and loved her. She had two children, was a former paediatric nurse and Red Cross volunteer, and was a church choir member. Her retired military husband, Robert Spivey Jr., is now an attorney.

Renard was found guilty of murder, manslaughter with malice, and manslaughter with voluntary participation by the jury.

Renard received a prison term of 15 years with the possibility of parole after completing 7.5 years. Renard’s appeal of his conviction made national headlines and kept the issue in the public eye in Arizona for years. 

It wasn’t until 1992 that the Supreme Court of the United States issued its decision in the case, overturning Renard’s murder conviction because he hadn’t been given a fair trial because of the discriminatory statements made by prosecutors in their closing arguments.

All jurors have agreed on a verdict. You proved all charges against Renard Spivey, and he was sentenced to life in jail without the possibility of release.

The jury reached a unanimous verdict finding Spivey guilty of all charges, including first-degree murder committed with malice. 

Spivey was taken into custody in August 2016 after he fatally shot his ex-girlfriend at a Dollar General in Chesterfield County, Virginia.

The Florida State Prison has scheduled his execution by lethal injection. His execution is scheduled for sometime in 2022. However, the specific date has not yet been set.

Since his arrest, Spivey has remained steadfast in his denial of the charges against him. He says he was at a party and didn’t recognize any suspects.

This case has been decided. Renard Spivey was convicted of second-degree murder in the shooting death of Kim Pham, a popular figure in the area who was killed while walking home.

The verdict was handed down five weeks after the trial began and ended in a mistrial. In other words, the jury could not decide whether or not Spivey was guilty of cold-blooded murder.

Now Renard Spivey Is spending his lifetime sentence in Harris County Jail for murdering his wife.